A Buddy And Me Fucking A 1st Time Twink (True)

When I first moved to college with my friend Brent we ended up living in the same apartment building which was nice cause we partied all the time and very quickly got to know most of the other people in the building who were also going to school. The first year was amazing and then most of the building ended up moving out because they had graduated and the new students moved in. It was nice getting to meet new girls and guys every year when the old ones moved out. Brent and I's apartments became the places to hang out and party and most people flocked to us because we were different. We were the only ones in the building with tattoos and piercings and we partied hard all the time and just had fun. Well at one party Brent and I met a guy named Steven (Pic above). He was a emo type k** who was quiet telling us he was from a smaller farm town. As the days passed Steven hung out with Brent and I all the time almost to the point of stalking. He would go to one of our apartments everyday and hang out with one or both of us. Brent and I thought it was weird but we felt for the k** because he said he didn't have many friends in school just like Brent and I.

Brent and I tried to get Steven a girlfriend because he was to shy to do it himself and we thought if he had a girl he was not have to hang around us all the time but as many girls who said he was cute and would date him he never went for it. One night Brent and I were sitting at his apartment having some beers and listening to music when Steven showed up. We all sat and talked when Brent asked Steven why he wasn't trying to date any of the girls we had picked out for him. I got up to get another beer when I heard Steven answer "Well the truth is in high school I found out I was gay". I was stunned but it made sense once I thought about it "You serious?" Brent asked him. Steven nodded and asked "Your not gonna freak out?". I laughed walking back into the living room "We know gay people, we don't care". Steven smirked and sighed in relief as Brent asked "You ever do anything with a guy?" Steven said no because he was always too scared to tell people and that he only told us because he trusted us.

"That's cool" I told him as we sat silently not sure really where to go from there. "Is there any guys in the building you wanna do stuff with?" Brent asked him as Steven took a drink "Well like I said I only trust you guys". He didn't come right out and say it but Brent and I both knew what that meant. Now Brent and I were both Bi but we had never done anything together because we didn't wanna make things weird between us and it wasn't like we were doing things with guys all the time it was a really rare thing. "You wanna do stuff with us?" I asked him as Steven didn't say anything but nodded. I looked at Brent who had a grin on his face and shrugged. I was sitting in the recliner and Steven was sitting on the opposite end of the couch from Brent. There was another silence when Brent got up and turned off the lights and turned on the purple colored lights he had strung from the walls and black lights which lit the apartment. Brent sat back down but before he did he pulled down his shorts and boxers exposing his dick which is nine inches and thick. He sat on the couch and started rubbing and stroking his dick before looking at Steven "Here ya go".

Steven smirked and got up walking over to Brent and slowly got down on his knees. He grabbed onto Brent's dick and stroked it a couple times and then licked his shaft over and over before taking it into his mouth. "Damn" Brent groaned as he took a sip from his beer. My dick hardened watching Steven suck him as I stood and pulled off my shorts and boxers and sat back down and started stroking as I watched. "Suck that dick" Brent groaned as Steven got really into it sucking him hard before pulling his dick from his mouth and started licking his large balls. Brent looked at me and nodded towards the couch as I got up and walked over to him and sat down. "Suck my dick" I told him as Steven scooted over and took my cock into his warm, wet mouth. He reached over and started stroking Brent as he sucked me. I put my hand on the back of his head gently pushing it onto my cock "You like that?" Brent asked him as Steven muttered "Yes" with a mouthful of cock. Steven went back and fourth sucking Brent and I until Brent got up and went into his bedroom and grabbed some lube. Steven sucked my cock hard his saliva dripping from my cock and his mouth.

Brent came back into the living room and stood behind Steven "On your hands and knees" he told him as Steven adjusted onto all fours. I shoved my cock back into his mouth as Brent got onto his knees and pulled down Stevens shorts exposing his ass. I watched Brent lube up his cock and start rubbing it on Steven's asshole. "You want it?" He asked as Steven muttered "Yes". Brent grabbed his cock putting the tip to his asshole and as he started to shove Steven moaned and his body began trying to move forward until Steven's eyes clinched and he whimpered loudly as Brent's cock slid into him."God damn" Brent groaned as Stevens body began shaking as Brent inched his cock into him. "You like that?" I asked him keeping my cock in his mouth as he just whimpered loudly as his eyes watered. "Fuck him" I told Brent as he grabbed his hips and began fucking him slowly. Steven moaned loud his body lunging forward with every hard thrust. "Take my cock" Brent growled fucking him a little faster. Steven reached back putting his hand on Brent's leg trying to get him to slow as Brent quickly grabbed his hands and pinned them to his back and continued fucking him long and hard.

"I think he likes it" I grinned as I started thrusting my cock into Steven's mouth. Brent pulled out "I don't wanna cum yet" he said as he got up and sat on the couch as I took his place behind Steven. I lubed my cock and shoved it into him making him whimpered loud as he sucked Brent. I gripped his hips tight and started pounding him hard and deep. Steven took Brent's cock from his mouth "Fuck" he whimpered putting his head on the couch. "Don't stop sucking" Brent told him shoving his cock back in his mouth. "Were gonna tear your ass up" I groaned as I fucked him as hard and as deep as I could before pulling out looking at his gaping asshole. Brent and I took turns fucking Steven's ass as he sucked the other one until Brent said "Lets go to the bedroom". We went in and all three of us pulled our shirts off and Brent laid on the bed. He had Steven lay on top of him on him his back and slid his cock back into his ass as I knelt at Brent's legs and lubed my cock and started sliding it into his ass along with Brent's cock as Brent held Stevens legs open. I shoved a little and it slid in making Steven's body jumped and he screamed as he took both of our cocks in his ass.

I grabbed Stevens cock and started stoking it as we fucked him and it didn't take long before he came and came hard. His cum shot into the air and down onto his stomach until one at a time Brent and I both came in his ass. Steven fell to the bed on his stomach moaning and panting as Brent and I got up and looked at his asshole which was extremely gaping and watched as our loads started to run out of him. Brent told him he could use the shower as we went into the living room and sat down. "I don't think he was expecting that" Brent laughed as I shook my head "I think he enjoyed it". Steven came out after showering and sat down gently "How ya doing?" Brent asked "My ass hurts like a bitch" Steven grinned. "Did you like it?" I asked him "Very much" he said. "Maybe we will have to do this again sometime" Brent said as Steven nodded "For sure". We watched a movie and by the time it was over Steven was on his knees sucking out cocks again.

This is a true story, Hope you all enjoyed

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very HOT
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so fucking hot wish I had friends you you guys