Going to See my Big Black Cock King in miami

first off...if you don't worship Black Cock please leave now, if you are a hater of Black cock...Fuck you!!!
im so tired of little dick men saying that they are better...maybe to some women who don't want to have the best sex of their lives...lol NOT TO ME!!
I LOVE MY BIG BLACK COCK KING and no other. I don't want to fuck any of you guys..even thesexy black ones...but i do like looking....lol

Anyway, Im going to see Eugene; my Black Cock king who lives two blocks from Miami Beach. i bought three new slutty outfits to make him happy and three new interracial porns for us to watch. i know when i get there we will smoke on the beach and maybe have sex..or at suck his BBC on the beach....hehehehe. then we are going to fuck for about at least two hours.
Im not staying there but for a day. i have to pick him up and he agreed to come home to South carolina; Spartanburg to do a tattoo party for some of his old friends and girlfriend back home. He will be staying with me...something that he loves to do cuz he loves me and my BBw curvy body and thesexy stuff that i do with my mouth. Eugene will be staying with me for about a week. then he has to go back.

Im trying to think of ways to make him stay a couple more days but he so busy with school, tattooing and business that he nearly gets time to jack off that awesome load of sweet cum out that long ass black cock of his....i love that it my job to drain it dry and fuck his brains out until he goes back to miami.
im excited so much that im texting on here...my pussy is soooooooooooooo wet just thinking about it.

I think i might buy him a whore or ask one of my online girlfriends to come over and play. He loves it when i do that ...he sits back in the recliner and smokes a blunt while sipping on shots of jagger while me and my Gf make out in sexy slutty outfits and high heels and stokes his long ass cock while he passes the blunt around.
i love benign dressed up and sitting at his feet with my GF kissing and making out at his feet. sometimes he puts a collar on me and her which really makes me wet.....ohhhhhhhhhhh.damn.
im soaking wet....
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2 years ago
keep it up pimp!!!
2 years ago
2 years ago
2 years ago
That made me bust a nut! Damn! you are the truth!
2 years ago
Its true, brothaz got it packing. I am white but I'm just not a liar. #truth
2 years ago
your man your pleasure!go have fun!
2 years ago
You go girl! After your party maybe you can tease us with a little story about your fun. You definately my kinda girl. Love the white girls that love BBC.