My Step Daughter Sarah's First Black Cock (Tr

For those new to my situation I was married to Sarah's mom making her my step daughter but a couple months ago we divorced and now Sarah and I are kinda seeing each other but I still like to give her the "Step Daughter" label because it turns me on lol.

In the weeks that followed after the threesome between Sarah, Adam and I Sarah could not help but say how she enjoyed it but wasn't sure if she could do it again because it to her was "Weird". I told her how much it turned me on watching her sucking and fucking another guys cock listening to her moan and squeal. She usually grinned and would say "Well I'm glad you liked it". The sex between Sarah and I after the threesome became more intense because every time I fucked her I thought about Adam slamming his nice cock into her tiny pussy. Weeks went by when one day I after I had just got done having sex with Sarah we were sitting on the bed getting dressed when to my surprise she said "I think I wanna have another threesome" I quickly got excited and told her if she wanted to I was all for it and that I could call Adam and he would probably be over here quickly at the chance to fuck her again. She grinned and said "No, He's nice but I am thinking of something else". I asked her what she had in mind and she paused for a second "Don't laugh" she said. I scoffed assuring her that I wouldn't laugh.

"I have always had a fantasy of being with a black guy and I want you to just sit and watch". I was taken back that it was her idea because I have had many dreams and fantasy's of watching Sarah being fucked by a black guy. I told her I thought it would be very sexy to just sit back and watch her with a get fucked which made her smile. I asked her how she wanted to go about doing it and she said she was friends with a guy at her work named Miles who was a very nice guy and that if she asked him she knew he would say yes because he has always had a thing for her. I told her to go for it and then we had sex again because the thought of what was to come turned me on and I'm sure it did her also. A couple weeks went by when Sarah texted me when she was getting off work that Miles was going to be coming home with her. I was really excited and sat on the couch waiting until I the front door opened and Sarah walked in grinning and Miles closely followed. Sarah said she was going to change and made her way to the bedroom as Miles and I introduced our self's to each other and just sat and began talking about stuff.

Miles was a tall, thin, muscular guy who was a really cool guy and was talked until Sarah came back into the living room. My jaw dropped as she stood in the doorway between the hallway and the living room wearing a black lace bra and black panties, some black stockings and she had her hair in pigtails. My dick hardened just looking at her as Miles and I just sat staring at her as she walked into the living room standing in front of the couch where Miles was sitting. I sat in a chair next to the couch and watched as Miles looked her up and down as she smiled at him. Miles sat forward sitting on the edge of the couch and put his hands on her ass gently pulling her closer to him. He kissed her stomach and then turned her around and began playing with her ass squeezing and planting little kissed on it. Miles stood up and began kissing Sarah as she grabbed onto his shorts and pulled them down exposing his large cock. Miles sat back down and Sarah got onto her knees between his legs. Miles big cock made her hand look even smaller as she grabbed onto it while grinning at him "Nice" she whispered as she slowly began stroking it while staring at it in awe.

"You want me to suck your dick?" she asked looking up at him. Miles grinned and nodded as she lifted his dick and began licking on his large balls and then licked all the way up his shaft before taking it into her mouth. Miles groaned "Yeah" as the girth of his cock stretched her tiny mouth as she slowly began working her head up and down on his dick only able to get about half of it into her mouth. "Suck that dick" he groaned with his head tilted back and his arms stretched out on the back of the couch. "Its so fucking big" she moaned stroking it for a second before taking it back into her mouth. "Good girl" Miles groaned looking down at her as he reached out and grabbed onto her pigtails with both hands. He gently began pushing her head down his cock a little further at a time until Sarah's body jumped as she gagged. She pulled her head off his cock coughing "Sorry" Miles said as she grinned "Its Okay" and quickly began sucking him again. "You want this black dick in you?" he asked softly as she moaned "Yes" with a mouthful of cock. Miles stood up helping Sarah off her knees and then they both walked to the bedroom as I followed carrying a chair from the kitchen.

I put the chair in the corner as Miles and Sarah stood at the foot of the bed. Miles slowly pulled off Sarah's bra and thong and then his own shirt. He grabbed onto her tits and began kissing and licking them before he started sucking on her nipples making her moan softly. Miles turned her around and slowly bent her over. Sarah put her hands on the bed and kept her feet on the floor as Miles leaned down and began licking her pussy making Sarah moan loudly. Miles took turns working his tongue on her pussy and her asshole making Sarah squeal. He stood up turning her around and laid her on the bed pulling her to the edge as Sarah moaned "Fuck me". Miles began rubbing his cock up and down on her pussy as Sarah moaned in anticipation. "You want this big cock?" he asked her making her beg for it "Yes" she squealed. I watched as he grabbed his thick shaft putting the tip against her tiny hole while gently shoving as Sarah's face clinched and then suddenly her mouth, eyes opened wide and she screamed and whimpered as Miles cock slid into her tiny body. "God damn" Miles moaned as Sarah gripped onto the bed sheet and growled as he inched his cock into her.

"Son of a bitch" she moaned looking down as he slowly inched it in and then slowly out starting to fuck her slowly. He lifted her legs in the air putting them to his chest as he began fucking her a little faster. "Oh fuck" Sarah squealed over and over her face turning red and her breathing starting to quicken. "I'm gonna cum" she panted as Miles pushed her legs back pinning her knees to her chest and began slamming his cock into her making Sarah scream "Fuck" over and over. "Cum on this dick" Miles groaned drilling her harder and harder until suddenly Sarah was quiet. Her eyes rolled back and her body began convulsing until she screamed. Miles grinned as Sarah began squirting all over him and the bed. "Damn" Miles grinned as Sarah laid panting and shaking on the bed. Miles pulled his dripping cock from her and slapped it against her pussy gently. "Turn over" he said as he reached down turning Sarah onto her stomach. Miles climbed onto the bed straddling her ass and slid his cock back into her pussy. Sarah groaned as Miles put his hands on her shoulders lifting his body up with his legs and began slamming his body and cock down on hers.

Sarah moaned loudly as he fucked her long and deep. "Oh my god" she cried over and over as their bodies slapped together. "Take that nigger dick" he growled as Sarah began screaming until again she came. Miles put his legs on the bed and grabbed onto her pig tails gently pulling her hair back and began fucking her fast as her body shook. "You like that big cock in you?" he groaned as she whimpered "Yes!". Miles rolled onto his back and pulled Sarah on top of him. He put his cock back into her and growled "Ride my cock". Sarah put her shaking hands on his chest and began rocking her body back and fourth "Faster" he demanded as he slapped her ass. Sarah began going faster "Yeah fuck yourself" he grinned as she rode him while he rested his hands behind his head. Miles began panting "You want me to cum?". "Yes" Sarah moaned looking exhausted as Miles rolled her back into the bed and stood at the foot of it. He pulled her to the edge sliding his cock back into her and began fucking her so hard and fast the bed moved as Sarah screamed. "Oh god" she cried as he growled "Take it bitch" until again Sarah's eyes rolled back and then suddenly Miles growled loudly "FUCK!".

He filled her with his large load before stepping back letting his cock fall from her stretched, swollen pussy. Sarah laid on the bed panting and moaning as her body shivered. "Damn man" Miles grinned looking over to me. "She got a tight pussy" he said while slipping his cloths on. He shook my hand and then thanked Sarah as she continued laying on the bed moaning before he left. I heard the front door open and close and then got up and walked over to the bed looking down at Sarah's stretched pussy which was starting to leak the large amount of cum Miles filled her with. "Did you like that baby?" I asked her as she smiled wiping the sweat from her forehead "Yes". I kissed her and then got on on knee at the foot of the bed between her legs and began to lick her pussy tasting Miles's cum as he slowly leaked from her. Sarah smiled and moaned as I cleaned her pussy before climbing onto the bed where we kissed and then I helped her to the shower. Sarah had not fucked Miles since that day but she has said she kind of wants to have a threesome with him, her and I. I did take some pics which I posted to my profile. Hope you all enjoyed because I sure did watching it.

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