Fooling Around With Step Son (True)

When I first met Kevin I noticed right away he was a quiet, keep to himself kind of guy. He was nineteen when I met him and as much as I tried to get to know him I think it was just too weird to him having another guy in the house who was not his dad. Months went by of me trying to bond with him but nothing happened until one night while his mom and s****r were out visiting his grandma in another town we bonded. I was sitting on the couch having a drink watching music videos when he came out and said he liked the song that was on T.V and he sat down and we started talking. We both realized we had a lot of the same interests and talked for hours. The conversation was just a plain one until Kevin said "You know I can hear you and mom doing it at night"."Sorry about that" I laughed "It's all good". "Well if it makes you feel any better one day I was walking by your room and saw you jerking off". "Sorry" he laughed."You trying to watch or what?" "Oh yeah of course" said sarcastically "Well to be honest I am Bi" I told him.

Kevin smirked "Really?" as I nodded. "Well I'm not but if I ever need a blowjob I'll let you know". he said jokingly. "You do have a pretty nice dick" I told him as he nodded "Thanks". "Id suck you if you asked" I told him not sure what his response would be. "Really?" he asked. There was silence for a second when Kevin reached into his shorts and pulled out his dick laying it on his shorts. "There you go" he said with a grin like he was calling my bluff. I reached over and grabbed onto it and stroked it a couple times as pre cum leaked from the tip. "Suck it" he whispered as I leaned over on the couch and put the tip to my lips and let it slide into my mouth. "Fuck yeah" Kevin moaned gently thrusting his hips upwards. "Suck my cock" he groaned as I felt it throbbing in my mouth. I could taste the saltiness of his pre cum as I sucked him. I pulled it from my mouth and licked the length of his shaft over and over again before sliding it back into my mouth. "Fuck that feels good" he groaned as I rubbed his balls while taking most of his cock into my mouth. I had never been so turned on sucking his big cock when I felt him put his hand on my head and gently start pushing my head down onto it.

"Take it all" he groaned as I tried to take it all into my mouth but gagged. "Yeah" Kevin moaned with a smirk as I tried again and gagged again. "Fuck you got me hard" he groaned as I continued sucking fast and hard my saliva coating his cock. "I wanna fuck your mouth" he said holding my head still and began thrusting his dick into my mouth hard. "You like sucking my cock?" he groaned as I muttered yes as he drilled his dick into my mouth. "I'm gonna cum" he groaned as I grabbed his shaft and sucked him as fast as I could until his legs started shaking and he growled "FUCK!" as I felt stream after stream of his thick load filling my mouth. "God damn" he groaned as I sat up swallowing his cum. "Thanks" he said tucking his cock back in his shorts before he got up and went to his room. I sat there still tasting his cum my cock hard as a rock. A couple days later I was on the couch when Kevin asked if I wanted to do for a car ride with him to run to the store. I agreed and we hopped into his car and headed off. We were on the freeway listening to music when Kevin asked "You wanna suck my dick?". "Sure" I said as he reached down pulling it out as I leaned over in the seat and took it into my mouth. "Fuck yeah suck it" he groaned with one hand on the wheel and the other on my head.

I sucked his throbbing cock until he groaned "Here it comes" I put my head down on his cock as far as I could as he blew his load down my throat making me gag. I sat up swallowing it as Kevin grinned "Damn that was good". I grinned "I would love to have your dick in me" I said as Kevin smiled "I bet". Later that day my ex wife was in the living room watching T.V while Kevin made dinner in the kitchen which was just behind the couch on the other side of the wall that divided the two rooms. I walked in the kitchen to grab something to drink as Kevin stood by the stove "Hey" he whispered. I looked at him as he peeked around the wall making sure his mom was still sitting before he pulled out his cock. I looked around the corner as well before I squatted down and started sucking him. "Hows it looking?" His mom asked "Good he said, I got it handled". Kevin pushed my head down on his cock when suddenly we heard his mom get up as I quickly stood and Kevin tucked his cock back into his shorts. Later that night it was just Kevin and I in the house as his mom and s****r were working. I got into the shower when I heard the bathroom door open and close. I opened the curtain and saw Kevin pulling off his cloths before getting in the shower with me.

I wasted no time kneeling down and started to suck his cock. "You love sucking my dick don't you?" he asked as I licked his shaft and balls. "Stand up" he said as I slowly got up "Turn around" he said with a grin. I turned feeling his hand on my back and I bent over grabbing onto the shower faucet. I looked back watching him lube his cock and grabbing onto it before guided it to my asshole. I braced as Kevin shoved hard and I groaned loud feeling it slide into me. "Fuck yeah" he grunted as he grabbed my hips and began fucking me long and deep. "Fuck me" I begged feeling the water hitting my back and his big cock stretching my ass. "You like that?" "Yes" I groaned as he pounded my ass until suddenly he moaned "On your knees". I turned and dropped down as he stroked his cock until it exploded onto my face. "Fuck yeah" Kevin said as I reached down feeling my stretched asshole. Kevin shook his cock getting ever drop of cum on my face before he got out of the shower.

Those were just some of the experiences between Kevin and me. Let me know if you wanna know more.

Hope you enjoyed.

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22 days ago
great! yes more please. a switch that the son is the top
3 months ago
4 months ago
is the pic of you, or kevin
4 months ago
I Loved being molested two to three times a week, by an Older Man as I was growing up, not to mention the feel good times with my Mom and Grandma too... I needed a step-Father like you when I was growing up:
I LIKE that Picture of Keven's young teen Cock... I gotta go read Part 2 now!
5 months ago
How many other cocks have you sucked and taken in your ass? Write about them next...:)
5 months ago
tell us more
5 months ago
so fantastic so erotic you love cock has much has I do would love to read more of your expecienses with Kevin
6 months ago
I need more that was so damn hot and had me so fucking hard
6 months ago
I fucking loved this !!!
6 months ago
That was insane! Not sure if I could ve done that but the story got me wondering. It would have to be spur of the moment
6 months ago
hot story