Jamaican Holiday Ch. 10

2nd Wednesday

We slept, intertwined, until noon.

Over fruit, rolls, and coffee, we discussed the previous night's activities, Jaye naked as usual, curled up with her head in Samuel's lap, stroking his Black Cock.

She told us about her mixed emotions – living out the fantasy, its gritty reality, erotic high, her humiliation from the use of her body and shame at how she loved it. Being sold for dances and groping hadn't really bothered her that much – it was kind of an extension of the night before at Z'club, but she had been shaken by her "interview" with the manager and seeing the conditions so different from her imagination.

She had been scared about what was happening and neither Samuel nor I seemed to care – in fact to her we were encouraging what was happening. She almost turned out the sign, and then the Black man had dropped the dance money on the table. She suddenly realized that there was little difference between the two activities, so why not if that's all we thought of her?

At the same time, she was also unnerved by how much she had enjoyed being used by the manager. It wasn't lovemaking, it wasn't even athletic sex, her pleasure was not a consideration – she was a fuck toy, an object to be used – and it had stirred the submissive element in her to an amazing extent.

She described how the long walk across the club and dance floor to the exit and the walk back after being fucked (she no longer had any trouble with the word) had embarrassed and humiliated her, advertising as it did what she was doing – but it also aroused her to the point that she stayed wet all evening, ready to receive a

cock on command. Once her thong was gone, her cunt (as she now referred to it) juices were continually running down her thighs.

Once she accepted her fate, as I had noted, she got into it physically and psychologically, reveling in her status as a vessel for strange Black Cocks, just as she had reveled in being a complete public slut at the beach and Z'club. She

worked hard to arouse those who danced with her, to get them to buy her, then worked hard to give them pleasure and make them cum in her.

Concurrently though, she felt a self-loathing, a feeling that this wasn't right, that it wasn't "her" and a fear that this might be her future. Shame at her feelings of pleasure, a desire to continue, a fear of continuing, a desire to be rescued by the men in her life, resentment that they were subjecting her to this.

On the ride home, the adrenaline and booze started to wear off and the feelings of pleasure were overwhelmed by the guilt and self-loathing. When Samuel rejected her, her world crumbled. No longer was she a queen bee sex goddess, she saw

herself as a worthless whore.

And then, when Samuel and I "reclaimed" her, making love, not fucking, holding her to ourselves, she felt re-born, not to mention the wonderful feeling of hot cum slamming into her cervix and us collapsing into her arms – no longer dominants, but enveloped by her femaleness. The continual orgasms were an added benefit.

Samuel pointed out that Jaye's feelings were common, especially among women who were being "re-born." The desire to be a whore was an extreme aspect and he wanted to push Jaye out of the sexual fantasy phase and into reality as soon as he heard it to find how deep the desire ran – to either shock her out of it or see how

far she was willing to sink. He felt she had done well last night: her little breakdown was a good sign – balance was returning, and she had a sense of who she was.

For my part, I told them the now-familiar story of how I felt humiliated that strangers were sexually using my wife in front of me, and that my wife was drawing obvious pleasure from it.

On one hand I wanted to stop it, to go back to

the way we were, but on the other I had never seen her more beautiful than when she was a slut –and yes, a whore.

I was actually proud of her ease with her sexuality: sitting there as she was openly fondled and obviously enjoying it, watching as she made the "walk of shame" and watching her spread her legs and welcome 9 strange Black men to use her while her wedding ring-adorned hands

urged them on had aroused me.

Something had awakened deep within me, too.

Apparently I also had a submissive streak as I felt powerless to stop it, didn't want to stop it, aroused by her antics, and enjoyment at my secondary status to Samuel and the other Black men. As my wife had said, I recognized it was a part of me I hadn't known existed and was both fascinated and scared by it.

Jaye listened to my admissions with a thoughtful expression.


We wandered out to the beach in the late afternoon and Jaye had me oil both of them. I did their backs first, then shuffled around to do their fronts, beginning with Jaye's shoulders and working down to her tits. Her nipples were already hard and I tweaked and pulled them for the growing crowd. She moaned softly.

Down her soft belly to her mound.

"B! Show them!"

I jiggled her clit and lips, sliding the hood back and forth as her dicklet grew.

"Suck it!"

I leaned in, pulled back the hood and licked, then nibbled, then sucked her clit. Several of the audience called out "Suck it!" but unlike last week it didn't faze either of us. My wife was in full exhibitionist mode.

"Now back to the side!"

I shuffled and then slid a finger along her cunt from rear to front and then circled her clit. She moaned.

Then two fingers – rear to front, up and around, and then back to slide into her juicing cunt. My wife moaned louder and her thighs shook a little,

I kept this up for a while, until she told me to do Samuel.

It was the first time I had ever run my hands over another man's naked body. Samuel's skin was silky even before the oil slicked it up, and his muscles were hard. I could understand why Jaye loved to touch and caress him.

I hesitated as I got to his Black cock. The husband had no problem last week, but

we were in a more remote part of the beach then. Here we had a crowd about twice the size and were closer to the main resort.

"It all right, B, missy take care it. Kneel over dere, wid ja hands behind ja head."

Jaye dropped to her knees and rubbed her face into his crotch before starting to oil his Black cock and balls.

Slowly, lovingly, she stroked him up and down, cupping and rubbing his balls. She took her time and made sure the crowd had a good view by shifting sides every couple of minutes.

I took a quick look at the audience. The few white women without Black e****ts were watching as if hypnotized, a couple of them openly stroking themselves. Some of the white women with Black men were on their knees beside their men.

Two were stroking their Black men, one was openly sucking hers.

I recognized Marianne and, I guessed, Kevin – a male naked on his knees as I was,

wearing a dog collar, hands behind his head facing her. She was wearing her dog collar from last night with a leash dangling from it and standing with a fat Black man I hadn't seen before. He was gripping one of her lush tits with one hand, his fingers digging into the softflesh. She had a pained look on her face, but was stroking his Black cock which was inches from Kevin's face. The Black man's other had was on Kevin's head.

Samuel was now fully hard, and Jaye flopped down on her back, spread her legs to the crowd, and begged him to finger her while she stroked his Black cock, holding her cunt lips open with her left hand to show off her wedding rings. Moaning,

writhing, and loudly telling the crowd how she loved his cock, what a good lover he was, how

she would do anything for him, she came to a crashing orgasm.

When we got back to the cabana, Jaye pushed

Samuel onto the bed and sucked him hard, then mounted him and slowly rode him through two of her climaxes to his, smiling at me and blowing me an occasional kiss. She had me clean her out, then told me mount her doggie style, while she buried her head in his crotch. She didn't cum, so after I licked and sucked my cum out of her, I brought her off with my tongue.

That evening for dinner Jaye wore her transluscent sundress (no underwear)and leaned way forward to ask Andre, our waiter, about the menu items, giving him a good view of her tits.

Back in the room we all stripped down and I got on my knees. Jaye dropped to her knees on front of Samuel, put her hands behind her back, and surprised me by saying,

"Samuel, I know B is paying you to fuck me. But, if you'll have me,from here on out I'm not his wife. I am your..lover, or woman, or slut, or whore. W...whatever you want me to be, whatever you want to do with me. Totally. Without reservations."

Then she turned to me with a wiked look in her eye.

"You want that too, don't you, B? You want to give me to Samuel completely, don't you? So that he can do anything he wants with me? Even prostitute me?"

Blushing in shame, I admitted I did.

So he did use her, all three holes, bringing her to her Big Bang and beyond until she was limp, her cunt and ass gaping. I tried to participate but she pushed me off.

Late that night as she sucked him hard again, she called me over and fed me his cock to suck. Having already done it after he fucked my wife, there seemed no reason not to do it to get him ready to fuck her. Once again, I marveled at how

good it felt in my mouth and now understood Jaye's simultaneous feelings of submission and the power of being responsible for its hardness.

She stroked my head then she pushed me farther onto his Black Cock. The thought that we might be prepping for another round of fucking caused my cock to rise. Jaye saw it differently.

"Just as I thought!" She hissed, "A closet gay! You wanted me to explore my "inner desires,"

not for me, but so yos could get a shot at some cock! Well, cocksucker, from now until we leave, all you get to do is lick my pussy and ass when I tell you to, watch a real man fuck me senseless and then lick his cum off both of us! You'll get your cock, but it will be the cock of a real man before or after it comes out of my cunt! I don't care what you do with yours, but it isn't going in me!" In twenty one years of marriage I hed never heard such anger from her.

With my mouth full of Black cock, I had to accept.

After sucking him awhile, she told me to guide his Black cock into her wet cunt. Then I stepped back to watch the ballet of light and dark, dutifully cleaning them both before we fell asl**p, the two of them in the bed, me, at Jaye's direction, on the sofa.
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