Carol The Cum Dump

One night I was out down one of the bars in town having a few drinks with some friends, when I bumped in to Carol, she used to be my neighbor and we were fucking regular without her man knowing.

She was out with friends and her man and was a bit wasted and horny, so I decided to get some from her seeing as I was also horny and it had been a couple of days since we had last met up for sex, she was well up for it as I took her to a place along the river in the dark.

She was quit wasted so it didn't matter what I did to her she didn't care at all so long as she got a fucking and a cum deposit, in fact she just wanted some dick in her as she put it and that is what she got.

I figured seeing as we were outside and it was a nice evening instead of just a quick y I was going to take my time and appreciate that pussy.

After she stopped stumbling around I striped her down to her thong and bra as she lay there next to the river with her big tits and ass glimmering in the moon light and a pile of clothes under her head waiting for my dick.

Whilst on all fours I face fucked her slapping her face with my dick before pumping her mouth like it was a wet pussy as I looked around and watched people in town on the other side of the river.

After I was done with her face I made her tit fuck me until was ready for pussy which she did passionately and really nasty being a slut about it.

We stopped for a moment when we got a glimpse of her boyfriend on the terrace across the rive, though he couldn't see us we could see him and he had no idea on the other side of the river his woman was getting my dick.

We both became even more excited and then I made her ride me as I sucked her big tits and we watched her man walking around on his cell probably trying to call her and wondering where she was.

I was getting close to shooting a load so I slowed down and teased her for a while before positioning her ass up and putting some spit on her ass hole as she faced towards town still watching her man on his cell.

I pushed my dick in to her ass as she took it no problem at all before I started slamming in her as I gripped her hair tight and fucked her from behind as hard as I could.

There were people on the other side of the river with her boyfriend but they couldn't see or hear us because of the bar noise and lights, as I fucked her completely naked on the other bank deep in her ass.

As I started to build up indie her I was holding her hair back really hard slapping her ass as she moaned and took every pounding moment.

As it built up I slapped some more spit on her ass hole then as I was about to cum I puled out and then squeezed the tip back in to her ass where I blew out a thick hot load as she squirmed and moaned taking it in the ass deeper.

We cleaned up as best we could before going back to the bar for a few drinks and then a few hours later I was going home after a good night out.

I took Carols hand as she was wasted and led her away from her man and in to the toilets of the bar where I made her kneel in the stall and took her tits out.

By this time she was trashed completely so I fucked her mouth and tits before sliding down and slipping in her pussy just as I exploded, leaving a thick blob of cum dribbling out of her.

After I was done with her I cleaned her up and took her back to her man who was also wasted and then left to go home.

That night they had an argument because she didn't want sex and ended up coming to mine after some heated text exchanges where he thought she spent the night on the sofa, reality is she spent the night being fucked in my bed and taking cum load after cum load before he picked her up in the morning full of apology's.

This was just one of the times I filled my cum whore and her man had no idea at all.

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