The first time with Carol

I had a next door neighbor called Carol, she was ten years older than me and she lived in the apartment next to mine with her daughter and long time boyfriend. She was a smoker and he wasn't so she would come over and smoke at mine, we would chill and sometimes as a group go out. Now she was a big girl, she had a really big ass and really big tits. Her tits were probably bigger than an E cup. She had long dirty blond hair and was ok looking. Now I never thought I would fuck her or she would ever become a fuck buddy. But we used to talk about anything including sex when we would get high and her long time boyfriend didn't care if we hung out. Now sometimes there was tension between me and Carol on a sexual level at times when high but nothing ever happened. She moved to a house with him and the k** and occasionally dropped in, this day was one of those days, she dropped in. Her man dropped her at mine just before lunch and he was picking her up later on in the afternoon. Carol wanted to get high and was bored so we sat on the sofa and put a movie on and started to smoke and talk. Somehow the conversation led on to sex and blowjob s. I told her I hadn't had a blowjob for ages and she said she gave a great blowjob, then without pausing asked me if she could suck my dick. I was immediately hard and obviously said yes. As soon as I had said yes she was undoing my belt and as she fumbled with my belt I pulled her top up. I had been wanting to see just how big her tits are for a while so now was my chance. She stopped undoing my belt to remove her top then went straight to the zipper and I was in her mouth before i could undo her bra. As she took my dick in her mouth her tits unleashed and begin to swing as she sucked me so good I sat down fully. She sucked dick better than anyone I had know could. As she played with my balls and got all nasty on my dick i held her huge tits. In the heat of the moment i slid to my knees forcing her to go in to doggy as I started to pump her mouth. She reached round and held the cheeks of her ass as I used her mouth like a pussy. Holding her tits whilst looking down at her being face fucked was so good i built up and shot my load in to her mouth as she was pulling her jeans off exposing her big ass and thong. This was too much for me as i shuddered and twitched, she swallowed every drop. After we had cleaned up we went back to smoking, she was wearing her thong i was in boxers and we talked, smoked and groped each other. We must have been talking like that for an hour when her phone went off and her boyfriend started a conversation with her. I got hard and just simply pushed myself on her and in to her as she positioned her self for a fucking. As she leaned against the chair on the phone with her boyfriend I was pumping in to her trying to keep quite as she held her tits for me to suck on. Soon i was building up and she knew i was close to cumming so she told her boyfriend she would call him back in just a minute as her mum was on the other line and hung the phone and put it down. I was building up and she looked me at and gently said its ok cum. I built up so fast and hard that I gasped as I shot in her as she gently held me saying over and over shhh baby its ok cum in me. Once I was done I withdrew and got a towel for her and she called her boyfriend back ad continued the conversation. After a few hours of smoking and talking he called and said he was outside, by this time we were both dressed and i walked her towards the front door. She walked in to the bedroom and completely took all of her clothes of quickly and lay on the bed legs wide competently naked. I was a little confused as her boyfriend was in the car park waiting. She looked at me and said be quick to which I responded by undressing quickly before almost desperately getting between her legs. She lay there holding her massive tits together as I pumped in to her encouraging me by saying that's it daddy cum in this pussy, make this pussy yours, mmm daddy cum for me. She said things that built me up fast and hard. It was not long before I was unloading deep in to her and trembling as I exploded with a great joy. Once I had made sure every drop was in her she got dressed again, kissed me and ran down to her boyfriend, where she kissed him and drove away full of my cum.
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Ye yes it was.
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Thank you.
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how fun!
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