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So I was in my apartment one night having a smoke and playing a game on the playstation, when the intercom went off. So I got up, not expecting anyone to come round and answered the intercom to my friend and buzzed him in. He came up and in to the apartment and was with a skinny brunet girl who he introduced her to me as Jade. She had a skinny body and small looking tits, long brown hair and was good looking. We then smoked and talked for a while before my friends cell went off and it was his girlfriend, who if found out he was hanging with jade would have been major pissed off. So he went to meet his girlfriend and Jade stayed at my apartment smoking and talking with me. As it got later and we got more stoned I was getting horny and wanted to dump a load in to Jade who was getting closer to fucking as the night went on. Soon it was late and Jade lived a good drive away, knowing that I was to give her a ride home I went to start the car as she went for a piss. I wanted to fuck her so I pulled the plugs and quickly closed the hood before she came down from the apartment. For some reason I couldn't start the car and seeing as she knew nothing about cars we decided to go back up and try to get her a ride. I pretended to try hard to get her a ride but no luck so I offered to let her spend the night and mt friend would take her home the next day. She was ok with staying the night as to start with she thought I was sl**ping on the sofa. So we smoked some more then it was time for bed. Jade went in my bedroom and was removing her jeans when I came in, she was bent over taking her socks off whilst pulling her jeans off and her ass in a pink thong was there before me. She looked around as I unzipped and pulled my now hard dick out as she looked and said something like, I guess you are sl**ping in here too then as she climbed on the bed in her thong and t shirt. She knew she was about to be fucked as she lay back on the bed and spread her legs and asked if I had a condom, I told her no as I positioned myself between her legs as she said she wasn't on the pill so I had to pull out when I was ready and cum on her belly or pussy instead. I said I would as I pushed in deep with one thrust and started to fuck her tight pussy, she didn't really want to fuck but was just going along with it this I knew as I pumped her and positioned her however I wanted and she basically lay there taking it occasional moaning. I was using her pussy and body and it felt great but not only did she not want me to cum in her but she also wouldn't let me pull her top up or touch her tits. She had a thing about letting anyone touch her tits, so I went through the motions and when was ready pulled out spraying over her bald pussy. She went and cleaned up then returned to the bed and got under the covers and we fell asl**p. I awoke in the morning horny as she lay there in a deep sl**p. I managed to slide her thong off relatively easy then with a little difficulty removed her top and positioned her on her back. It took about half an hour to get her naked and legs wide as she was still in a deep sl**p then I managed to get her hands above her head and my belt looped to tie them together as she began to wake up. As she struggled and shouted what are you doing I slammed deep in her as I held her hands down, sucked her tits and fucked her pussy hard. She screamed begging me to stop which made no difference as the neighbors were away. As she tried to fight back I hammered deeper in to her forcing her down on the bed as I started to build up deep in her, she let out a moan so loud as she shuddered and orgasm ed twitching under me. She looked at me as I pumped and realized I was going to cum as she begged me to pull out. I held her hands down and told her in a loud voice to spread her legs and take me deep as I shuddered and just as my cum started spraying in to her she spread wide and I was balls deep emptying as she moaned and began to cry a little. I released her hands as I held her ass and pumped slowly making sure every drop was in her deep. She removed the belt and began to roll off the bed to go clean up as I got on her from behind and slid my sticky semi hard dick back in. I pulled her up and in to doggy as I pumped her cum filled pussy some more. She knew I wasn't done with her as she stayed in doggy whilst I pumped my dick over her ass to get harder. I slid the tip on her ass hole as she looked back and desperately begged me not to fuck her ass to which I slapped her ass so hard she began to cry as I positioned her ass in to a good position to fuck. I spat on her ass and slid a finger in as she cried and begged me to stop but I wanted her ass so in I went slow at first before building up faster as she cried and begged me to stop. It was a few minutes of ball slapping pumping and another load was ready. I whispered in your ass or pussy to which she whimpered in my ass cum in my ass. I blew a load thick and hot deep in her ass and as I held inside her shuddering she moaned and orgasm ed under me. After a few minutes I let her go clean up n the bath that I ran for her as I made some breakfast for us. We ate breakfast and watched the news, me n my t shirt and boxers and her in one of my t shirts and her thong, she was sitting beside me when my cell went off and it was my friend. As I was talking to him she took out my dick and began to suck on the tip slowly, he said he was about to leave and be on his way around so asked him to stop at the store to get me some things and as soon as had hung up she slid up, pulled her thong to the side, took her top off and began to ride me fast and hard as my balls slapped against her. She moaned loud as I began to build up deep in her tight wet pussy and just as I was ready to cum she stopped looked at me and whispered please don't cum in me and with one slow pump made me explode deep in her as she moaned and cum dribbled out over my dick. She raised up and watched my dick in her twitching as she pumped slowly and every drop was in her before she jumped off and ran to the bathroom. cleaned up and got dressed and as my friend pushed the intercom she came out of the bathroom dressed and fresh looking. After a few hours of smoking and talking my friend took her home and went to work, on my way home from work received a text from her saying could fuck her again so long as dint cum in her and off I went to deposit another load in to her tight warm pussy.
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10 months ago
very good
10 months ago
keep cumming in her its what nature intended its natures will get her pregnant ;)
10 months ago
10 months ago
real good cum whore
10 months ago
great story. woyld love to read more of them.
10 months ago
She sounds like a real cum Whore