The Help

So we have this woman who comes over for a couple of hours each week to help with some issues the k** is having and she talks to us about things that can be done etc.

Well the old one we used to have was a man and then thy change the person for this woman and she looks so good and sexy I would fuck the crap out of her for hours every day.

She dresses really nice, today she came in the morning and when she arrived I got a good look of her body without anyone knowing.

She was wearing tight black pants that fitted her great as they clung to the curves of her ass and sexy long legs, I could even just make out the thin raised lines of a thong.

She was in her bag squatting in front of me as her pants tightened and the thong lines showed raised in black going to a tiny little patch at the back that must have had some studs or maybe jewels as they pushed through the tight material.

She was wearing a nice white tight button shirt and a small black jacket that was undone, as she squatted there looking through her bag i moved around and could see down her top as her nice looking tits pushed out, they are not huge but just the rite size to hold as you pound from behind.

Her bra was a dark purple with a white frill along the top and looked sexy and expensive, she is the kind of woman who would be wearing matching and would probably look so good with a dick in her mouth wearing her underwear.

We were alone for about fifteen minutes as I looked her over wondering how tight her pussy is as she searched her bag and told me some things.

Her hair is very short but styled in a sexy way and she looks really beautiful even though she is a few years older than me she doesn't look it.

So after a while I left them all in the front room as they talked and went back to redeveloping the house, which is a mess and a building site in most rooms.

Now I am working on plumbing in the bathroom and the next room so there are holes everywhere that you can see through to the other room, I was horny so I decided to pull my dick out and stand in a room wanking over the thought of her.

I heard them start to leave so I stopped and ten I heard her ask if she could use the bathroom as everyone started to leave and as they all went out she walked to the bathroom.

She must have thought I was outside doing work on the roof like I had mentioned or something but I was in the next room and I could see her through a hole as if I was standing there with her.

I knew that no one was coming back for a few hours at least so I unzipped and started to pump as I watched her pull her pants down and expose her purple sexy studded thong before she pulled them down and pissed.

I was pumping away and didn't realize how heavy I was breathing or something because suddenly she smiled as she cleaned herself before she pulled up the thong but not her pants as she stood/

She undone her top and slowly removed it exposing her nice tits and bra as she let her top drop to the floor, at first I hadn't realized she knew I was watching her as she put one leg up on the toilet and teased her thong to the side.

Then she moaned and said mmmm I wish there was a nice hard dick in one of these holes as she slipped a finger in and looked at me smiling before saying that if a dick was there she would have to suck it.

I had the drill and hole cutter so I picked it up and drilled a hole clear through the wall as she laughed still teasing her pussy as I cleaned the hole out then put my dick through.

She smiled and said mmmmmm looks like I have some dick as she walked over and knee led taking me in her mouth tightly and sucked for a few minutes, then she pumped it as she looked up at the hole I was looking through and said loudly lets see how long you can last before taking me in her mouth and pumping fast and hard.

I could see her ass in the thong and her tits but couldn't feel her wit my hands as she sucked away and started to build me up, she didn't stop at all her speed was constant as precum dribbled and she took me out and said mmmmm looks like you wont be lasting long.

As soon as she had spoken I was in her mouth again and she was pumping so fast I was going to cum as I tried to hold back but I couldn't she wouldn't let me as she sucked and moaned.

I was so close to blowing a hot load when she stopped, got up and walked away enough for me to see her before saying out loud, that dick needs to cum here as she bent over and spread her ass cheeks.

She backed her way up to the wall and pushed back as the tip went in to her ass and she started to pump me dry in her ass just the tip.

She pulled out, put some spit on my dick then pushed it back in her ass all the way until her ass was against the wall and my dick was deep in her ass as I slammed in to her.

She moaned loud as I built up in her ass close to exploding again hoping she wouldn't pull away as I started to moan and she realized it was time for a load.

I pulled out and walked around the wall she was surprised that I was suddenly there as I took a hold of her and put her on the floor without saying a word I pulled up her bra, held her tit in my hand and pushed deep in to her ass between her legs as she moaned and we kissed.

I must have been in her a minute as I filled her as with hot cum and she held me saying shhh its ok just cum until she was sure every drop was out of her.

We lay there for a few minutes as I slowly pumped holding her tits and kissing her as I started getting harder, there was a clean cloth on the side so I pulled out as she lay there legs wide expecting me to hand her a cloth.

I cleaned my dick then got back between her legs as she asked what I was doing as I slid in her pussy and pumped hard and fast before she could get composed as she squirmed moaning on the floor.

She shouted out things like, yes fuck my pussy moaning and holding so tight as I told her to look at me and commanded her to cum over and over as she built up then her face changed as she let out a moan and shuddered to a climax but i did not stop pumping.

She moaned that she was coming again as I told her to hold her tits for me which she done as she gasped and let out a deep moan, but I kept pounding as I was building up.

She moaned that she couldn't take it and it was building up in her again as I told her I was cumming and I was cumming in her pussy no condom, her reply was an ok followed by a moan as I released deep in her and she came all over my dick as we held so I was deep in her throbbing dribbling in her tight pussy.

We kissed and lay there before she suggested we get dressed then suggested I get back to work and she assured me it was our secret before kissing me and walking out the door, getting in to he ca and driving away.

Later that night I was feeling horny and decided to wank over her as I lay on the bed remembering her tight pussy, my wife came in and caught me but wasn't in the mood for sex but did however help me.

I pumped her big tits as she sucked the tip whilst I was remembering my earlier fuck and as I sprayed my hot load over her face and tits it was the hot tight pussy I was thinking about.
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