My time at high school and my history teacher

I am pretty sure I am the only one that misses there high school days , granted they (for me) were only a year ago but still. If you’ve seen my pictures you’ll see why I was popular with the biys. Now a, all my school uniform was a white shirt , tie and a skirt (for nthe girls only that would just be creepy)and I would never wear underwear so the boys opposite me saw my pussy and ass under my skirt , then during break and lunch I would pull random boys into the toilets and make them pay about £5 to make me strip by the end of the year I had over £1000 . This carried on for about 14 months.

When my history teacher overheard some boys talking about me and what happened he came over to my house to talk about what happened , since my parents were still at work , we sat on the sofa and he said what I was doing was wrong and wads position, I noticed imp glancing down had my chest and realised my nipples were showing through my tank top and his crotch was starting to bulge. I pulled the straps off my shoulders and pulled the top down to reveal my bear breast . I could see his cock trying to rip out his trousers so I reached over to zip them down , He reached over to stop me taking his cock out but I grabbed it and placed it on my ass , which I was only wearing a pair of booty shorts. I pulled his cock out and wanked him off and he rubbed my ass and pussy until we both cummed. After a little breather he took all his clothes off and I took mine off , he stood up I put my arms around his neck and jumped up , propping myself on his cock .

I started gyrating as he walked to my room trying so hard not to just slam me against the wall and fuck me there. When he opened my bedroom door he rushed to my bed and flopped me on to it and furiously pounded his huge 8inch cock in my 17 yo pussy. After about 2 hours of fucking , blowjobs , hand jobs and anal my parents got home and my teacher quickly ran out via my bedroom window.

The next day at school he greeted me with a wink and gave me my homework jotter. I was horrible at history so all my previous homework’s were C and Ds but this one was an A+ (which was odd as I had missed questions out) and beside it was a note saying "keep up the good work , see me at lunch for an award".[user][/user]
92% (32/3)
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9 months ago
GREAT story!!!
1 year ago
Nice tricky :)
2 years ago
such a naughty turn on what a lucky teacher and all the boys at your school
2 years ago
great story
2 years ago
nice story, but I think the education system failed you miserably. Your spelling skills < pile of shit.
2 years ago
such a sexy slut
2 years ago
Would have been nice if it was a female teacher. It would have been a lot more tender and true to life (well, as denoted by your profile :P).
2 years ago
Ohhhhh yeeeaaahhh!!!! Mmmmm... can only imagine
2 years ago
2 years ago
if only i could have been a boy in ur high school we would have had so much fun!