Jamaican Holiday Ch. 14


This brings us up to Dec 2010 and our most significant event - and introduces Robert, our Bull and future Master

Dec 2010 --

It's been 6 years since that vacation to Jamaica. When we got back we intended to return to our normal Vanilla existence. But we couldn't -- too much had happened. As Jaye put it, the door had been opened to something deep inside both of us and it couldn't be shut.

The first few weeks were exciting, as memories of Jamaica filled our heads and fueled our bedroom activities, just as Paul predicted, but then things slipped back into routine - too routine. And then, one night things got better. After a particularly athletic session, the reason hit me.

"You were re-living Jamaica weren't you?"

"Yes." "So was I."

"I thought so. You were pounding me!"

"Did Samuel enjoy it?"

She grinned.

"Samuel had to work. Jamal was shoving his Big Black Cock up my ass while you fucked me and people watched."

"Those were wild times!" "Well, then, do what you did there!"

Her tone was mock serious and light-hearted. She spread her legs and pulled my head down to her cunt.

"Clean me, boi! And clean up Jamal's cum from my ass, too!"

I took my time, swirling my tongue around in my cum for the first time in weeks, starting from the outside and working in as deep as my tongue would go,then swirling around her clit and fingering her G-spot.

Her breathing quickened and she started moaning.

She pulled on a nipple with one hand and peeled back her clit hood with the other.

"Suck it!"

Lovingly, I closed my lips on her dicklet and moved up and down on it, remembering the maintenance man's Black cock in my mouth, while I used two fingers to massage her G-spot.

That effort brought her to another climax, and then I rolled her over and took her ass to the tune of grunts and squeals until I came again, while she fingered herself to a third orgasm.

After we cleaned each other, we talked.

"What are we going to do?"

We agreed we didn't want a full up swinging or cuckold (we now knew the term and its implications) lifestyle -- we had other responsibilities and interests -- but that Jaye being fucked by other cocks spoke to a part of each of our psyches.

Something deep inside her had broken free in Jamaica -- a side of her that she had never wanted to acknowledge to herself or to me for fear that I might lose respect for her. But under the control of Samuel and Jamal, and with me in a supporting and protective role, she was free to just be that darker creature. She didn't want me to be permanently submissive nor did she want to be a full time whore, but she didn't want to be Mrs Mid-West Housewife again either.

And it wasn't just exhibitionism or submission - she also felt a sense of power feeling the man inside her approach climax, knowing she was responsible for that, and then, after he came, his reduction to a c***d in her arms, if only for a few minutes.

For my part, in the months since our return I had analyzed my emotions and reactions a lot. I had been excited by the feelings that Jaye's behavior and experiences with Samuel and the others had triggered. I loved watching her in the throes of passion. I loved seeing her white legs wrapped around a Black body and a hard, Black Cock sliding in and out of her cunt, mouth, or ass.

I had also realized there were differences in humiliation: Jaye receiving another cock was joyful - the humiliation of "another man fucking my wife" was somebody else's label; being replaced as the main man in her life and belittled was hurtful.

Additionally, there were aspects of it that had been very pleasurable - like a hard cock in my mouth - but there was also an uncomfortable feeling. I hadn't liked the feminine domination and hurtful humiliation stuff, although I now understood she was trying to provoke me into saying "Stop!" and reclaiming my role as protector and leader. "Submissive cuck" may have been part of my personality, but it wasn't all of it. The Dom side was still there and much more effective a role for other parts of my real world life.

So, we decided that once or twice a year we would have special "Adventures" where we would indulge the "darker" regions of our beings - but with clear boundaries - and live the rest of the time as "Vanillas." Well, "flavored Vanillas" -- the ropes, clamps and floggers were still in the closet.

We also agreed we weren't looking for romance - just athletic sex.

We both started to work out and lost 10 lbs and built up our stamina, though Jaye retained a bit of a tummy -- not unattractive in a mature woman.

Then we chose vacation spots or getaways where a large Black population could be expected, and we would look for partners for Jaye. That approach had mixed results and got us into one or two dangerous spots, so we had considered not trying again and letting Jamaica remain an erotic memory.

Early in December of that year, a DVD with a Jamaican return address arrived at the house. Inside was a note from Samuel that wished us happy memories and hoped we had found "balance."

We popped it in.

The title was "Jamaican Memories," and opened with the standard Jamaican tourist intro: white sand beaches and happy couples.

Then the scene cut to Jaye being fisted on the beach, first by Samuel (no face, just his Black arm buried past the wrist in her cunt and Jaye's contorted face urging him on), then her begging for more and the naked white woman finishing her off.

We sat there speechless.

That scene dissolved to shots of Jamaican party night life which melted into Jaye whoring in the short time room. Apparently the mirrors were two-way with cameras. The DVD showed highlights of her servicing each of her Black customers and me sitting, watching,and jerking off.

I noticed that she was stroking her cunt and breathing heavier as we watched.

The next segment was night vision recording of her last night at Z'Club with Samuel fucking her bent over the picnic table and the men jerking off on her face and tits.

The final segment showed the cabana details, dissolving to Jaye feeding me Samuel's Black cock, then both of us sucking him, and finally the maintenance man coming in my mouth.

When it was over, we sat there, stunned.

"Do I really look like that when I'm being fucked?"

"Yes, but even more beautiful in person."

"No wonder you enjoy watching me! I'm even turned on!"

She reached for me. For the next two hours we copied everything on the DVD. I ate, then fucked Jaye in avery position I could think of, then fisted her to her Big Bang, after which I ate her through to the continuous orgasm stage. Thanks to what I had learned from watching Samuel fuck my wife, I was still able to fuck her swelling cunt at the end. Exhausted, we lay in each other's arms.

"I can't believe how many orgasms I've missed by thinking I was too sensitive! B?"


"We have to keep trying! I need the thrill, the humiliation, the sense of power! And as great as you are and as much as you mean to me, I now realize I need more than one man to get me there! Please? Can we keep trying?"

I liked the idea of being able to watch her perform again, but I emphasized we would have to watch over each other more if we did,

"You know I love being watched!" she giggled

And no more femdom stuff.

"As long as you stay my man and protect me from myself - within limits - there's no need for femdom."

We spent the rest of the night on the internet finding sites to contact Black men, and the rest is history.

So much for just having an adventure and then going back to the way we were.

(Side bar: Our younger daughter came across the DVD on a trip home from college while searching for what she called "vintage" (little shit!) rock music. After confronting her mother with it, she started dating Blacks and continues to do so. She also shared it with her older s****r. Mother and daughters have had several giggly sessions behind closed doors while viewing it, punctuated with moans and the hum of vibrators.)

Once or twice in those early trips we tried white guys when we were unable to find Black men. Jaye felt no connection, though. Her psychological switch can apparently only be flipped by a Dominant Black Man. Cock size isn't the factor (although it doesn't detract) -- some of her Black men have been smaller than me. It is the way some of them EXPECT her to service them that releases her inner slut -- that and their staying power. (Most myths about Black Cock size are BS -- they come in all shapes and sizes - but in general, regardless of size, our experience is that most do seem to have great staying power.)

Using the internet to find prospective partners and arrange to meet them at the party place worked out much better, and over time we have "collected" a variety of partners who are fairly regular. But we still cruise Black clubs with our e****ts wherever we go and have had some outstanding chance encounters -- several of whom have since joined the "collection."

Play had to change though: if we were going to find chance hookups -- and even internet matches - condoms had to be a hard rule, at least in her cunt and ass, and if she was giving a blow job she had to take it on her face or tits. (I know, we said that before, but this time the novelty was over and we were both in better control of ourselves.) This lost us some contacts, as Samuel had been right - Black Men hate condoms. But her joy at feeling the hot blast of semen and my joy at sucking it out of her swollen cunt weren't worth an STD or AIDS. So, my cleaning days have pretty much been confined to my own cum -- until recently. More on that later.

While Adventuring, Jaye is free to be as slutty as she wants and treat me any way she wants (subject to a punishment session when we get home), depending on the mood or theme of the meet. However, I must be with her at all times.

My persona is kinky husband (if there is only one Black man and he is amenable), voyeur husband, or submissive cuck, depending on the mood of the Black men, which leaves me out of the action and free to perform my true role which is to watch over and protect her and enf***e the condom rule.

The morning after, we have a long talk session, comparing notes and feelings, which also helps us re-set to married couple.

Other changes: At first, Jaye tried to re-create her dress styles from Jamaica -- partly to enhance the mood, partly as advertising her availability: Large hoop earrings, corn-rowed hair, very revealing clothing and high heels. Along the way she picked up a BBC charm to add to her Queen of Spades anklet, "BBC" dangle ear rings, one year at Fantasy Fest in Key West she had two T-shirts made: "Hubby Likes to Watch" for her and "I'm Hubby" with eyeballs in the "b"s and the stems of the "b" curved into horns. She also picked up a "Hubby (Heart)(Chocolate) Cream Pie" T-shirt. At various times she has sported temporary "Queen of Spades," "BBC Slut,""BBC Only," and "BBC Whore" tattoos.

Her cunt - wives have pussies, sluts and whores have cunts -- is now always clean shaven (my job).

However, over time we both realized that some of it was too over the top. In a dimly lit Black club, no one can see -- or gives a crap about -- an anklet. The revealing clothes got us thrown out of one or two places. And we found that most Black men don't care if she is naked or not -- they just want access to her tits and holes, which is fine with her as long as she can do some showing off.

So, now her "Adventure gear" is a satin or silk button-up-the-front blouse, a mid-thigh black skirt - both of which allow ready access but also look classy enough if we have dinner somewhere with lights - high heels, hoop ear rings, and a neck chain with a Queen of Spades medallion on it. And of course her wedding and engagement rings. Hairdo and color changes with her mood -- slut or not, she is, after all, a woman. Of course, no underwear.

In our first adventures, we were just trying to find her some Black cock. Then the goal became to get her Black fucked every night of the trip. Then we set a goal of getting her fucked in her cunt, mouth and ass at least once during the trip. Last year the goal was to get her fucked in her cunt, mouth and ass each day. This coming year (2011) the challenge is for her to be fucked in cunt, ass and mouth every day but by a different cock in each hole. Only the first cock in each hole counts: that is, if a Black man wants to fuck her in mouth and cunt -- of course she must, but only the first hole he uses counts (in this case her mouth). She must welcome another Black Cock into her cunt for it to count. So, a minimum of three different cocks each day and potentially many more.

Additionally, over the years we have developed a ritual: As soon as we hit our local airport and go through security, she is a Black Cock Slut until we return through the arrival gate. Jaye must offer herself to any Black Man who speaks to her, and must do anything they want, time permitting. This started out as a challenge in a Black club in Atlanta, but was so much fun we have continued and expanded it. It has resulted in some wild adventures, but not as many as you would think. Black men are, after all, men. Some may be Bulls, players, or thugs, but others are romantics, f****y men, or outright shy losers and/or geeks. Some of the looks she has gotten after offering her pussy or a blow job to a clerk at an airport newsstand just for thanking her for her purchase have been hilarious, as have the reactions of the bystanders. A tip - the shoeshine boys have access to back hallways and always seem up for a BJ or quickie from a white woman. Jaye boards many flights with a freshly fucked cunt or mouth. And my shoes have never looked better.

One might ask if, at 48, she is getting fucked out, her cunt and asshole gaping and sloppy.


First of all, we do this only a few times a year (albeit more and more often). Yes it was supposed to be twice a year and was eight times in 2010, but still she has lots of recovery time between.

Second, use does not make a cunt sloppy. Right after a gangbang it may gape, as does her ass hole. But in a few minutes they tighten back up. Both are muscles or muscle groups and react well to exercise (granted c***d bearing can make a pussy sloppy, but that involves extreme stretching).

Rather than getting sloppy, the regular activity --along with some toning exercises and a dildo (Black of course) in our Vanilla periods -- have actually strengthened her cunt and ass muscles. Her cunt lubricates easily -- if not all the time -and accommodates any size or shape Black cock in a sensual squeeze. She can relax her ass hole almost at will, needing much less lube and preparation.

Basically, a Black Man just has to say "Spread, Bitch!" and she is ready. Additionally, she uses dildos as a training aid for deep throating and loves to be gag-fucked.


Anyway, you aren't reading this to learn about her exercise regimen. Let's get to the good stuff:

About four years ago we met Robert on-line. He is 36 now, shaved head, about 6'2", 270 lbs, broad shoulders and big chest tapering to narrow hips and tight buns, a rounded belly and small man boobs, 9" very thick uncut Black cock and a large pair of balls that produce an amazing amount of cum.

But most importantly, he understands Jaye's head and is a master at combining romance and Dominance.

He is also a Dominant Bull to two other white couples, so is very careful about STD and HIV. Prior to Thanksgiving, we had been together about 10 times (more and more often) and he brought a recent bl**d report and condoms every time.

Several weeks ago at Thanksgiving, after much prior discussion, we (actually I) gave ourselves to him completely, so now he uses both of us as the mood strikes him, his sons, or his friends, which puts me back in the cleaning business. (The boys and his friends must still use condoms.)

Two years ago I got caught up in some last minute business and let her go alone to Robert. He took her to Vegas with some friends and sent her back to me with gold rings from each of them: one in each nipple and cunt lip, and a triangle piercing from him.

Initially it pissed me off. I couldn't fuck her cunt or play with her tits or cunt lips for a couple of months until they all healed.

I told her we were through with Robert, but she begged me and pointed out that it was only for a few weeks. I was adamant at first, but as the days went on I enjoyed her begging and the things she was offering to do if I said yes. Finally I relented, but made the point to both of them that I wasn't happy and there would be no more Adventures without me. Both acquiesced.

However, the piercings made it necessary to find a new GP and OB-GYN for Jaye - there were already too many questions from the white doctors in our small hometown about out frquesnt requests for STD and HIV testing.

We found two Black doctors in the metro area near us. The OB-GYN, after hearing the story of how the piercings got there, her relationship with Robert -- it was the first time I heard her refer to him as her "Master"- and my role, schedules us each month as his last appointment of the day, straps her legs into the stirrups, and performs a full-fisted manual examination followed up with an energetic ass-fucking (apparently fucking her cunt would not be ethical!?!). In order to make sure Jaye doesn't move too much, and to muffle her screams, the Black nurse removes her scrub bottoms and panties and restrains her by pushing her hairy cunt onto Jaye's face and pinning her arms while Jaye eats her.

The GP also schedules us last for our monthly bl**d tests and follow ups (Jaye cleans her partners' Black cocks after the condom comes off. Research has indicated that while this is considered risky, it's not as dangerous as barebacking, but we check monthly to be safe) and expects either a BJ or anal. I am naked on my knees at both doctors.

But the bars in her nipples (we replace the rings except when we are Adventuring) seem to keep them aroused all the time and the triangle piercing rubs her clit as she moves so she stays reminded of her femininity -- and horny.

When we play bondage I hang weights off the rings trying to stretch her cunt lips even more. Seems to be working and Robert approves.

Robert had the triangle piercing soldered shut so that it can't be removed. This makes for fun at the airport sometimes. The Black TSA agents, male and female, at our local airport are familiar with us now and enjoy taking us to the interrogation room and manually inspecting her when we pass through security.

Back to Robert

As I said, We met Robert on-line several years ago in a cuckold chat room. Although younger than we, the way he presented himself intrigued us both and over the next two months we began a regular virtual friendship, telling him about Jamaica and our thoughts and how it had changed us. We invited him to our next adventure and he stole the show from the other Black studs we had lined up.

At dinner with him the night before there was an immediate connection between he and Jaye, and he and I got along well also. We were on a seeming equal footing -- no Bull and cuck stuff although he clearly assumed control of Jaye. After dinner, we adjourned to our room for a get-acquainted fuck. He participated in the gangbang Saturday night and we asked him to come back Sunday for another threesome.

At the threesome, he took control over Jaye masterfully. It was obvious that he had listened to everything she told him and connected the dots psychologically.

After gag-fucking her for a while he pushed her into a doggie position and had me guide his thick Black cock into her. Then he took her fast and hard, pulling back on her hair to arch her back, and bringing on an orgasm. He had me face fuck her while he continued to pound her to another climax, then flipped her over for some slow, gentle, missionary fucking while he sucked and chewed on her nipples.

For the next hour he kept changing position and pace, talking to her all the time, telling her alternately how pretty she was, how good her body and tits felt, what a good fuck and what a good whore she was.

Periodically, he would pull out and have her suck him or slap her distended clit with his Black Cock.

Finally, after bringing her to a screaming climax that stretched out for what seemed forever and left her limp, he ordered her to beg him to fuck her some more, which she did weakly.

He rolled her onto her belly, had me shove a pillow under her hips, then straddled her and again had me insert his Big Black Cock into her swollen cunt. He started then in earnest, pounding her and rabbit fucking while she mewed and cried until he came with a roar into his condom. Then he had us both clean him off and thank him.

From that point on he has pretty much owned her although not formally until this Thanksgiving.

He is married with two sons, each by different women. He thinks there may be others and knows one of his other white sluts is pregnant by him. At our 3rd meeting he brought his oldest son James -- now 22, 6'4", bearded, with a linebacker's build, 10" cock, thick like his father's. Richard has also made her available for the last two years to his younger son. D'arnell (his mother's choice of names, Robert ruefully points out) is 5'11, just turned 20, and has a swimmer's slim muscular build with an 11" cock but thinner than mine.

Robert likes to take Jaye out to Black clubs and show her off, sometimes lets others use her in the club bathroom or parking lot, then brings her home for some long lovin'.

Jaye glows whenever she is with him.
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