A Chubby Shy Girl I Fucked (True Story)

A true story of mine about a sexy chubby girl I fucked named Amber

When I moved from a small town up too college to me it was as good as it got. I moved into an apartment complex into my own place and my best friend from high school moved into an apartment a couple floors up. We went to school for the day and when we got home we quickly began partying. We made a lot of friends so our parties were usually pretty big packed into our small apartments. I met a lot of girls some of which I slept with but never saw again after but there was one girl I met one night named Amber who had just turned nineteen and I just hit it off with her. Amber was there with a friend and I could quickly tell she was a very shy girl. I spent most of the party on the couch talking to her and was sure I wanted to date her and thought she did too but she told me she wasn't ready to begin dating yet because she also had to just moved up to go to college and wanted to get settled. Amber and I had a lot in common never really having much friends in high school and just kept to our self's but like I said as much as I think we both wanted to date I was sure I was in the "Friend Zone"

Amber would come over to my place a lot and just talk about stuff for hours on end until she left. She could talk to me for hours with no problems but as soon as we got around other people she got shy and clammed up. Months went by until one night we had a party with not very many people. Everyone left and we sat on the couch watching T.V together quietly until she scooted over to me pressing her body against mine and put her head on my shoulder. I was kinda in shock because this was first un shy thing she had done since I knew her. I turned my head to look as her when suddenly she put her lips on mine and began kissing me. I felt her tongue slide into my mouth as she kissed me almost angry. Her hands went onto my legs as she rubbed her tongue onto mine as I felt my dick hardening in my jeans. She continued making out with me as she began to moan when suddenly I felt her hand rubbing my thigh getting closer and closer to my hard dick but not grabbing it. I figured she was again to shy to so I gently grabbed her hand placing it on my cock over my jeans.

She moaned gripping it tightly and began rubbing it. Amber continued rubbing it until it throbbed pressing against my jeans. I reached down undoing the button and then unzipped them providing some relief when she reached into my boxers and pulled it out. She started stroking it while cupping my balls with her hand when she quickly stood up grabbing a pillow from the couch and threw it to the floor between my legs. Amber stood up placing her hands on my knees as she lowered herself onto the pillow. She pulled my jeans and boxers off tossing them aside before quickly grabbing onto my cock stroking it a few times before she leaned forward and planted a kiss on the tip before letting it slide past her lips into her mouth. I groaned loudly feeling her tongue circling my shaft over and over in her mouth. She began sucking me slowly her mouth very warm and wet. I gripped onto the couch as it felt better than any blow job I had ever gotten. She looked up at me as she slowly slid every every inch into her mouth deep throating me. She pulled my cock out only to spit on it before sucking it again. She lifted her shirt and bra exposing her large tits and placed my cock between them pressing them together and slid her body up and down.

I tit fucked her as she moaned until she stopped, stood up and walked towards the bedroom. I followed her in pulling my shirt off as she removed her cloths and laid naked on the bed. I crawled onto the bed opening her legs and began kissing her pussy and then slid my tongue up and down her wet lips like a paint brush. Amber's body quivered as she grabbed her tits and moaned as I worked her pussy in my mouth sucking on her lips and tiny clit until I heard her whisper "Fuck me" as she moaned with her eyes closed. I knelt between her legs and started rubbing the tip of my cock up and down on her pussy making her squirm until I grabbed my shaft and slid it into her. I groaned as she was very wet and so tight. Her back arched slightly and she whimpered loudly "Go slow" I very slowly inched my cock into her listening to her whimper and squirm with every inch. I leaned forward and began sucking on her tits as I drove my cock into her listening to her moan and squeal. She put her hands on my ass "Fuck me" she begged as I started driving my cock into her harder and faster until she put her hand on my chest and squealed "I'm gonna cum"

I grabbed onto her large hips and began fucking her as fast as I could as I stared at her watching her eyes roll back as she began panting faster and faster until her back arched and she was quiet for only a second before she screamed "Oh Fuck!". I felt her pussy burst all over my cock as she laid on the bed her body quivering as she panted heavily. I put my hand on her hip turning her onto her stomach and pulled her ass into the air. I jammed my cock back into her grabbing onto her ass and began fucking her as hard as I could as she moaned "Oh god!" over and over until I felt my cock was ready to burst. I reached out grabbing onto a handful of her hair and rammed her as hard as I could until I thrusted three more times and on the third held it deep as I filled her pussy with my load. She fell to her stomach moaning and shaking as I watched the cum start to run out of her and onto the bed. I slapped her on the ass as she slowly got up her knees shaking and took a shower. I fucked Amber a couple more times before she ended up dropping out of college and moved back home.
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9 months ago
Good Story and great pics hope they were of her tits. very NICE.
9 months ago
nice..love real stories
9 months ago
Good story love it
9 months ago
Damn - wish I knew Amber - she would be a hot horny fuck
9 months ago
She sounds like a hot fuck.
9 months ago
Good story