Brandy Snaps (Part 2)

Brandy Snaps
(Part 2)

After about an hour the buzzer sounded, Brandy answered and let the next one in to the building. A regular with his own set of rules and his own fantasy not just any regular though he was far more powerful and Brandy feared him most of all, far more than any Fat Man.

Brandy quickly put on the Red Thong that he had brought her and took the little Doll from its resting-place and positioned it on the ridge of the pillows. Making sure the tight thong was neat and tidy exactly as it had to be between her firm buttocks and around her slender hips. Then she positioned the tiny Doll and the pillows precisely to where he had them every time he wanted just as he wanted and as he expected them to be.
As she kneeled with her head facing down between the pillows resting on her arms with her firm buttocks split by a red flutter of thong she quickly checked once again to ensure she had the Small Gold Necklace with a Small Gold Heart around her neck. She was well aware of what would happen if it were not there, then the door opened and an Old Man entered the room, for moments there was complete silence, all except Brandy’s breathing and the occasional squeal from within another apartment.


The door clicked shut and Brandy reached automatically behind and teased the thong to the right cheek, always the right, the Old Man liked the routine, though he didn’t’t always stick to it exactly.
‘Please fuck the pussy…. Not the ass… please’
Brandy thought to herself, as she knew, that once she was in the position, all that she could do was take him in his way and not move. That’s all he allowed her to do and all he paid for anything else would be wrong and if she got it wrong then she knew she would be punished severely.
Though no cash was ever left by the Old Man as he had his own tab that was never paid.
‘Fucker gets it for free… and I have to take the money to him anyway later…’
Brandy began thinking before her ass was filled with pain that she had hoped she would not be feeling today, as the Old Man held her cheeks wide open and once again decided which routine he was going to use and which hole he was going to use even harder.
With a bite on her lips and her eyes clenched shut Brandy screamed inside her mind as pain relentlessly rippled through her along with sickening feeling of fear and disgust. As she gripped the pillow desperately and buried her face deep in to her hands and the soft pillows that muffled her pain just as the Old Man loved to watch her doing.
The Old Man was unhappy, he had a bad morning and now Brandy was in pain as he used her ass hole relentlessly to give him that extra pleasure and make the day a little bit better for him. Not that she was the only one. The Old Man had a choice of his favorite girls and he would probably have a different one for lunch just to make sure the day was especially good.
The Old Man had simply walked in, dropped his trousers around his old ankles with his braces where they fell, then he had squirmed behind her wide open legs and f***ed himself in to Brandy’s waiting ass, no lubrication and no condom not even spit. Not that he ever used a condom, if he wanted to finish in any part of Brandy he could and he knew it and so did she, ever so well, it was the Old Man who was the reason she was not on the pill and everyone but him had to use condoms..
As he pumped and slammed relentlessly in to her she managed to hold back her cries, releasing just enough, just the way he liked just the way he wanted, just the way he had ordered it was to be, the way it had to be.
The Old Man who was fixed and focused on the little doll with his greedy hands grabbing at her swaying breast and her red firm buttocks as he squirmed around inside of her like a b**st of pure evil desperate to explode and release.
Brandy desperately tried not to move from the position, each time that she did, even if it was his fault or he had f***ed her to move for extra pleasure. The Old Man would beat her really hard with his umbrella that he held in his hand to crack her with. With his power over her building between his legs, he hurt her with great joy and a large sickening smile whilst she took everything hoping it would all just end soon and that he would not damage her too much this time.
After thirty minutes of rippling pain her muscles violently contracted to his final deep slam as he unloaded and withdrew trickling out of her now numb ass, followed by what seemed seconds of silence and then the door clicked shut as the Old Man left. He simply pulled up his trousers and walked down the dirty corridor fastening his belt and muttering to himself. The Old Man was going to have a better day and at the end of it he would be able to fall asl**p remembering about having his cock up the girl’s ass and the way she had squirmed and cried with him inside of her. Which he would add to the memory’s that were yet to come from his lunch time arrangements, his lunch time treat that would be squealing just as Brandy did.

Brandy struggled over to replace the Doll in its resting-place whilst quickly cleaning herself and removing the now slightly ripped red thong. She would need to once again stitch it up or replace it from her own money, well before his next appointment or the next time he would suddenly make a new appointment and want exactly the same routine as he always had.

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