Lucy Gets It

A friend of mine moved in to the apartment next door and lived there for about six months, whilst he was there it was a mad house of people, party s and getting wasted.

I would just walk across the hallway and get wasted whenever I wanted and more than often there were people there or some kind of party was happening.

There was a girl called Lucy who would go to his apartment to hang and get d***k most night and she was known to be an easy fuck when d***k.

One evening I went over there and he was in his bedroom fucking his girlfriend, another friend was in the bathroom fucking a girl and there was two couples in the front room fucking as well.

I didn't want to hang around and watch them fuck so I went to leave when Lucy came out of the spare room to get a drink and literally bumped in to me.

Lucy was a big girl, big tits and ass, blonde hair at the time and was ok looking, worth a fuck at least and she was high as a kite.

We had a laugh about them all fucking and then she went to get her drink before returning to the spare room where she was staying the night.

I followed her in and we talked and smoked for an hour laughing about them all having sex which led us to kissing as she pumped my dick and then started to suck my dick.

As she sucked away I took her clothes off exposing her plump body and big tits fondling, groping and caressing.

She had a bald pussy that was wet and ready for dick so I put her on her back and slid deep in to her young pussy loving the feeling of her soft big tits.

As I held her ankles and worked away deep in to her she held her tits together like I told her to and took me deep moaning and whimpering before letting out a loud moan as she cum hard on my dick and squirted a little bit.

I felt myself build up and then boom filled her with hot cum that sprayed inside her and dribbled out all over the floor, she just lay there gigging.

One of my friends came in the room looking for some papers and was momentarily stunned to see Lucy naked just laying there, she said I am still horny so whilst I rolled up he got on top and took a turn fucking her.

After he was done with her he took some papers and left and she cleaned herself up before going to bed.

I went back to my apartment satisfied and high with another great memory of some pussy and then later I needed some papers so I went back to see if anyone had papers.

My friend had been to the store or rather he had sent the girl he was fucking in the bedroom to get them, it was Lucy's s****r who was younger than she was but better looking.

After rolling a big one and started smoking she asked if could hit it to which I jokingly said what do I get, five minutes later she was on her knees as I face fucked her next to her s****r who had passed out from smoking too much.

She didn't really like the fact that I was pumping her mouth whilst groping her s****r but soon went with it as I lay her over her s****r and slipped in behind.

She had the youngest tightest bald pussy I had ever had and the fact her s****r was tits out on the same bed as I was fucking her pussy made it so great.

My friend came in and decided he was going to fuck Lucy as I fucked her s****r even though she was out for the count, he just got on her and fucked her.

Her s****r took my load over her ass and I just pulled out and left her there with my friend fucking her s****r so she could help him get off.

I went home smoked and went to bed and no one ever spoke of that night again, well except me and my friend now and then when high.

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10 months ago
Oh how I wish there would be a next time, lol.
10 months ago
Thank you very much.
10 months ago
Thank you.
11 months ago
Invite me next time :)
11 months ago
very hot.well written
11 months ago
very good