Sharing Step Daughter Sarah (True)

After I divorced my ex wife Amber I moved into a apartment which was really nice to be able to enjoy being single again and I was able to spend time with my ex step daughter I guess you could say Sarah without the fear of being discovered by Amber. Sarah would come over almost everyday when she got off of work and we would usually hang out and eventually fuck each others brains out. I began having parties a couple weeks after I moved in getting to know the people who lived in the building most of which was teenagers who were just starting college. Most of the people in the building were cool but one guy named Adam I hit it off with right away. Adam was a tall, stocky/chunky guy who had lived in a small rural farm town and was going to college for agriculture. As much as we were polar opposites we both just clicked I guess and began hanging out all the time. Adam and I usually just sat in my apartment and talked listing to each others brand of music Adam with his country and me with my metal. I told Adam about most of the stories behind my tattoos and Adam told me how he loved to hunt and fish which I think both of our interests kinda seemed boring to one another but one thing we seemed to agree on is how sexy Sarah was when she came over one night while Adam and I were hanging out.

Adam and I were sitting in my living room listening to music and having some beers when there was a knock at the door which was Sarah. I introduced her to Adam who just kinda looked at her grinning and nodding and then Sarah kissed me quick and said she needed to shower feeling disgusting from work and then would hang out with us. She made her way down the hallway to my room where she always left some cloths and then she made her way to the bathroom. I sat back down as Adam sat forward on the recliner. "Damn man, that your girl" he asked. I took a sip of my drink and explained to the him the whole situation about how Sarah and I began seeing each other while I was still married to her mom. Adam smiled the whole time I told him the story until I was finished. "I would so fuck her" he said jokily. About ten minutes later Sarah came into the living room wearing some grey pajama shorts and a white shirts while continuing to dry her hair. She grabbed a beer from the fridge and then sat down next to me on the couch and we all hung out talking, drinking and watching old school movies I had. After about an hour I think we were all a little tipsy as Adam became more outright which his thoughts about Sarah. "You have amazing tits" he said in the most serious face staring at them which made Sarah and I both laugh. "Thanks" she said as Adam continued staring at them until Sarah laughed "You OK over there?".

"Yes" Adam said taking a sip of his beer "How about now?" Sarah said smirking as I watched her reach down and lift up her shirt and bra showing her tits to Adam. His eyes got big and he just started at them until Sarah lowered her shirt laughing. "That's not fair" he said as Sarah leaned back on the couch and in her best sexual little girl voice said "Oh do you want me?" she said biting her lip as she grabbed her tits. "Hell yeah" Adam quickly responded. Sarah laughed and then looked to me "What you think baby? Threesome?" I looked at her grinning "Are you serious?". "How about you?" she said looking over at Adam. "Hell yea" he said putting his beer down on the coffee table. Sarah got up "Come on" she said as Adam got up and walked over to her as she looked at me "You coming?". "What do you think?" I said getting up from the couch and walked with her and Adam to my bedroom. I turned off the bedroom light and turned on the colored lights I had strung from the ceiling of my bedroom and shut the door. "You stand over there for now" she said smiling at me pointing towards the corner of the bedroom. I walked over and stood in the corner facing them as Adam and Sarah both stood at the foot of the bed. Sarah and Adam began kissing as Adam slowly pulled off her top and bra as she pulled off her shorts and panties and kicked them aside.

Adam reached up and began squeezing her tits as they kissed making Sarah moan softly and then he bent down and began kissing and sucking on her nipples as she looked over at me sticking out her tongue. She sat down on the edge of the bed and then pulled Adam closer to her as she quickly unfastened the belt, button and zipper of his blue jeans. Adam pulled them off and then Sarah reached into his boxers and pulled out his cock which was about seven and a half inches, thick and veiny. Sarah looked up at him grinning as Adam kicked his boxers off. Sarah lifted his cock up and licked from his balls to the tip and then took his cock into her mouth. Adam groaned as he took off his shirt as Sarah sucked him slowly as she rubbed her pussy. "God damn" Adam moaned as she started sucking him a little faster. "Suck that cock" he groaned looking down at her. She pulled his cock from her mouth and stroked it looking over at me with a grin "You like watching me suck cock baby?" I nodded as she went back to sucking him as my cock grew in my shorts until she stood up and laid on the bed. Adam pulled her ass to the edge of the bed opening her legs and pushing them to her chest as he bent over and began eating her pussy as she squealed and began moaning loudly. "Fuck" she whimpered as he licked and sucked on her tiny pussy. "Fuck me" she growled as he stood up grabbing onto his cock and wasted no time shoving it into her pussy making her scream and her body jump.

"Fuck me" she ordered as Adam held her legs in the air and began fucking her long and hard. Sarah looked over at me and curled her finger for me to come. I walked towards the bed pulling my cloths off as I did. I got onto the bed kneeling near her head as she took my rock hard cock into her mouth and began sucking it as she squealed and moaned. "Such a tight little pussy" Adam moaned smirking at me as he fucked her deep her moaned muffled as she sucked my cock. She took my cock from her mouth "I'm gonna cum" she whimpered as I quickly shoved my cock back into her mouth and began fucking her face as Adam fucked her harder and harder until her body jumped and she screamed as she came all over his cock. Adam moaned in approvement as he pulled his dripping cock from her pussy. "Your turn" he said wiping sweat from his forehead as we switched places. Sarah started sucking her cum off of Adam's cock as I grabbed my shaft and slid it into her making her squeal. I pushed her knees to her chest and fucked her long and deep making her moan loudly as she sucked Adam. "You want us to put both our cocks in you?" he asked her as she grinned and nodded. I stepped back and helped Sarah up as Adam laid on the bed. She climbed onto him and he guided his cock back into her. Adam pulled her to his body and began thrusting into her as I grabbed the lube from my dresser and walked back to the bed.

I knelt on the bed spreading her ass and began licking her tiny asshole making her body jump as I did it. I grabbed the lube putting some on my index finger and slid it into her ass making her moan loudly. I fingered her ass listening to her squeal until I opened the lube and rubbed a bunch all over my cock. I put the tip against her asshole and with one quick push watched as the head of my cock disappeared into her ass. Sarah screamed and her body began shaking as I inched it into her "You like that baby" Adam asked her as she squealed "Yes". I slid my cock balls deep into her and then Adam and I began fucking her holes as she moaned very loudly. I grabbed onto her hair pulling her head back as we fucked her long and hard until Adam moaned "I'm gonna cum". He began thrusting into her faster until her groaned loudly shooting his load into her tiny body as I continued pounding her ass until my cock exploded filling her ass with cum as she shook her ass side to side. I pulled out and got off the bed as she laid on Adam moaning loudly still until she rolled off him and onto the bed. Adam got up "Damn man" he smiled as he put his cloths on. "I'll leave you to be..Thanks" he said looking at me and her as she waved bye as he left the apartment. Sarah smiled at me as she reached down feeling the cum that began to leak out of her ass and pussy.

She reached out her hand and I helped her up and walked with her to the bathroom as her knees shook. We showered together and then quickly fell asl**p. That was the only time Adam got a chance with Sarah but he still hangs out with us. Hope you all enjoyed.

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5 months ago
She is fucking hot!!!! I wish I was fucking her too. I love 3somes. The picutre is great. it make the store real when you can see a photo of the person that is being written about. Please keep the storeies and the photos cumming....MMMMMMM...5/5
5 months ago
Damn hot!
6 months ago
6 months ago
Good story. =)
6 months ago
Dam man,,so awesome,,,sure would love to help you with her!!she is one hot lady....