An 18th birthday to remember

Andy had always been a late starter...

Cut his first tooth six months later than the norm, didn't even toddle til he was nearly three and was still a little awkward on his feet when he'd started out at school, let alone pre-school.

When puberty hadn't hit until fairly late, the last thing he was going to do was worry about it. His mates were already chatting about their escapades - their first sexual encounters, masturbation and the fun they had with girls they'd never met before when they went off on holiday.

It wasn't until his sixteenth birthday that he'd first looked down to see a rather uncomfortable bulge in his trousers, and the early stubbly growth of solitary hairs down below. So really, he was a long way behind his peers in so many ways when it came to anything vaguely sexual.

So much so that he missed out on a lot of the exploration that the boys his age had made at least half a decade ago. It was all a mystery to him, memories of distant conversations about how his then friends were exploring their sexuality (and sexual organs). Even his best mate James - he'd known him for over a decade and the two were pretty much inseparable - was surprised by just how little he'd experienced. And now on his eighteenth birthday, he was absolutely flabberghasted.

A conversation under the influence of alcohol one night had exposed the reality that Andy had hidden even from his closest friend. Not only was he a virgin (his friend had recently broken his duck with a rather opportune fumble in the local alleyway), but he'd never even consciously ejaculated! At eighteen, this was unheard of. Yet, here he was explaining all this before the rest of the gang came over for their night out.

Much drink was consumed, a giant kebab and the whole group collapsed down and vegged out on a sofa. Chris had been fortunate enough to pick up a girl on the night, took the agreed route upstairs to the spare room to enjoy the fabled activity that seemed so far from view.

Andy closed his eyes and dozed in the way that alcohol encourages. The whole group rested for the best part of a day, slowly recovering from what they'd subjected themselves to the night before.

From upstairs, there was the occasional thump or moan; they'd seemingly spent the best part of the night and following day enjoying each other's company. Reflecting on this, the group put it down to the fact that they were at best half with it...

As they slowly went off home, Andy found himself the last one left. Still on the sofa, only the odd dart to the toilet or kitchen for a glass of water had given him any incentive to move. James picked up the phone and ordered in some fried chicken for delivery. Time to relax a bit and really pick back up.

The chicken had been especially greasy, neither of them worrying about it and they were both full and contented watching uninspiring television when it happened.

Andy looked across rather uncomfortably as he saw that James was sporting a powerful erection. It hadn't been deliberate, a spontaneous act of his teenage body. But it had both of them looking a bit nervous and hot under the cover. James was throbbing, clearly visible through his boxers, his discarded shorts from the night before already in the wash and the bedroom upstairs for replacement. James shot over a glance at Andy.

"Looks like I'm really waking back up! You know we were talking yesterday about how you didn't have any sexual experiences? Want to see it in action?"

Andy had mixed emotions. He'd never had any feelings towards anybody before, physical urges. Here he was now, though, looking at the swollen pouch of his friend's underwear, and he just couldn't get the thought of the fiercely pounding cock out of his mind.

"It's either here or I go to the loo. There's no way I'm leaving it like this."

Andy found himself getting hard, too. The longing he felt towards his penis, James', this was going to be interesting. The vein on the top of his cock was pulsing like never before, and his glans and ballsack felt heavy. The yearning feeling grew and he rather abruptly blurted out his response.

"Yes. I'd love to see it in action."

"Hey, looks like somebody's getting excited too?! Want to share?"

Andy had never touched himself in the way James was talking about, but he knew he couldn't turn down the opportunity. They'd hardly ever talked about anything sexual, but given Andy's late development it was the one thing that never fell in the 'shared experiences' or knowledge category.

James took the decision out of his hands - or at least his jeans. He reached down, unzipped and pulled apart the opening in his trousers. Andy may have lacked a little size, but there was no denying that every last available drop of bl**d in his body had worked it's way downstairs. He was solid.

James' eyes bulged. He'd never seen another man's penis up close other than soft at the urinal, and even though his mate was only about five inches long, a good inch and half shorter than his own, it looked bigger than any penis he'd seen in real life. After all, he couldn't see all of his own from above, didn't see the base of the stem at all.

Andy gently peeled away James' boxers, pulling them down over his package, flexing his cock upwards with the shock of movement. He gently placed his fingers on James' glans, saw the look on his face as he experienced the first sensations of pleasure taking hold as he gently caressed his foreskin.

James had been much less adventurous with his movements - stroking Andy rapidly and really getting him going. Something that was not lost on Andy, who suddenly felt a real urge to pee.

"Sorry, I think I need the toilet."

James giggled.

"Just sit back, and see what happens! We'll focus on me again in a minute."

This was insane. He felt as though his cock was growing harder, longer. And that urge to pee was getting stronger and stronger. Did his mate not realise he was going to wind up covered in urine in no time flat?


It was too late to worry about it. It was happening. Andy felt as though his ball sack was pulling back up into his body, his penis had become like a recoiled gun. Something was happening that he just couldn't stop, and a bead of fluid had just appeared at the end of his penis. His friend kept on tugging as he bust his first nut. He fired fully two metres up in the air, coating the sofa, his friend and his chest in several large splashes of semen. It was fully thirty seconds before he finished oozing out over his balls.

That felt goooood.

James looked astonished.

"Mate... You can tell you've been saving that up for years. Fucking hell! I've never seen anybody cum like that!"

Andy wasn't quite sure what it was had just happened, in reality. But he felt good, and his mate's reaction meant it felt even better.

Time to go back to concentrating on James. Gently caressing his foreskin, Andy saw that James' erection hadn't subsided in the slightest. He was looking quite moist on the underside of the foreskin and having experienced what happened when James had tugged hard on his penis, decided he knew exactly what James was after.

He started slowly - he could barely get his fist around James' cock, it was that wide. He stood there thinking he'd encountered table tops that were softer than this piece of usually fairly soft flesh as he built up the pace.

James gasped. Andy couldn't take his eyes off his friends' throbbing head, completely missed the grunt of pleasure, the flick at the base of the pulsating member.

What he didn's miss was what happened next. James couldn't hold back any longer, and Andy took his shot full-whack in the face. Three times in succession. When the two of them cooled down just a little, they took a quick look around to see that they were effectively sitting amongst a puddle of each other's jism.

This had been their night, one that they would savour for the rest of their lives, talk about for years, but never replicate. It could never be any better...
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1 year ago
Great first time! Hope you have more!
1 year ago
Really fucking hot & sweet story