Brandy Snaps (Part 1)

Brandy Snaps
(Part 1)

The noise from the streets outside filled the tiny apartment as cars honked and people hustled around frantically as their mornings had began, off to work, shopping or maybe on there way to visit friends. A passing siren occasionally echoed through the decaying walls and a small whisper of cold wind could be heard coming through the small crack in the glass pane that occasionally rattled in its decaying wooden frame as large vehicles went past the stores below.
The noises from the street dissipated through the small apartment as they were soaked in to the old decaying walls, the old tattered sheets that covered the windows acting as curtains to block out the morning sun and the old grimy carpet that covered the floor.
The rattle and creaking from the bed under extra weight seemed to buckle and crack in the stale small room as it grew more pungent. As an occasional cry of fake joy, a slam of a door or a scream from another punch in one of the other apartments added to the relentless sounds of the king size bed. Creaking and cracking away, it was so big it completely filled the tiny little grimy room that was well hidden amongst the busy streets and stores of the seedy inner city location, out of sight and out of mind from the ignorant and the fast passed modern world.
As her legs began to really hurt Brandy or as she was called sometimes by her clients Brandy Snap lay there hoping he would just blow or at least change the position as she stared at the damp water patches on the ceiling. Desperately trying to think of a good time any good time so as to take her mind of the growing sick feeling she could feel and taste in her body. As it surged and rippled trying to f***e itself from her as though a volcano of sick just waiting to be released under pressure from her mouth, as the Fat Man groaned and pumped like a b**st that was mutating.
For over an hour he had been on top of her as his ripples of fat combined with the sweat that was shimmering over him and the sickening smell of salt and molding cabbages mixed in the stale air of the tiny room. As it began to over load her sensitive womanly senses and the taste of her own sick appeared in her mouth heavily, she lay there with the feeling building in her stomach growing ever stronger and f***ed her to desperately hold it back.
Grunting and grunting as though he was desperately trying to f***e himself to finish in a sound she though was similar to the grunts of a wild bore she had seen wallowing in the mud and filth of a small dump as a c***d all of those years ago.
‘Fuck this is so sick…. This is so sick’
She began saying to herself in her mind as she reached to give him a bit of help and end it finally and end the relentless sickness that was building inside of her stomach and throughout her throat desperate to explode with f***e.
‘Shit no…. Not again… no… no’
She thought as the bloated slimy thing replaced her hand violently and desperately back with his fat sweaty hand and chunky fat fingers, to where he wanted them. Where he had paid for them to be each pounding slam and boastful moan was a few dollars for Brandy, but this was not enough. Finally as she gripped the bar hard as he liked to see her do she felt the different surge the different sickness feeling. Desperately she f***ed herself not to be sick, not to throw up over the fat slimy b**st between her aching legs.
He was about to finish and now it was time to act out his fantasy.
‘No, please no…daddy’
She screamed and squirmed as though she was tied to the bar and being f***ed, as the b**st upon her who had paid good money for this moment erupted. Grunting and moaning in such a sick way that she suddenly felt the sick surge in her throat as she desperately swallowed to ensure she did not ruin it for him and end up being punished.
Brandy closed her eyes tighter and hoped that the condom would not rip or puncture and that he would not just rip it off and fill her with another load spontaneously as so many had done before.
After he had finished with her, brandy’s role was a little easier; he dressed and proceeded to leave the room not saying a word to her. He stopped for a moment and stared at the mirror smiling while she lay there whimpering and pretending just the way he liked it as he said victoriously.
‘Who is the fucking daddy? I am the fucking daddy… remember… that bitch… good girl’
Then headed out of the door with a walk of triumph and conquest and the biggest smile upon his bloated red face as he wiped the dribbling beads of sweat from his forehead with his dirty handkerchief.
Once the old unpainted door had finally closed with a loud crack behind the bloated creature, Brandy sprang to the bathroom where she violently erupted in to the toilet. The sickness f***ed itself out of her body in to the dirty depths of the toilet as she choked and gagged on the hot swells of sick that projected violently from her body as though she was possessed.
Once she had composed herself and rinsed her mouth out thoroughly she jumped in to the shower and hastily cleaned her sticky dirty body as best she could, desperately trying to get him off her and remove the salty sweat that had began to encrust itself between her legs. She used the hardest setting of the shower not to pleasure herself as she had done once before but to clean her special place desperately trying to ensure that there was none of him in her, no accidental dribbles. She had already went and desperately checked the condom to make sure it was full and had no holes to ensure he had not left her with his filthy seed inside of her as many had done before. Though she always took her pill and had her own stash of morning emergency pills just in case. But the fear of being impregnated by a client especially the bloated b**st, still f***ed her to squeeze and squelch the condom frantically checking its condition, whilst the filthy disgusting smelling slime had oozed over her hands between her delicate fingers.

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10 months ago
This is the second piece to a three piece part I am glad you liked it.
11 months ago
very good start