A Sisters Love

My name is Tracy and I am eighteen years old. I live with my mom, dad and s****r Tori in a pretty nice house in a small town. My mom and dad work a lot so we can afford to have the nice house and all of the nice stuff we have. That usually leaves me at home with Tori for most of the day which I don't mind at all because we have always been more then s****rs more like best friends. People can easily tell Tori and I are related because we both have blonde hair and blue eyes which we got from our mom. Tori is sixteen years old and had an amazing personality. She is adventurous and has a ton of energy so we are usually running all over the house. Usually when mom and dad are gone we are sitting in my room listening to music and talking about stuff. One night Tori begged me to do her hair so I put on some music and began playing with her hair as she sang along with the music. We both decided we wanted pizza for dinner so I went downstairs to order one and when I went back to my room Tori was standing in front of my dresser with the top drawer open and she was holding my dildo which was purple and shaped like a dick. "Nice" Tori grinned holding it up as I squealed "Tori!" and quickly tried to grab it as she jumped on my bed trying to play keep away. I finally got it and put it back in my dresser and continued doing her hair. Tori sat grinning when the questions started "Where did you get it?". A store I told her "Do you use it?" what do you think.

"Does mom know you have it?" No Tori she doesn't. "Does it feel good?" Tori! I snapped that's enough about it. She giggled as I continued doing her hair surprisingly she stopped asking. We ate pizza and later went to bed when I woke up having to use the bathroom. I got up and walked down the hall to the bathroom and as I passed Tori's room I opened her door to check on her and what I saw made me stand dead in my tracks. Tori was laying on her bed with her legs open and was sliding my dildo in and out of her while moaning softly. I didn't know what to do or say thinking she must have snuck in my room and grabbed it when she quickly turned her head seeing me standing there. She pulled it out and closed her legs "Sorry" she quickly said with a grin. "Are you serious?" I asked her. "Sorry but I wanted to try it". I sat on the side of the bed "Tori you are crazy you know that?" "Thanks s*s" she said with a smile. "You know I have used that?" I asked as she grinned "I know". "Can I just keep it until tomorrow?" she asked. At this point I don't know if I wanted it back. "You at least should have asked" I told her. "Oh you liked catching me didn't you perv" she laughed as I stood up and scoffed "I'm a perv!?". "Yup" she said. "You can watch" she said innocently opening her legs and began rubbing her pussy with a big grin on her face.

"You wanna be a big girl?" I asked as she snapped "I am a big girl". I quickly pulled off my underwear and top standing in front of her naked. "See..Perv" she said. I quickly got onto the bed and climbed onto her until we were face to face. I think I was just trying to weird her out when suddenly she leaned forward and kissed me and quickly put her hands on my boobs. My body quivered as she squeezed them as I began kissing her back our tongues sliding into each others mouths. She sat back and I moved down and started kissing and sucking on her tiny pink nipples. Tori moaned as I sucked them feeling them harden in my mouth. I slowly kissed down her stomach "That tickles" she laughed. I opened her legs wide and leaned down putting my mouth on her pussy which was already wet. Tori giggled and then moaned as I slid my tongue between her lips and onto her clit. "That feels good" she moaned as I held her legs open eating her out as her body shook. I crawled back up to her face and kissed her letting her taste her juices on my lips. "You wanna eat my pussy?" I asked as she smiled and nodded. I laid on the bed as she laid on top of me now. She quickly began kissing my boobs making my body shake I put my hand on her head and gently started pushing it down "Eat my pussy" I moaned.

I leaned my head back and moaned as I felt her tiny mouth on me. She licked up and down slowly using her tongue like a paint brush. "Tori that feels good" I moaned as she looked up at me grinning and then went back to eating me out. I put my hand on her head and began grinding my pussy on her mouth. "You taste good" she whispered and continued eating me out until suddenly I felt her slide a finger into me. My body jumped and I squealed as she looked at me grinning "You like that". I nodded biting my lip as she fingered me while sucking my clit. She pulled her finger out and put it in her mouth sucking it while looking at me. Tori reached out and grabbed the dildo putting it in her mouth sucking it for a second until she laid back on her stomach. She put the tip of it on my pussy and slowly slid it into me. I moaned loudly as she started fucking me with it "Fuck me" I whimpered as she started doing it faster "I'm gonna cum" I moaned as she rubbed my clit while fucking me until my body jumped and I screamed as I came. "Mmmm" Tori moaned with a smile as she pulled the dildo and out sucked it as I laid moaning and panting on the bed. "My turn" she said with excitement as I got up and put her on all fours bent over on the bed. I squeezed her ass as she looked back grinning. I rubbed the dildo on her pussy a couple times and slid it into her from behind.

Tori moaned loudly "Fuck me" as I began fucking her fast while I leaned down and began licking her tiny asshole. Tori moaned louder as I fucked her and ate her ass. "Don't stop" she whimpered as I sat up and with my other hand slid my index finger into her ass. Tori jumped and squealed looking back at me with her mouth open. "You like that?" I asked as she moaned "Yes!". I fingered her ass while I fucked her until she moaned "I'm gonna cum". I did it faster when all of the sudden her body lunged forward onto the bed laying flat and she screamed as her little pussy began squirting all over. I quickly held her down spreading her ass and ate her asshole as she came her body shaking hard. She rolled onto her back "Oh my god" she panted. I laid on the bed opening her legs and put my pussy on hers scissoring her. We sat up and began rubbing out pussy's together fast both of us moaning until we were both about to cum again. Just as Tori and My pussies were about to burst onto one another's the bedroom door opened and mom stood there staring at us in shock as we both couldn't hold it and came all over each other. Tori and I cleaned up and sat down with mom swearing it would never happen again but of course it did the next day after her and dad left.
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4 months ago
you are blessed with a beautiful and caring sis...wonderful
4 months ago
Was the next night better than the 1st.
4 months ago
very HOT
5 months ago
Great stuff - keep going!
5 months ago
it so needs a part 2... and 3... and 4
5 months ago
what a good start to a great story.hope there is more to read soon
5 months ago