My Fantasy #1

I had been secretly cross dressing for years without anyone knowing about it. I got pretty good at hiding it even when I would wear a hot pair of panties under my clothing. I must have become too confident because one day it caught up to me. Terry was a guy I knew from work. We had known each other for probably 3 months. We became friends right away. He and I liked all the same things and we loved to golf.
It was a hot day in July when he and I went to the course to play 18. We had done this many times before. This day was a little different. I was feeling a little sexy so, under my shorts I wore a cute pink and black thong. I had done this before. Most of the time it was when I was running errands but never on the golf course. We started our round and everything was normal. We were drinking beers and playing terribly.
We were on hole 13 when it happened. My shirt had come un-tucked and in my buzzed state I didn’t think anything of it. As I bent over to put my tee in the ground my thong panties were hanging out the back of my pants. I didn’t think he saw. We finished the hole and then he asked. Are you wearing panties? I was stunned and embarrassed. Um yeah I answered. Terry asked me why. I sat there and squirmed around the question. I eventually told him that I liked to wear panties and dress up from time to time. He asked me if I had ever been with a guy. No, I said. Ok.
He then started driving to the next hole. As I was about to bend over to put my tee in the ground he stopped me. He walked over to me and un-tucked the back of my shirt. Now do it he said. I bent over again and my thong once again was hanging out of my pants. I hit my shot and we were off to our balls. As he was driving he took a quick turn into the woods. What are you doing I asked. He stopped the cart, I want to see more he said. I nervously got on the seat of the cart and bent over so he could see my thong. Pull your pants down he said. I just want to see a bit of your ass. I did as he said and I heard him moan a little as he grabbed my ass. As I turned around to sit back down his cock was hanging out of his shorts. Want to touch it he asked. Then he took my hand and put it on his cock. We weren’t too far in the woods we could see other golfers driving by. I’m sure they could see us. He got out of the cart and we walked deeper into the woods. He was hard at this point and I have to admit I was too. We walked a little way, not far and stopped. Jerk me off he said. I grabbed his hard cock and started to do as he said. I was staring at my hand around his cock when I felt him push on my shoulders. Get down there for a better look he said. I got on my knees and continued to jack him off with his cock in my face. He then grabbed his cock and I thought he was ready to cum but he wasn’t. He put his cock to my lips. I opened and began to suck his hard cock. It was the first BJ I had ever given but it didn’t take long for him. He blew his hot load in my mouth. We walked out of the woods and finished our round. I had my thong hanging out the rest of the time.

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1 year ago
we should go golfing sometime
2 years ago
HOT SEXY STORY NEXT time lick his balls it will drive him wild
2 years ago
Very sexy,wish you were sucking me hun
2 years ago
2 years ago
Very hot huni
2 years ago
2 years ago
very hot storie honey
2 years ago
Wow hot erotic sexy stuff
2 years ago
Hot round!!