Step Daughter Sarah's First Time With A Girl

For those who are unfamiliar to my story I married an amazing girl named Amber and ended up messing around with her daughter Sarah.Amber never found out and to this day still does not know about Sarah and I. A couple months ago Amber and I divorced and I moved in an apartment. Sarah and I still see each other all the time and are kind of a couple now. I have posted some pics of Sarah on my profile. Enjoy guys and gals.

I continued living the high life between having Sarah all to myself when she would come over to my place almost every day and living in an apartment complex which was mostly filled with college guys and girls so there was no shortage of party I was loving life. I had only graduated college a couple years ago so it was pretty easy for me to adapt back into the party life almost every night. I loved bringing Sarah to the party's and showing her off to all of the people there. For some reason Sarah and I have magnetic kind of personality's and people just flocked to us at the party's we attended so it didn't take long before almost everyone in the building knew and liked us. Between me having many tattoos which by itself was a conversation starter for most people because I the only guy in the building with them and Sarah being a sexy, tight bodied little redhead people just enjoyed hanging out with us. It was that time of year again where most of the people in out building moved out after graduating and a whole bunch of new people moved in.
A week after the old moved out and the new moved in there was a big party which Sarah and I both attended. We had a good time introducing our self's to all of the new people starting school.

Sarah and I were sitting on the of the couches in the living room watching people dance to music and play beer pong when a girl came up and introduced herself. She said her name was Sasha and she had just moved from southern Illinois a small farm town so it was all kind of new to her being in a bigger city. Sasha was very sexy and Sarah and I both hit it off with her right away. All three of us sat on the couch talking until Sarah asked Sasha if she wanted to come hang out at our place because it was very hard to hear each other over the blaring music. Sasha agreed and we all headed back to our place where Sarah gave her a tour. Sasha loved our place seeing all of the music and old horror movie posters on the walls, the colored lights we had hung from the ceiling and all of the black lights I had spread around the apartment. "You should decorate my apartment" She told me with a sexy grin.

Sasha and Sarah grabbed some drinks from our fridge and then sat down on the couch and began chatting about anything and everything as I turned on the black lights and colored lights before turning off the normal lights making the room glow. I put on some low music before grabbing a drink for myself and sat down in the recliner next to the couch and joined in on Sarah and Sasha's conversation. My eyes could not help but look Sasha's body up and down especially at her amazing ass. Watching these two very sexy girls sitting next to each other on my couch began to make my dick harden. We talked for hours until I think all three of us worked up a pretty good buzz. Sarah and Sasha began talking about ex's they've had and sexual experiences when Sasha started talking about the time she had sex with another girl. Sarah grinned and cut her off "You've done things with a girl?" she asked with a smile as Sasha nodded "Ya I'm Bi". Sarah told her how I was Bi which made Sasha grin over in my direction "Awesome". Sarah laughed "I'm beginning to feel left out she joked". Sasha grinned and without missing a beat put her drink down on the coffee table and said "Well lets see if we can convert you".

Sarah laughed and Sasha said "Little steps at first.. Kiss me". I could see Sarah's cheeks turning as red as her hair as she smirked "Come on, I know you know how to kiss" Sasha told her. Sarah put down her drink and put her hands in her lap as the two sat facing each other on the couch. Sasha leaned forward first and then Sarah began to until the two began kissing. I felt my dick harden instantly as I leaned forward in the chair staring at the two as they made out. Sasha leaned back "See that wasn't hard" she said with a grin. Sarah smiled "Can we do that again?" she asked. They quickly began kissing again as Sasha put her hand on Sarah's chest and began squeezing her tits. Sarah moaned softly and grinned as they continued kissing sliding each other tongues in their mouths. "Jesus" I said almost in a trance watching the two which made both of them turn to me and laugh. "You enjoying this?" Sasha asked as I quickly nodded. "Maybe we should move this to the bedroom" I suggested as the both got up and followed me down the hallway to the bedroom.
I sat at the head of the bed with my back to the headboard and watched as the two continued kissing while slowly they began taking each others cloths off. They both stood naked at the foot of the bed.

"Lay down" Sasha told Sarah with a grin. She laid on the bed as Sasha slowly climbed onto it and over her body looking down at her. They kissed again and then Sasha began planting little kisses first on her chin and then down her neck and to her chest where she began kissing and sucking on her nipples. Sarah moaned looking down at Sasha as she sucked on her tits and then again began kissing down her stomach making Sarah giggle and moan until Sasha wrapped her arms around Sarah's legs and put her mouth on her pussy. Sarah's eyes closed and mouth opened as she moaned as I watched Sasha eating her out. "Oh my god" Sarah whimpered as Sasha shook her head side to side quickly rubbing her tongue on her pussy. Sasha began running her tongue up and down quickly on her pussy as Sarah placed her hands on Sasha's head and began gyrating her hips rubbing her pussy into her mouth.Sasha slowly climbed back onto Sarah and they kissed as the two rolled over switching placed. Sarah started licking on her tits and then worked her way down to Sasha's pussy. She wasted no time eating her out "Lick my pussy" Sasha moaned putting her arms over her head and grabbed onto my leg tightly while moaning. Sarah ate her out and then began fingering her making Sasha squeal.

"You like that?" Sarah asked making Sasha squealed "Yes!". "Got any toys?" Sasha asked as Sarah got up and grabbed her dildo out of the dresser. Sasha got up from the bed and took it from her turning Sarah and bent her over the foot of the bed. Sasha began slapping her ass gently and then spread her cheeks and began eating out Sarah's ass making her moan loudly. Sasha took the dildo and slid it into her mouth while looking at me before taking it out and slowly slid it into Sarah's pussy. Sarah moaned loudly as Sasha began fucking her with it quickly while licking her asshole until Sarah whimpered "Your gonna make me cum". Sasha slapped her ass "Cum baby" she moaned as Sarah began breathing quickly and until she buried her face in the bed and screamed.
Sasha quickly pulled the dildo out of her pussy and began eating Sarah out as she came. Sasha moaned in approvement as Sarah fell to the bed moaning. Sasha turned her over and laid on her stomach at the foot of the bed and began eating her out.

"You gonna join or not?" Sarah asked looking up at me as Sasha ate her out. I got up from the bed and dropped my shorts and boxers before kneeling back on the bed next to Sarah's head as she grabbed my already hard cock and began sucking it. My cock throbbed like never before as she sucked me until I got up from the bed and walked over behind Sasha. I spread her ass and began licking her asshole and pussy making her moan as she ate out Sarah. Her pussy tasted amazing as I licked it sliding my tongue into her hole getting it nice and wet. I stood up grabbing onto my shaft and slowly guided it to her pussy and slid it in. Sasha's body lunged forward as I slide every inch into her warm, tight pussy. Sarah looked at me grinning as I grabbed onto Sasha's nice ass and began fucking her long and hard.

"That cock feel good?" Sarah asked her as Sasha whimpered "Yes" while continuing to eat her pussy. "Fuck her baby" Sarah moaned as I gripped Sasha's hips tightly and began fucking her fast and deep until she cried "I'm gonna cum". I put one leg onto the bed to get as deep as I could and began fucking her as fast as I could until her body began to shake and she screamed. I felt her pussy explode on me as she laid panting and quivering on the bed. I slowly pulled my cock from her and she quickly turned and started sucking my cock before climbing onto Sarah straddling her face while facing me. Sarah began eating her pussy as I lifted Sarah's legs and slid my cock into her very wet pussy. Her squeal was muffled by Sasha grinding her pussy into her face as I fucked her as hard as I could as I made out with Sasha until my cock exploded filling Sarah with my hot load. I slowly got up from the bed as Sasha got back between Sarah's legs and began licking up my cum as it leaked out of her pussy. I sat on the bed as Sarah and Sasha kissed again before getting up and getting into the shower together telling me it was "Girls only".

I sat on the couch finishing my drink until they got out and Sarah asked in her most innocent begging voice if Sasha could stay the night which of course I agreed to. Sasha is still very good friends with Sarah and I.She usually stays at our place more so then her own which I don't mind what so ever even though Sarah is the one who usually has sex with Sasha. I hope you all enjoyed.
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2 months ago
great story wish both pics worked.
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great story!