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Trick for private profiles & caveat utilitor

Someone asked me about this the other day so I thought I'd just put it here.
"caveat utilitor" is latin for 'let the user beware' for those not versed. I.E. this is as much a warning to the unweary than a how to. (some people seem to not understand this so I'll just point it out)

If someone's profile is private you can still see their videos and pictures using a little trick. This will not circumvent passworded or friends only videos! Nor will it let you gain access to their about me, verification photo/video or wall comments.

Step 1.
Copy these to your address bar or middle click to open the hyperlinks in a new tab if you have text2hyperlink active in your browser like me.

PICS --> OR favourites
VIDEOS --> OR favourites

EDIT They finally fixed viewing other people favourite blogs/stories (about time) its still a little bugged as its stuck to one page though :(.

The favourites trick no longer appears to work for favourite videos when people have it set to "Don't Show" i.e. the only them setting. It used to work sometimes but recent evidence suggests this is no longer the case (it appears to always show their video uploads instead). It does still work for any other situation though (such as a private profile or friends only), assuming they have any favourite videos that is.

Step 2.
Copy their xHamster username and paste overtop of 'USERNAME' in the address bar

Step 3.
Press enter

NB: can use this trick for lots of things on the internet (hacking of its lowest form) also you can use other words instead of new (such as rating) to order the galleries or videos by a different method. This will also compact he thumbnails since they wont be new line separated by date.

As Rockbitch said it can also show you their friend lists if you want to see it for some reason:

ALWAYS REMEMBER: If you post something on the internet chances are it's not really private no matter where it is or how you protect it - use common sense or have thick skin.

Update: People have been asking me recently about opening videos that are set to friends only, passworded etc - this will not get around that and it shouldn't either. This method only gets you content that is posted freely on the main page anyway (with the right amount of digging), people have the right to be private if they want to be. Just as there 'walls' are safe from you if you're blocked/private'd - there are a few ways around this but the only people who need this are doing it for unsocial/unwanted purposes. I'm pleased that xhamster introduced such features as friends only and passworded videos as previously there really was no way to do anything remotely private here.

***NEW CAVEAT*** From JuliaOnly

"For Users Who Upload Personal Videos.
I found another flaw in this site. A friend of mine has been uploading personal videos for her closest friends. She set the videos to password only. I don't have the passwords and cannot see them. However, I found quite by accident that in the news feed it had screen shots showing her face. In the news feed it displayed it as a normal video that would run through a series of set shots when you place the cursor over them. This means that any one who had her set to favorites or subscribed to her page could see these screen shots. She has no way of knowing who subscribes to her or not. Blocking is irrelevant. Users cannot stop content from going over the news feed. Content is in the news cycle for a week. You may do what you want with this information. I just thought everyone should know the facts.
PS: This also applies to videos set at friends' only."

I haven't confirmed this phenomenon but I trust its source and its something everybody should be aware of before posting passworded or friends only videos *and photos* - it will only give a few set screen shot small thumbnails. Check your own news feed to get an idea.

Posted by xXxPoistxXx 3 years ago
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1 month ago
Oh man!! this is great stuff thanx for sharing!!! -apocalypsedude.
5 months ago
i can't see videos tagged with "friends only"
5 months ago
any updates?
6 months ago
This is the single most useful tip on this site - and I miss xXxPoistxXx he was such a great guy
7 months ago
7 months ago
7 months ago
http://xhamster . com/user/video/USERNAME/views-1.html
7 months ago USERNAME /views-1.html
8 months ago
Yes, strange but not that important. If you click on the gallery, photo or movie in this favorites you will be asked for the password, so you can only view a thumbnail, but not open the content.
8 months ago
8 months ago
Damn! you found out my tricks LOL Thanks for the tips. :-)
10 months ago
If you favourite someone, their content appears on your newsfeed weather it's password protected or not..
Iv only been on about 27days and experienced this. Added someone who had loads of passworded videos, favourited their profile next thing I know their new private videos are appearing on my newsfeed without a lock, go on their profile and you see the paddle lock.. Very weird!
As for privacy on the net, there is no such thing..
10 months ago
Password videos do not show previews in news feed...
As long as I have been on this site it has never shown anything but a padlock pic.
It might have a long time ago but they would've fixed that problem now
11 months ago
-.- password protected. only friends can view the videos. anyway how i can watch a nonprivate profile with "friends only" on their videos?
1 year ago
Yeah I was gonna ask that too! good thinking.
1 year ago
Thanks for this
1 year ago
1 year ago
intersant bad no piks in profil
1 year ago
Me too.
1 year ago
Is there a way to see private galleries protected with password? Let me know
1 year ago
Hello, Peter:)

Here's an update. It seems that they fixed the friends only glitch.
1 year ago
really need a way to bypass friends only videos, i can easily get in to private profiles using your method, but can't find any way to see friends only vids. this could easily be fixed by just sending a friend request i know, but the videos i want to see is on a profile with maximum unanswered friend requests so apparently it isn't active anymore. in fact i can't even send a friend request because of that
1 year ago
"As Rockbitch said it can also show you their friend lists if you want to see it for some reason:"

like if you really want to "convince" someone that you really can see their private for friend profile. I know had it done to me...and I wasn't aware that they couldn't see it all at the time
1 year ago
i've used this method (independently of this blog) for ages now... surprises me people use the internet all day long and still don't know what a URL is and how to change it! Anyway, just thought i'd point out that the link you want, time and again, is the gallery link (vids or pics) of an open profile. Best not to bother with the favourites as you say. Then, since xhamster was updated with its different tabbed user view, you can scroll through any other available options from there. :) x
1 year ago
working also if "user not found "
1 year ago
love the post
1 year ago
1 year ago
Great trick, thanks!! :)
1 year ago
wow super