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My Friends and a few select others (Sorted Links)


Just putting this together so I can sort out where people belong, easier access of certain friends and also better show who I should maybe remove etc but it may be of use to you too :).
Click on the names to be taken to their respective profile
I have started to full out a short commentary on everyone - will full up over time. Intend to add a section of profiles to 'watch' aswell (subscriptions etc)...
*CP = Content Producer, *NA = No Avatar, *INACTIVE = Profile still up but they haven't been by in a while
If you use this and find a dead link - please tell me.

Crossed out accounts are ones are no longer active that I haven't bothered to remove yet. Information isn't always quite upto date as to do so would be far too time consuming but it should be pretty accurate for the most part.

For any profile that is set to private you can still view non passworded and non 'friends only' uploads; see this blog for more info-->

If you're looking for some recommended profiles to visit take a visit to some of the profiles mentioned in the comments of this blog:


**New and Completely unsorted**

*Just Some Favourites*: (in no particular order and far from complete)
No. 1: Love-Bites xXxPsychoSopranoxXx SpringRolls Cute Funny and Intelligent Girl, Real BTW. Both the best and worst thing that happened to me here - but you will always be in my heart.
Some list related things:
Schonheit all round good guy. Got his own list on his main page have a look :P
PunXXX German: Into Punk scene, Tattoos and Big Ass n' Tits - Has his own user list
also: - has some good profiles if you want some vintage action (well moderated list)
The Rest, in no particular order and hardly complete:
MinxGirl Sari - Author - great stories, give them a read NEED TO READ THE NEW ONES
Ashley1991 Great stories NEED TO READ THE NEW ONES
sin666 Uploads
rbr1965 Great Uploads
OrdinaryAverageGuy **The best commenter on xHamster - original and always amusing**
tcg Noel - Panty Fetish. Bit of every thing related.
Loubelou F - Married/committed ex Dom, funny. have talked some
amykiss , amylicks -Iconic xHamster Memeber- arty/sexy pics
mistermister1000 *some great content - talker too
adel5000 The best story uploader here ever (not his) - has other stuff too
teengirerin One of my all time favourite profiles - bit crazy but fun
fabrice70 Heaps of quality vids
Nikepenis Great profile
Pandoraism - Awesome girl, fun profile...
lilith10 Funny/chat - "MILF" Not a mother (not yet atleast) nor old, but a "Marine I'd Like to Fuck" ;)
nomadman20 Chriss 22 - gayman - chat'er - no personal stuff besides favs on profile though. UPDATE: added some self pics
margarette11 *the rules girls* some great lesbian action and cool person: Cute Fun American-Asian Lesbian
Random00 *INACTIVE F 31 BBW – Talked a bit - legit girls are always nice :P
TessX - verified (not on here) Florida F 19 - slightly of the BBW side of things - have talked on occasion. Female Domination and Girls Feet sum her up
xChinchilla 26 F verified, Cam chat girl - Artist, crazy, fun... got a thing for hands (Marlene)
MissKoolaid Cool girl, talked quite a bit, is a cam model btw
DominaX 26 F Verified - Cool Chick - name says alot, her about me says the rest. Is completely legit - been on cam with her. I wonder how long she'll stay here - guys don't be demanding and rude, you fuk-wits ruin it for everyone else.
scheleman One of the best profiles here (of the arty variety)
WALKINGWITHYOU also see CHENRI both of which are great artistic slated profiles and also AHARDWORLD for, well, you can guess

Not friends but great profiles or ones of interest:
nono1555 Video uploads*** verified man
coroebus Video uploads*** verified man
karcher87 Video uploads*** verified man big in the 'hunting' game too
Uwillcum Video uploads*** Profile devoted to 'women only content'
zebra44bear Video uploads*** Loads of the 'normal' professional type
cireman Video uploads***
khr Video uploads***
cybersexman Uploads (aka CSM)
candyman23 Video uploads***
filmhond Big Lesbian Video Uploads***
waingro cool profile and great pics
hardthing Video uploads*** hardthing2 hardthing3 hardthing4 hardthing5
homegrownvideo *CP Video uploads***
ceintuur Over 500 vids - some great ones
jppy uploads***
fartypants00 vids worth a look (doesn't have friends)
buttersidedown Vintage vids
gerbergrad verified Reviewer (man) profile worth a look
sharkgod99 Some pretty good pics sets
bijubrazil Some pretty good pics sets
rugbyboy75 Video uploads***
sparkyboro Video uploads***
woodman369 Video uploads***
snahbrandy Video uploads***
moz79 Not really my thing - but a good stop for typical mainstream hardcore porn.
metalhell Heaps of content (mostly pro stuff)
nineiron100 A taboo upploader - he must get sick of deletions but some good stuff in there if you like that sort of thing.
doctor84 Lots of upploads some good
Erocus A bit of everything and well worth a look
jimicon Not all that much here but a bit of everything and worth a look - on the amateur side
funnsun2 Dixies Trailer Park Profile
ilygtr Worth checking out - some good galleries
cosmictrick Loads of uploads - quite a blowjob theme running through it
Aldorara Quite a few galleries but none for quite a while
nicolas-c 'the watcher' verfied and reviewer --- heaps of galleies - good looking profile
Toploader All small tits
Anteros A heap of lesbian videos
school5xlx Bit of Lesbian bit of BDSM (mostly spanking)
bananajimi Worth a look
mrfreakyd Heaps of various upload (pics and vids) has a bit of black going on if that's your thing too but really there is all sorts.

capoxhamster - the page where problems and arguments often go.
Grievance-Page - where the same people argue more :P
tonywall a sometimes verified man :P - most prolific reviewer - bit of a blogger and uploader too.
ottmarweisshaupt -into 'cleaning up' xHam, neat profile too

waingro Some good galleries - big commenter and cool page
JDE *verified male worth checkin' out his profile
Darius-is-Back If you ever see the old team around this guy is part of that shit storm :P - Apples!
14nighttripper *verified were friends - apparently he dropped me in a culling - only 7 friends now? Alot of content, some good.
Ediebum *verified Hot Couple -- want to check in on their stuff later
geodei *verified Really cute girl – love her portrait pics - even got a new intro now :P 'just here for the porn and like Asian men' though she was amusing when I messaged her. New account with her partner now - juugatsu9
Tilly01 The biggest collection of hot beach pics anywhere :P - Tried a sneaky fake verification not long ago which I think is funny :P
christianbalerant Jenn - W age ? -I have to go back and watch/look her stuff - nice 'self' profile and blogger etc -ex friend
Nikepenis Couple - Great profile -ex friend
godawgs Friends of 'Seven', 'lilith', and Chris - so he's a talker and obviously respectful. Not bad stuff there either. -ex friend

A few non-friends solely IN the amateur/webcam/hidden cam camp:
pervman147 All webcam vids - stopped now but still up
Webshow4evr Quite a bit uploader of all things amateur
gr3gs55 Quite a bit uploader of all things amateur
somelez Fair bit more mature content than most amateur uploaders
callmeyourfreak Heaps of pics

Just profiles I think are cool but not Friends:
Missy12 *weekly questions girl*
GOTHIKANGEL Great galleries - and overall great profile

Some of the Artier Profiles:
Non Friends: (first few are the better ones)
ANA_ISABEL and Testbild
redsnapper921 the MMMMM series
Summerlove Haven't actually checked this profile out but looks interesting
SYLVIANA Self arty shots :P
pervychops some galleries art so much...
girl2watch4 She came, She left ... but here stuff is still there :P
moshe40 - who has now gone batty over 'teenOliva' a fairly famous girl in the tribute circles of xHamster
Albaa Self Art
OF NOTE: Chloe-Olivia - has some good B&W's but you would have seen many before - however love the fav vid picks too.
amykiss and amylicks
Coraline_ Emma 20, An interesting profile of an interesting girl (artistic slant) - pay a visit

marbaltico quite a few uploads (titles in spanish)
stanlok Taboo stories...
Acebottom Taboo stories...

**All Friends by M or F/C and by verified/unverified**

Fellow Verified Friends: NB: not all are currently but have been, here or by me

madamem Great Singer!! aka OralLovinChick
_smiley_ Just take a look - obvious what its about when you get there
lexystar (used to be lexy20)- Cam Girl - Fun person to chat with when she's not 'working it' :P
iceyblueheart - Mature Kiwi Women, friendly and great person
BigSquirt4You - Cam Girl - name says it all :P - Gorgeous Athletic Body.
Nimphomaniac -Cam Girl - 25 (no squirt, no ass, no orders) - Great Fun
MissKoolaid - Cam Girl - Cool girl, talked quite a bit off cam
wicked_cool_cpl semi mature couple with pics+vids
microbikinibabe Just a cute exhibitionist profile worth a check out
sandm Couple - lots of 'self' content
MadBlanket Camille Crimson 36 - full time porn model and webmaster. Vids Specialising in blowjobs.
SM_65 - close enough
Cassy6988 Canadian BBW and proud :P
PeachySweet -self pics *Been meaning to visit and comment etc never got around to it - Not verified here - but is legit so I chucked in here anyway
ehwaz -haven't actually had alook around her profile yet
margarette11 *the rules girls* some great lesbian action and cool person: Cute Fun American-Asian Lesbian
laurenaiken Apparently disappeared-update back- Good looking couple
cutecpl77 Amature Indian Couple - their own content - only accept verifieds
Pandoraism - Awesome girl, fun profile and very cute. <-- after a hard year now happy back in the real world and has largely left this place - Good luck Dora
hotsilvia Italian 22yo women - wants tributes - a fairly big collection of self vids and pics
Ladysweetsin 'large' latino - some good favs
Hadesfrates Verified couple - longish time users with a fair amount of self content - want me to take a look at their stuff when I find the time.
Random00 F 31 BBW – Talked a little bit
TessX - verified (not on here) Florida F 19 - slightly of the BBW side of things - have talked on occasion. Female Domination and Girls Feet sum her up
Loubelou F - Married/committed ex Dom, have talked some
julieskyhighheels *The prettiest pussy on xHam (wants fan tributes if you're into that) Vid Verified
Raelynn Verified W Raelynn - Doesn't want pestered by guys leaving messages - fair enough too.
xChinchilla 26 F verified, Cam chat girl - Artist, crazy, fun... got a thing for hands (Marlene)
DominaX 26 F Verified - Cool Chick - name says alot, her about me says the rest. Is completely legit.
MusicalDark F - cool blog of a sensual poetic twist

ganjaaa Darth Vadar - Reveiwer
alonedark0 Not a bad profile - take a look
tc500red older man - long time member
frankgeil 37 M - profile has stuff but not my style
reacto White American Man - pretty complete profile with posts of all types ...
longdikrasc David 37 "Horny Hung Bi Top lookin for tight asses to rim on camera" - self content mostly
qs640 50 yo male - large collection of favourites
smartnsexy *NA *Pro teeny photos galleries - large slant towards teeny and BDSM in favourites
nola_male4fun *some great galleries +other stuff
57chevy 46o Pennsylvanian Man
tcg - Awesome stuff , Panty Fetish.
johnio -Lesbian Porn Lover -Particularly JO (uploaded quite a few HQ vids)
HungryBoy *still hungry*
matthewr large 35 white male form wales - apparently sick of here - hasn't left as of writing his though
Sumguy2021 27yo Portland guy
netvideogirls *CP content
BellDonn AKA Brock Peters - Big Black Dude
cranfordmason worth a look *not verified anymore*
wolfboy1984 Favourite Bi Man
uzmeplz -BDSM style uploads -Submissive 49yo white man
Cake_and_Sodomy - you would have seen him around I'm sure - that flashing avatar stands out from a mile away :P
unschuldsblondie ALOT of content, some great stuff and nice guy --- GONE --- search 'USB' for uploads
_munt_ Fellow NZ'r - Loves his hardcore anal and deepthroat (i.e. we don't share tastes)
belgrath99 41yo man from Arizona - Preggers fetish but has other content too
skywalker7 Just a guy - fairly empty profile as of sept. 2011
KnightedArmor NY Black Guy -Level headed, quite a few self pics
Schonheit all round good guy.
etherphone CJ - 39; Not my usual accept but verified..
schipp Middle aged Minnesota man
bac32 Verified 33 yo Gay Man from Brazil
rionmoon Verified Reviewer M 42 - Great profile (that is also not gif overloaded) Uploads and pics - not really me but whatever.
atheistyfour20 Ex verified 420 rebel :P - now just here to chat apparently - Nice Guy, young, bit of a gamer, no longer a virgin :P.
[user]K2k**[/user] 19 M Verified Klevis - Cute bi londonite
jogj0308 Jens, M, 72 Verified - some good uploads


GretchenChristine Number of uploads
PicciTua1 Some good pics and favourites
breawhite13 - Um... Lots of lesbian favourites
anna74 - Anna 38 - Interesting person
JerseyBean - Of the Artistic variatie, French Mature Women
Coraline_ Emma 20, An interesting profile of an interesting girl (artistic slant) - pay a visit
Goldicocks Not actually sure why I added this profile **
chrismaevansxxx Wants tributes according to her profile so 'apparent' self pics though she invited me about a video and we talk abit about random stuff
Kate511 Pretty good favourites and a few uploads of 'her' own
hotbiblonde umm a few stories and fav videos from a bi girl
kellykins2u Kelly - Great profile, seems like a pretty cool person
chailleann A taste for the more erotic, a writer too!
gynger Um new - not my usual add but have talked alittle -- to be honest I don't know anything about her(or him?) - pretty good taste though :P
Dark_Witch AKA Nova, 'Prefers Women' - Cool page, cool person.
virgin_girl Amber - Don't remember anything about his profile? Probably a blind add by me but I want to read the story sometime...
xSchwarzKatzchen :P I don't remember ever seeing this profile? - not bad favs though
xXMetaLGirLXx Rebecca - name says alot - cute photos too.
midnightinferno Not my usual accept in terms of profile but wrote me a PM first. Don't really know anything about her.
MinxGirl Sari - Author - great stories, give them a read
felonybees **A VINTAGE PLACE** has a blog of other good vintage uploaders
Ruseful2011 *CP Probably the best one and
d0llygirl Only fav videos but a great selection - a strong 'daddy' or 'teacher' (ie RP older men with younger girls) theme with an undertone of 'f***ed' throughout.
lilith10 Funny/chat - "MILF" Not a mother (not yet atleast) nor old, but a "Marine I'd Like to Fuck" ;)
Haruhi2 -Irish girl - talked some, "Tribute lover", studying towards a degree in computers (software)
vovaana pics and vids
Alared Nice person - 50 F. Has written some stories that I liked
keenta couple - have various vids and pics
sweet18 Leanne - A flirty chatter - on MSN and here - how real I have no idea but I have my doubts
amykiss and amylicks Great arty profiles
diana Older women - ex model - some pics - some good favs too
RiBBoN couple - not bad content
inokwe Fellow NZ'r and some hot pics - has a 'complete' profile
teengirerin One of my all time favourite profiles
jnbrown62 tribute fan - a fair few 'self' pics and vids
tanom81 Couple - lots of self pics - favs not really my thing but hey they might be yours :P
Hottub_Couple_69 semi mature couple - pics and vids + want tributes
tehcheezy Izzy - wants tributes, lots of self pics
saskiaaaa Pics and vids
ruffredmuff some stories and favs videos
homepornbay *CP - good stuff
Ashley1991 Great stories
c1r1g1 *some good galleries
daniel21_at *INACTIVE *Pics and Vids
Sedatives *Exhibitionist and tributor and has galleries of a 'facebook' nature
ashleyslut *self pics/vid - likes tributes
beccajane *self pics/vid and some stories
silhouette Hot couple with vids/pics
Polarity *just a great profile with plenty of uploads
randimac *some great galleries and favs of the 'teeny' variety
miniboobs *great galleries PLus I love me some small boobs too :P
downblouse Lots of pics/vid of mature wife/couple
Dechrom *good pics and vids
SniffyPanty *Bianca panty related 'fun' - some good vids and pic - sells stuff
kuntsusan *some cool galleries and favs
tattedgrl *lots of personal self pics -
byanna *Vids/Pics and German Stories worth a look


mojitogNumber of uploads
ticettac Number of uploads
Parzivale Talked some - sent him a private vid
Trent_Marcel - One of the good guys
subwayff - Kyle 27 USA - Commented first a few times, besides that favs of an amature nature
abby_normal - M Just an alright profile
igip Empty profile - but quite a few favs that suit my taste
halogen858 "bending time and space since 1976" - not much here but quite a number of favourites - pictures are more my style than the vids
denimskirtlover Name says it all
FleshlightMiskolc Name says it all
SS_rules Young guy - sub , panty fetish
webdance Name says it all - uploader
traviscut Cam watcher - got some favorites not actually sure why I added him **
kabalxoo Funny page and a good uploader
youngpharisee A few pic and vids - not all that much to see
qknd Quality profile, quality friends, reviewer too
scheleman One of the best profiles here (of the arty variety)
PunXXX German: Into Punk scene, Tattoos and Big Ass n' Tits - Has his own user list
Joymii *CP - for the more sensual and erotic
cumming-on great video uploads
jon18 *INACTIVE I love his video uploads
PureCoffee Story Poster - few pics and favs too
sammyjoe64 Good set of favs - really is nothing else about this profile.
popol28 Varied and good photo sets
JD20 Has put some effort into organising favs - didn't really look but applaud the effort
riobamba 'complete' profile, not particularly me but worth a look
howdytex some apparent self films\pics with wife plus alittle other stuff
theapp Bi guy -Must have been quality favs there for why I accepted and not much else there and I don't rememebr talking.
bw1961 'cock avatar' with a panty fetish - He has good favs though and asked politely.
stebbz Quality profile with a twist towards ama and sudo ama
WALKINGWITHYOU also see CHENRI both of which are great artistic slated profiles and also AHARDWORLD for, well, you can guess
mrbuck A great page and uploads - no particular style but there is a 'new vintage' and hairy influence running through it.
billstew 37 yo guy - likes to talk about non-porn related things that are affecting the world or whatever and wants to move to Austr

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5 months ago
I re-posted this blog because it has some great profiles to visit, those that are still active, which is quite a number of them.
1 year ago
Thats right, I've heard of your name just today and you are almost as long on this site than I am :)
1 year ago
Ha - yeah well hard to add people I've never came across before :).
1 year ago
Perfect list although I didn't get my name on your list :D
1 year ago
I'm one of the worst things that's happened to you on here?
1 year ago
Saved the list for future reference. Thanks a lot for your time and effort. Have fun :-)
2 years ago
Unmemorable! *sobbing* I don't talk much... I am here for zee porn!
2 years ago
wow, i made the list! very flattered! and you can always msg me anytime sweety :) *muah*
2 years ago
cool blog!
2 years ago
I think I already mentioned in private I thought it was awesome I was on your list. But I just wanted to say this is impressive how you put this together. I have to say this is probably the coolest read I have had on xhamster.
2 years ago
wow!amazing job peter!honored to be on the list!:)
and thanks for the review!
keep up the good work buddy!
3 years ago
This looks like a hell lot of work! Really useful. Thx for sharing!
3 years ago
What a Fantastic you very much!
3 years ago
Hahaha! Thanks for honoring my request!
3 years ago
I love this list. Beautifully organized. I'm impressed. However, under my name, could you also add the term "MILF" to the list? I'm not a mother (yet) nor do I consider myself old, but I am a "Marine I'd Like to Fuck" in man people's eyes. Just a suggestion ; )
3 years ago
great, and thanx 4 the mention
3 years ago
Man, you have great ideas how to organize stuff ...
I have loads of catching up to do :(
3 years ago
nice work on your list... maybe one day we'll be on there too ツ feel free to send us an invite, i'd send you one but you don't have your invites
3 years ago
nice blog, my fellow list maker haha
I had every intention to do the same from my friend/subscriptions but for some reason I always get too distracted :)
Thanks for your work!
3 years ago
I didn't make anything..not even a nice person. :(
3 years ago
I have to say i'm disappointed...

Only 2nd on your 'select favourites' list? I need to try harder obviously.
3 years ago
Hey Thanks for putting me on the chat friends list !! i appreciate it man!
3 years ago
whr is our profile ID in this list..... lol