Jamaican Holiday Ch. 05

Saturday --

The next morning, I made some coffee and brought it to her in bed.

"So, anything happen on your walk?"

She looked away.


"Jaye, I saw you dancing. I know what he was doing to you at the table -- everyone there did! And I saw you on the picnic table. (She gasped) On top of that you had no panties on when you got back.

I can't believe I'm saying this, but it's all right with me if you have an adventure or even an affair while we are here. However, I expect you to return the trust by telling me the truth, not lying to me. Lying is cheating. Is that what you are doing?"

"No, no B! I'm sorry. It's all so new to me. I was embarrassed, ashamed at what I had done, and unsure of how you would take it. (She looked me straight in the eye) Even though you had told me I could. And I didn't want to say anything in front of Sheila and Paul!"

"Big deal! First, they know all about it, second, what you are up to is tame stuff compared to what they do!"

She was visibly upset.

"Do you want me to quit?"

"Do you want to?" She hung her head,

"I will if you want me to"

"I take that as a 'No' -- you don't want to quit.

"Jaye," I continued, "I have been embarrassed by what we are doing.

I would never have thought I would give you permission to have sex with another man or be as turned on as I am by seeing it start to happen.

I was also worried about you last night.

I feel cheated on and threatened by you lying.

But I have never been so turned on as the last four days, and I have never seen you more daring, sexy or beautiful. I have fallen totally in love with you again -- and become obsessed with the idea of you with someone else.

So, yes, I want you to continue. But, if we're going to play this farther, we need some rules."

"Wh.. What kind?"

"First, no running off by yourself -- it's too dangerous. I want to be there with you or at least close -- that's hard and fast." ("So I can watch," I admitted to myself.)

"Second, no secrets: if I do leave you alone for any reason, I want you to tell me everything that happens - the truth and the whole truth."

"And three, if you have sex with anyone other than me, they have to use a condom. We don't need either or both of us to die because of a one night stand. That's hard and fast."

"If you don't feel you can abide by these rules, then we've gone too far. Either quit or I leave tomorrow and start divorce proceedings."

Her eyes welled up with tears.

"I'm sorry B, I should have told you the truth! And yes, I'll follow every rule. I'll even quit now if you really want that!"

"What do you want to do?"

"I, I, I...."

"Then make damn sure you follow the rules!"

She broke into tears and fell into my arms. I cuddled her, but inside I again felt like someone had hit me in the gut -- I had again just told my wife to have sex with another man!

After a few minutes, though, my curiosity got the better of me.

"So, how did Samuel's hands feel on your breasts?"

Her mood instantly changed from scolded little girl to dreamy. Her eyes partially closed, and as she remembered the evening she softly stroked a breast.

"Wonderful! So strong and yet not rough! Just like I dreamed! When he would bend me over, I could look down inside my bib and see his Black hands on them! Now I understand why you like to watch us! It's so erotic! And sometimes he would pinch my nipples -- just hard enough!"

"What was going on at the table?" (The whole table knew, but I wanted to hear it from her.)

"He wanted me to go outside with him, but I wouldn't. I felt I couldn't trust myself. Then I felt his fingers slide my clit hood back and forth and then push into my pussy! They felt so good!

But what really turned me on was knowing that this was happening in front of those people and they knew what this Black stranger was doing to me and that I was allowing it. And, that you knew and weren't stopping it. I was excited and ashamed --(she looked at me) and a little angry at you. That was what convinced me to go outside with him: he was bringing me closer to climax and you weren't stopping it."

"Did you want me to stop you?"

"Yes. No. I don't know."

Eyes dreamy again: "Outside, he was soft and gentle but in charge, too. He had me sit on his lap and started fingering me again. I was so horny -- and so d***k -- I was ready to have sex with him and wanted it to!"

"After he made me cum, he wanted me on the table, but the orgasm had sobered me up a little and suddenly I was scared to actually do it. Then he wanted me to suck him off. I've never sucked any other man's cock except yours. But, he had been rubbing his hard on against me all evening and it felt so big! And then he pushed me to my knees and ordered me to take it out. Somehow, I couldn't refuse any more."

"I took it in my mouth and started to suck it and then I heard a scream. That broke the mood and I ran back to you."

Her eyes lost their dreamy look and narrowed onto me.)

"So I guess I violated Rule #1 but kept Rule #2."

"Do you still love me, Jaye?"

"Oh, yes! Do YOU still love me?"

"Of course!" And we snuggled until lunch. At lunch we talked more about last night, and her eyes became vague and her breathing heavy. She kept one hand under the table.

Finally seh said, "Let's go!" and hurried us back to the cabana, stripping off her T-shirt and shorts as soon as we got in the door.

She flopped onto her back and spread her legs, jacking off her clit and squeezing a breast.

"Fuck me, B! Fuck me hard!"

"The ache?"

"Worse than last night! Hurry!"

"Are you wet enough?"

"I don't care! I need you now!"

I straddled her head and shoved my cock into her mouth, then grabbed the lube and squeezed some onto and into her pussy, scooping some of it up and spreading it on my cock before i rammed in hard.

Like last night, I hit her cervix hard, but she kept urging me on, cumming once before I did. Exhauste, we collapsed next to each other.

"You want me to lick you to your Big bang?"

"No, thanks. I don't want to risk getting too sensitive. But I had to have you in me! Or I was going to **** him!"

I looked up to see a gardiner standing outside our open window grinning.


After a cleanup and a quick rest, we headed out to the beach again. This time she stripped completely as soon as we entered the CO area. Parading her naked body down the beach, she openly flirted with anyone who paid attention to her.

When we got to "our" area, she walked over to the Couple and Jamal, displaying her shaved pussy and dangling clit. The Wife reached up and slid her fingers over Jaye's bald mound and fat pussy lips, sliding the hood back and forth and tugging on the pouting clit, smiling and nodding in approval.

Jaye then knelt down, bent over and gave the Wife a hug and full mouth kiss, mashing their breasts together, her pencil erasers pushing into the Wife's pillows.

Then she got up and stepped over to Jamal and the husband -- pulling up her clit hood to display her former shame in its naked glory. The husband dropped to his knees and stroked it, then, at a nod from Jaye and a word from the Wife, leaned forward, swirling his tongue over and then sucking the long, growing dicklet until Jaye was breathing heavily.

Finally, she turned to Jamal. He reached up and stroked her mound, then her labia, then tugged on her clit, pulling it gently left and right, causing her to moan. Gently, he pulled her down by it, straddling him until she was sitting in his lap, her hands on his shoulders, her legs splayed on either side, her pink clit rubbing against the thick Black cock she had been dreaming about for days.

He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her to him for a kiss. As the kiss lingered and their tongues dueled, her arms moved from his shoulders to around his neck, pulling her breasts into his chest. Her legs wrapped around his waist and their crotches ground into each other.

"My Gawd!" I thought, "She's going to fuck him right here!" as she ground her hips into him.

After a long spell she broke the kiss and came back to our towels. She was panting and had a red flush on her cheeks and across her chest. She knelt facing them, her legs spread, hands behind her head, which pushed her little breasts forward. "Oil me up, B, and do it nice and slow"

I proceeded to oil her up, naked on my knees, starting with her shoulders, but Jamal told the Wife to kneel the same way and started immediately on her large, pillowy tits.

"No B, do my front!"

I rubbed my slick hands over her small breasts, gently tweaking the long nipples occasionally to make them stand up more. My wife squirmed a little and I realized she wanted me to follow Jamal's movements. He was starting at the Wife's shoulders, then pulling his hands heavily down across her tits, making them jiggle. It took me a few tries but I finally figured out what he was doing and copied him.

Jamal gave me a toothy smile and gently slapped one of the Wife's jugs, making it jump and jiggle even more. The Wife looked Jaye in the eye and arched her back for more. He did the same to her other tit.

I hesitated a moment but Jaye whispered to go ahead. She moaned softly as I came down on her breast and made it jump. Jamal and the Wife nodded. Following the Wife's lead, Jaye offered her breasts again.

Then I repeated the process on her other breast. Jaye's gaze was still fixed on Jamal and the Wife, but her eyes were narrowed and she was breathing through her mouth.

Four times more on each woman's breasts, harder each time. Color was starting to come up on both of them and I could see a hand print on the Wife's left tit.

Jamal then proceeded to oil up the Wife's tits and belly, working down to her thighs. I followed suit.

The tit slapping had drawn attention from the few couples in the area, and several drifted over to watch us, then others wandered in from down the beach.

At one point I looked up at the crowd that was gathering and saw Marianne standing between Kevin and a well-hung Black boy. The lad (he looked like a teenager) had his arm around her waist, and her arms were around the two men. Both she and Kevin were wearing what looked like dog collars.

Kevin was as pale as he had looked last night and his cock was noticeably smaller than the Black teen's. A small tuft of darkish blond hair perched at the base of his cock. I hoped he was a "grower" because he certainly wasn't a "shower."

I saw I had been right about Marianne's body: she was lush with large, natural, heavy tits, a thick waist, beautifully rounded hips and a shaved pussy. "Built for comfort, not speed," as my Father would have said. She smiled at me, then whispered in the Black boy's ear and he jiggled her tit at me.

Shifting my attention back to my wife, I guess Jaye's anticipation had her primed because by the time I was oiling her inner thighs, there was juice running from her pussy into a large wet spot on our towel, and her clit and inner labia were pushing out.

Now Jamal had the Wife stand up and bend over with her ass facing us, legs spread wide. Jaye did the same, but kept facing them so that she could see.

Jamal started to oil the Wife's ample ass, running his long large fingers between her cheeks. As he stroked her pussy lips and asshole, the Wife moaned.

I got behind Jaye and did the same, working my way slowly between her cheeks and pressing softly at her anus.


Jamal smiled big, then slowly slid two fingers into the Wife's pussy. She let out a louder moan and her thick thighs started to quiver. When my fingers got to Jaye's pussy they almost fell in and she pushed down hard on them, squeezing them with her muscles.

In and out a few times, then he inserted one finger in the Wife's ass. A louder moan.

I did the same. Jaye's sphincter resisted for a moment then yielded to the oil in her crack and her juices on my finger.


Jamal pushed a second finger in and used the pressure to walk the Wife half the distance to us.

Again I copied him, duck-walking Jaye until the women's faces were inches from each other.

We started a slow in and out rhythm and almost immediately their legs started shaking to the point that they fell to their knees, holding each other's shoulders for support.

The Wife cocked her head and kissed Jaye on the lips. To my surprise, Jaye not only kissed back, but they kept at it, sucking lips and tongues.

The crowd of watchers had grown.

Jamal now inserted a third finger in the Wife's ass. I did the same, going wild in my head that here I was finger fucking my wife in the ass in front of a crowd of strangers! And what was wilder, my wife was moaning, grunting like an a****l and pushing back on my fingers while making out with another woman!

We did this for a while then Jamal suddenly stopped so I followed suit. Both women groaned. He spread his legs and handed the Wife the oil. Still on her knees in front of him she started oiling him up. He looked like a Black Adonis - tall, muscled, with that large, thick Black Cock- bigger than mine and it wasn't even erect!

Trembling, Jaye took the oil from me and started to mimic the Wife on me, but still keeping her eyes on Jamal. I moved close to him, our shoulders almost touching so she could see them better. As I did, I noticed Marianne on her knees as well oiling up her Black companion but watching us.

When our chests were done the women started on our legs, working up our thighs. My cock was hard, and his seemed to be growing longer as well - if that was possible.

Then, the Wife reached out and touched Jaye on the shoulder, motioning her over. Jaye looked up at me and I nodded, so she shuffled through the sand to them.

The Wife started in again oiling one of Jamal's hard thighs, and indicated that Jaye should do the other.

My wife shot me a look over her shoulder. I made no movement, wanting to see where this would go. She wet her lips, turned from me and reached out her hand to massage his other thigh.

In seconds, both women were busy spreading oil over him, Jaye working especially on his thigh and hard buttocks.

Finally, the only place they hadn't done was his cock. The Wife reached out and slid her hand over it, cupping first the shaft, then his huge ball sack.

Jaye stopped and started to back off, but the Wife grabbed her hand and placed it on his cock. My wife was trembling like a leaf but was otherwise frozen, her white hand unmoving on his Black cock. The Wife guided her hand back and forth along the shaft. Back and forth. The Big Black Cock got even stiffer.

Both women were now stroking his Black Cock and balls, taking turns.

The crowd had moved in closer and I shifted so that I could see Jaye's face.

She had "The Look!" Her eyes were slits, her jaw slack, her breathing ragged, her long nipples sticking out like inch long pink crayons, her entire being focused on the hard cock in her hand. I was positive it was only the second Black Cock she had touched, and here she was, naked, on her knees, jerking it off in front of a crowd!

The Wife put her hand on the back of Jaye's head and gently brought it forward until her lips were less than an inch from the large purple tip which was now leaking pre-cum in a long string. Her lips opened. Her tongue came out. Her head moved forward. Suddenly, somebody in the crowd hollered "Suck it!"

That broke Jaye's reverie. She looked around like a frightened deer and I moved forward to take her hand and lead her back to the cabana.

As I gathered our things, the Wife lowered her head onto the Big Black Cock.

Jaye paused to watch and moaned.

We headed out on shaky legs but we heard the crowd start chanting "Suck it!" and Jaye stopped us to look back in time to see the husband lowering his head onto that huge Black sausage.

I got my wife to the cabana and guided her to the bed. She was still panting.

Flopping down on the bed, she pulled her knees to her chest and spread them obscenely. Her clit stuck out longer than I ever remember. I could see she was still so wet that no foreplay was needed. I kissed her quickly and buried my 7" into her in one stroke followed by three quick repeats and she came suddenly. I continued stroking into her, trying to bring out another.

Her eyes were closed, and she was loudly moaning

"Yes! Yes! More! deeper! You're so hard!"

Not sure of who she was speaking to, and not caring, I grabbed her wrists and held them over her head and proceeded to pound into her. She was so wet, I wasn't feeling a lot of friction, and it was my second fuck of the day, so even as excited as I was I felt like I could hold out for a long while. I would support myself on my hands and toes, raising my body until I was almost out of her pussy, then let my weight fall like a pile driver.

This knocked the wind out of her on the first stroke, but she kept urging me -- or Jamal -- on. Finally I came with a shout and collapsed in her arms.

As we caught our breath I realized she hadn't had her Big Bang so I told her I would lick her after she cleaned me off.

In between licks she said that wasn't necessary -- she had wanted my hard cock in her and just cumming in her and feeling my climax was enough.

When she was done we cuddled a while.

She told me how thick and heavy Jamal's cock was, how smooth and hard-muscled his body.

He had been leaking pre cum and she felt an irresistible urge to lick it up -- and would have if the clod in the audience hadn't scared her.

Her pussy, aching to be filled all week, had felt so empty she wanted to shove her fist into herself even though I had fucked her just 90 minutes earlier. She felt she was floating at sea and his Big Black Cock was her salvation but she was afraid to grasp it until the Wife had guided her hand. Even then she still felt scared. She wouldn't be safe until it was buried in her.

Then the idiot scared her and I took her arm, and suddenly she felt reconnected and safe and knew she needed my cock in her, possessing her, cumming in her.

She had welcomed my hardness, enveloped it, massaged it, accepted my cum into her and felt strong as I lost control and collapsed onto her -- that she had that power.

"Thank you, B"

We kissed and drifted off into a nap.

Saturday - Z' Club 4th night

That night for the club Jaye wore a spaghetti-strapped, short, almost see-through sundress, and no underwear.

When we arrived with Paul and Sheila, the other white couples from the resort seemed cold and let us know the table was full. Apparently the ladies' antics the night before had miffed some of them.

So, we grabbed a small table and were shortly joined by Samuel, who sat next to Jaye, and two young Black lads from the night before who flanked Sheila. We husbands sat across from them and bought the first round.

We laughed, drank and the ladies danced with their Black e****ts -- Sheila, in her trademark breakaway bikini top, shortly became the crème filling in an Oreo sandwich, grinding on one Black stud while the other ground into her from behind.

Jaye practically jumped into Samuel's arms and her body fused to him. Moving to the darker edges of the dance floor, his hands were all over her, openly caressing her breasts through the sheer white sundress. When he would turn her around for an ass grind and breast grope -- always facing me -he would flip up her skirt to allow direct contact with her bare ass.

She would look at me and lick her lips, or offer her breasts to me if his hands weren't already on them.

Paul and I talked some, admiring our women.

After two or three sets, the girls came back and I danced a number with Sheila, finally getting my hands on her hard boobs and stroking her bare pussy under her short skirt, while Paul did the same with Jaye, then we switched to our own partners for a dance and grope.

Another drink at the table and the Black men took over again, moving our wives out to the point that the light barely reached them. I looked around and saw Marianne and Kevin two tables over, sitting with Levon and two other Black men. Marianne was wearing a short red flip skirt and an "I (heart) Jamaca" T-shirt several sizes too large and cut off at her waist, and the dog collar. The Black men were on either side of her and Kevin by himself across the table.

As I watched, Levon took Marianne's hand and led her onto the darkness with the other Black men following, her lush breasts swaying. Kevin remained alone.

After two sets Jaye came back to the table and whispered in my ear,

"Is it all right if I take a walk with Samuel?"

She was glowing. (She had already decided to let him fuck her. Was this going to be it? And I wasn't to see?)


"It's just a walk and we won't leave the picnic area!"

"OK, but remember the other rules."

After about 30 minutes she showed up again looking flushed and disheveled and asking to leave. Sheila and Paul were on their last night in Jamaica and elected to stay.

On our way back to the cabana Jaye was obviously upset and I asked her what happened. She said they had gone back to the picnic table and kissed and petted, while Samuel pulled down her top and bunched her skirt above her waist. Then he pulled out his cock and she sucked him for a while.

But then he started to aggressively try to shove it down her throat. When she pushed him off he began to grope her pussy and tried to mount her.

She admitted she liked his take charge attitude, and was going to let him, in spite of Rule #1, but when he tried to push into her without a condom, she panicked and ran back to me.

Things were moving very fast and she wasn't sure if she was really ready and what it would mean to us. Bedroom talk and exhibitionist games on the beach and dance floor were one thing, real fucking was another.

I asked her if she wanted to have sex with him. No, yes, she wasn't sure. She was scared. I told her that as long as we loved each other it was just a vacation fling,

"If you want an adventure before we go back to our regular life, this is the time and place to do it."

I assured her I loved her no matter what happened and promised to look out for her safety if she decided she wanted to go for it, but no more going off by herself.

She said she wasn't sure if she wanted to go any farther.

My heart sank when she said that and I realized how much I wanted to see her fucked by a Black Cock.

When we got to the cabana, I suggested she take a shower and I would go get a bottle of rum.

As soon as I left I ran back to Z'Club, found Samuel, told him why my wife had run off and asked him to come back to the room with me if he'd wear a condom. I felt she was ready but needed a little coaxing.
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