We Never Made it to the Restaurant

Tonight my girlfriend and I have plans to go to a nice restaurant for her birthday. I don't usually do the whole romance thing, but I thought that this would be surprising to her, and she means the world to me, so I'd do anything for her. I was getting ready in the bathroom and glanced down at my half opened drawer. I grabbed a couple condoms out of the unopened box, hoping that tonight would be the night. I knew it'd be her first time because we've definitely talked about it before, and she trusts me. But her being a virgin, she was a little scared. I finished getting ready and got in my car to pick her up. The ten minute drive went by fast as a lot of things do when you're a little nervous about something, but when I arrived there and saw her, my heart stopped. Her beautiful, sexy body was pressed greatly to the inside of her dress. She looked amazing, wearing make up and everything, she's normally so plain, but even then she looked amazing. Now, she just looks fantastic. I led her down the steps into my car and on we went to the 45 minute drive to the restaurant.
"You look really good Coby," she commented.
"You look a lot better."
"You know what you should do? You should pull over, that's what you should do." she smiled.
"Pull over? For what, we'll be late." I protested.
"I'm not wearing any panties, I know you like that." I liked that a lot.
I hesitated but said, "there's a rest stop up ahead."
She bent down and unzipped my pants and took my 8 inch cock out. She started to work it up and down until I was rock hard and then proceeded to start licking my tip. She put her mouth over it and slid most of my dick into her mouth. I took one hand off the wheel and pushed her head down on the rest. She gagged but kept going on blowing me.
"Baby, that feels so good." I told her and she moaned in reply. My dick in her warm mouth felt wonderful and made me wanting a lot more every time she came up for air.
She came up stroking me still, kissed me passionately, and whispered for me to put my hand up her dress. I gently put my hand on her leg and said, "we're almost there, can you wait?" She nodded and bent back down to suck me.
I pulled to a complete stop and let her finish her work. She took all of my cock in her mouth when I felt the urge to cum. I took my cock out of her mouth and moved the party to the very back of my car where I have the seat put away.
She lay down right under me, still fully dressed while i took off my jacket and shoes. I told her to keep her heels on the whole time because I though it would be kinky. I lifted her dress and looked at her perfect, beautiful slit and started to rub my thumb through her lips. I spread her legs to get a better look and soon my cock was throbbing to get into her pussy. I could feel her getting wetter as she squirmed a little.
"Don't waste any time Coby, I want you right now."
She was just itching to get my huge cock inside of her. I took out a condom from my pants pocket and then took those off as she slid off her dress. She started unbuttoning my shirt and once it was off, she lay back down.
I got as close as possible to her and started kissing down her beautiful neck to her chest, unhooking her bra. She took it all the way off and I put my hand over her breast as she grabbed my cock and got me hard once again. I sat up and put on the condom. I got close to her again and looked at her.
"I want you baby, so bad. My pussy's so wet for you," she moaned as if I was the only thing in the world that mattered. I loved it.
I put my tip close up to her tight, dripping pussy and put a little pressure on her with my dick. She moaned and wiggled under me, "Coby, put it all in, I'm so hot for you baby!"
I put more of my cock inside her and could feel her hot pussy around my dick. I pulled back a little and on the way back in, I put more of my length inside of her as she screamed more then moaned my name. I did that a few more times until I was fucking her with all 8 inches. I leaned over her and she grabbed onto my hair as I'm thrusting my hard cock in and out of her body. I kissed her to calm her down as I saw her eyes go wild with fear. Fear of something I don't know, but I thought it was adorable which made me fuck her harder. She yelled in pleasure as I was giving her just what she asked for.
I stopped and let her climb on top of me, she knew exactly what to do and how to work my cock as if we've fucked hundreds of times before.
"Baby, I think I'm going to cum!" she cried out.
I got back on top of her, fucking her, harder and harder with every moan or scream she let out and soon felt the need to cum as she did.
"Ohh, me too baby," I told her, breathless.
I felt the cum start to fill up the condom and I let out a loud cry as she started to scream, moan, and pull on my hair harder.
After I finished, I pulled myself out of her and took the condom filled with hot cum off. I laid back down next to her and she curled up next to me sweaty.
Ten minutes passed of us just laying there when she asks, "weren't we supposed to be somewhere like an hour ago?"
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4 years ago
wonderful & hot
4 years ago
lol man u forgot to go to the restaurant!