Brandy Snaps (Part 3)

Brandy Snaps
(Part 3)

It was not long after Brandy had stopped crying and cleaned herself up, before the buzzer sounded once more, as the final one of daylight came up the dirty corridor towards the door of her small flat, that she usually shared with her good old friend Tricky. Tricky was in another flat in the building with a client who had wanted an early morning treat of his own, which involved pleasure for him and a lot of real pain for her that could be heard through the muffling old decaying walls and down the dirty long corridor.
As was sometimes the case when the Old Man had been trying to impress new friends and clients he had arranged for yet another free go on his.
‘Favorite girl’
As he called her even though she had recently turned s*******n and was now forming in to a beautiful young woman.
Today it was the turn of a Doctor whose name Brandy could not pronounce, not that she would ever need to. He was a little different from most to begin with, he said he only wanted straight sex and he was happy to wear a condom and let her get comfortable first. But he had seemed a little unsure of what he really wanted or indeed what he could do or get away with doing as he hesitantly unzipped and pulled his trousers off. He put on the condom and prepared to have his free go on Brandy that the Old Man had given to him as a little gift, sliding between her open ready legs and gently positioning her hands to her head before fumbling around between her legs.
Brandy lay there with her legs wide open and resting on pillows so that she could be comfortable as her legs ached so much already from the Slimy Man and the beatings from the Old Man. She had quickly slipped on a small white lacy night dress that was d****d over her thighs exposing her small white micro thong that she had put on to stimulate the new client and hopefully make it quicker. She had teased her top down exposing her breasts and positioned the thong over her cheek so that it was easier for him and so he would get excited that little bit quicker. As she lay back and gripped her hands behind her head she momentarily closed her eyes as he fumbled with the condom that she presumed was a little tight around his member.
Without telling her or any warning he ripped in to her and he had removed the condom, now she knew why he was fumbling between her legs. As he pinned her down and f***ed in to her Brandy began to cry genuine tears of pain which drove him wild as he shuddered inside of her filling her with his hot load as he released his grip saying reluctantly and in a guilty tone.
‘It is OK baby, it is OK’ As she spoke whimpering she was thinking to her self that, soon he would become just as bad as the others if not worse, she had sensed that he had wanted something else something special his own little treat and his own very special and probably sick little fantasy.
But he had held back, there was no way she was going to tell him there were no real rules and the Old Man must have forgotten to mentioned to him how she would be and do whatever he wanted whatever he desired though he had already done enough.
But she did know that he would soon realize what he really wanted and some day he would be back to take it.
‘Fuck… I shouldn’t’t have said that… oh shit he is not happy’
She thought as she realized that nicely telling him it was OK. Had probably been the wrong thing, as she knew he would be coming back to show her just how OK it really was and that he would never say sorry again.
The dark skinned mass withdrew from between her legs and after wiping himself on her slender stomach he pulled up his trousers and then he left. With only a small goodbye that she could tell he didn’t’t want to say and a look of hidden anger at himself and as she thought, at her, he quietly closed the door behind him.


After a few moments of tears and self-pity Brandy realized she was now free for a while, she jumped up almost forgetting the pain she was in and stumbled across to the bathroom. To once again wash up quickly and clean her self-frantically but yet effectively, precisely and strangely very calmly.
Putting on her normal clothes so as to be able to enter the real world, which consisted of an old tight pair of blue jeans and a thick warm black jumper. Brandy took of the Small Gold Heart and chain that was a form of collar and replaced it with a simple piece of Red Ribbon to match her small but worn purse. She then placed the chain in to the small battered red purse just in case he called her early for her to take him the money that he never took when he had finished. Something she presumed was part of his fantasy, as she would eventually have to go to him and give to him his share of her money that was always far greater than hers.
After working out how much she could spend on her very small shopping spree and writing a list of all the things she wanted and hoped to get, but knew she could not afford. Brandy finally walked out of the door and down the dirty corridor of noises, fake moans and occasional genuine screams, that made her shake and feel sick as she emerged out on to the busy streets with the ever busy people and out in to the real world.

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11 months ago
This is part one there are two more to this particular piece and I am glad that you liked it.
1 year ago
very good & yes more