I Scared Off Dad's GF So He Fucked Me Instead

My name is Abby and I live with my dad in a nice apartment in a nice rural town. My f****y had always been a close one until my mom and dad decided to divorce about a year ago and that's when everything changed for me anyways. In the divorce we had to sell our house so dad and I found the apartment were in now and mom went off somewhere even I don't know where she lives now but I do talk to her every once in awhile on the phone. Anyways the divorce was really had for me but my dad seemed to be happy as he had ever been. It was hard on my dad I think because I looked a lot like my mom. Long brown hair, blue eyes and a petite body. He began going out to the bar almost every night and hooking up with college girls and just sl**ping with anything and everything. I never understood why he wasn't as hurt as I was over everything but after awhile I just stopped thinking about it. Dad still spent time with me but most of the time I went to school, came home and just sat in my room or hung out Ada a friend of mine who lived in the building. I made my own meals and usually did all of the cleaning in the apartment while dad was either out finding his next girl to have sex with or sl**ping off his bender from the night before.

It was Friday night and of course dad left to the bar with some friends of his so I decided to go hang out with Ada so I didn't sit bored out of my mind in the apartment. I put on my pink pajama shorts with "Sexy" stitched in white on the butt, a white tank top and my pink slipper/socks. I sat with Ada for a couple hours talking about anything and everything while listening to music. When I finally looked at the clock seeing it was already midnight I decided to head home and get some sl**p. I made my way back to the apartment and opened the door when I stood shocked seeing dad on the couch having sex with some blonde girl. I stood frozen for some reason thinking I wouldn't be seen as dad sat on the couch and the girl straddled and was riding him while moaning loud. My dad saw be first "Abby!" he yelled as the girl turned and looked at me shocked and quickly got off of him sitting on the couch and covered herself with a blanket. "I thought you were already asl**p" he said as I told him I was at Ada's before I slowly and embarrassingly made my way down the hall to my bedroom. I sat on my bed listening to the girl tell my dad that she was sorry but couldn't start again because I kind of freaked her out I guess as my dad begged her to stay.

I sat on my bed still really embarrassed about what happened when I heard foot steps and then dad walked into my room wearing nothing but boxers. "You really need to leave a note or something next time". "Sorry" I said as I could see he was upset and kinda tipsy "Well you just cost me sex" he said as I sat not sure weather to smile or not because I could not tell if he was trying to be funny or not. He reached down and began rubbing his dick over his boxers "Well since you made her leave" he said as he reached in and pulled out his dick and let it hang over his boxers. I looked at it not knowing what to do or say as he grabbed onto stroking it a couple times slowly before he took a step and put the tip against my lips. "Come on baby" he whispered as I slowly opened my mouth feeling it pass between my lips and slowly slide over my tongue. I think he was kind of surprised I did it as he groaned "Fuck!". "Yeah suck my cock baby" he moaned as I could taste the girl he was having sex with on his dick. "Feels so good" he said as he gently began thrusting his hips forward and back. I could feel him throbbing in my mouth as I sucked him. I felt him put my hair in a pony tail holding it in his hand as he gently pushed my head down on him a little further at a time until my body jumped as I gagged.

I pulled my head off and coughed as he looked down at me smiling as he quickly put his dick back in my mouth. "Good girl" he groaned as he began thrusting his dick into my mouth a little faster until my saliva dripped from my chin. He helped me stand up from the bed and slowly pulled my top off and then my pants and panties until I stood naked in front of him. He laid me on the bed kissing and sucking on my boobs while he rubbed my pussy. I whimpered as he slid his finger into me while sucking my nipples until he stood up and climbed onto the bed between my legs on his knees. He quickly rubbed the tip against me up and down with a grin on his face until suddenly I felt pressure for a second and then I grabbed onto the sides of my bed tightly and squealed as my body began shaking feeling the tip of his dick slide into my body. "Yeah baby" he moaned as he slowly began inching it into me as my mouth opened wide and I moaned loudly. "So fucking tight and wet" he smirked as he leaned down and started sucking my boobs again as he slowly fucked me long and deep. "You like that big cock in you?" he asked. "Yes!" I squealed as his thrusts got faster and faster until I could feel something about to happen. Suddenly my body began shaking hard and then my eyes rolled back and I screamed as my body arched upwards.

I could feel my pussy gushing as I came on him as he smiled down at me. "Mmm baby" he moaned as he continued until he pulled out. He laid on the bed rolling me onto him as he grabbed onto his dick and slid it back into my dripping hole. He gripped my ass tightly and began rocking me on his dick. I put my hands on his chest riding him as he put his hands behind his head relaxing "Yeah ride my cock baby" he smiled as he slapped my butt. He put his hands to his sides as I rode him "Faster" he would say before slapping my butt again until again I came. I fell to his body laying on him as my body shook. He gently laid me on the bed and then got up turning me onto my stomach and pulled my butt into the air. I rested my upper body on the bed as he started fucking me from behind. The bed squeaked as he fucked me harder and harder until he started groaning and panting. "Fuck I'm gonna cum baby" he groaned. He pulled out and slid me down the bed quickly onto my knees. He stood over me stroking his dick aiming the tip at my face as he groaned louder and louder until he growled very loudly and then stream after stream began shooting onto my face. His hot cum hit my eyes, hair, and mouth as he groaned. He shook his dick getting every drop onto my face before he put on his boxers "That was good baby" he smiled before leaving my room.

I slowly stood up from the floor my knees shaking as I made my way to the bathroom to shower. I looked in the mirror seeing all of the cum that covered my face. As I got into the shower and then went to bed. The next day neither of us spoke of what happened and I thought it was something we would both try and forget about until one day I was sitting in my room when I heard my dad call out to me. I walked into the living room where I found him sitting watching a porn movie on T.V. "Suck my cock baby" he smiled as he reached into his shorts pulling it out. I sat on the couch next to him as he put his arm around me and slowly leaned me over until my head was in his lap sucking his hard cock until without warning I felt his large load filling my mouth.

This is a story I created from a fantasy of mine. Hope you all enjoy guys and gals.

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4 days ago
very good
6 months ago
she turned into his cum sponge rather quickly
6 months ago
stories like this are always welcomed
6 months ago
6 months ago
I think there is more of this one coming. Bring it on.
6 months ago
great story!
6 months ago
family fun