Daddy's Lap

I am going to Daddy's for the day. He told me we would watch the game together. I don't care what we do, as long as I'm spending time with Daddy. I made sure to dress cute for Daddy in one of his favorite dresses. Of course I didn't wear any panties. I want to kind of surprise Daddy, even though I usually have to strip as soon as I walk into the door. I put my collar on as soon as I got into the car. I love wearing it and I wish I could wear it all the time. There is no feeling in the world like when I have this on.

I arrive at Daddy's and walk in. I don't have to knock at Daddy's house, plus he's expecting me. I shut the door quietly behind me. I want Daddy to see my dress before I take it off. He calls me to him and of course I get there as quickly as I can. His eyes light up when he sees me and I get a kiss from Daddy. He says I can leave the dress on for now.

Daddy has all my favorite things already ready. Daddy isn't a sports fan, but he knows his baby girl is. Daddy sits on the couch and tells me to come and sit on his lap. Of course I go right over there. At that moment, I have a decision within myself to make and that is how to sit on Daddy's lap. He can always put me how he wants me, but at this moment, do I want to straddle Daddy's lap and kiss him for a little bit? Or do I want to sit across his lap where I can watch the game and steal kisses whenever I want. Decisions, Decisions.

I choose to sit across Daddy's lap, only because I don't have to be in a hurry with Daddy today. I can take my time. If there was a time limit per say, I'd have done the other. Daddy wraps his arms tight around me and I lean into his neck and I take in his smell. There is nothing like being in Daddy's arms and all of him surrounding me. He's enveloping all my senses and I am on Daddy cloud nine, my favorite place to be. I kiss Daddy's lips and look into his eyes.

Daddy's hand is on my knee and he's taking his hand slowly up my thigh. Soon Daddy is going to know that I'm not wearing any panties. My breath catches as Daddy's hand runs over his cunt. I look into his eyes and they tell me all I need to know. I have pleased Daddy and his cunt is ready for him, just like always.

I undo Daddy's pants. I need him inside me of me. I whisper, "Daddy please, I need you." I am straddling Daddy's lap now and his cunt is dripping. Daddy's cock is out and it's so hard. Daddy positions himself at my entrance and pulls me down onto him fast. His hard cock impales me and I just look into his eyes the whole time. This is what I needed. I needed Daddy this way, desperately. I ride Daddy's cock deep and slow, never breaking eye contact and taking it nice and slow. My arms are wrapped around Daddy's neck and I can feel him stretching me and filling me full. It's the best feeling in the world. My legs are starting to shake and my body is close to going over the edge. "Daddy may I cum all over your cock," I ask. "Yes baby girl," he responds. I fall apart all over Daddy. It takes me a moment to come back. I have a job to do. Daddy starts pounding his cunt deep and fast. Daddy is going to explode inside of me and I can't wait. I can feel Daddy's cock getting harder and then he fills me up with his cum. We still, Daddy still inside me, and catch our breath. My head is on Daddy's chest and I am listening to his heartbeat. I match my breathing to his and I have my eyes closed. I drip off to sl**p in Daddy's arms. I am a happy, content girl when I'm with my Daddy. I only hope I have the same affect on him.
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3 months ago
Good girl - Daddy loves ya sweetie
1 year ago
Very good,,,a lovely submissive child.
1 year ago