My First Time With Step Daughter Sarah (True)

This is the story of the first time that I fucked my step daughter Sarah. Hope you all enjoy.

My ex wife Rachel was a milf in every sense of the word. She was thirty eight but looked twenty and had a daughter named Sarah and a son named Ryan who lived with his dad. The first time I met Sarah was a couple weeks after Rachel and I started dating and she invited me over for dinner. I got to Rachel's place and she was showing me around her house when Sarah came out of her room wearing some red pajama shorts and a white tank top. The first time I laid my eyes on her I wanted her. Her red hair and freckles were so sexy to me and she had unbelievable tits and a nice round ass attached to a petite body. Sarah also had some tattoos which turned me on even more and it would had been easier if she had turned out to be a total bitch but Sarah was the exact opposite. Sarah was very very flirty and loved the fact that guys would look at her sexually and she loved wearing skimpy cloths to show off her nice tits and tight little body. The minute that I met Sarah my relationship changed with Rachel.

Every time I had sex with Rachel I thought of Sarah and just seeing Sarah walking around the house wearing the cloths she did made me spend most of the day with a hard cock and horny as all hell. A couple months later I moved in with Rachel and Sarah which was amazing but again seeing Sarah every day walking around the house wearing things that could barely be considered cloths, or when she would get out of the shower and walk around the house in a towel for an hour drove me crazy to the point where I just wanted to tackle her and fuck her brains out. During the summer Rachel worked a lot so it was just Sarah and me during the day and usually I would be on the couch watching T.V or playing video games when Sarah would come out and sit directly next to me and start asking me questions like "What ya doing?" "Why you playing this?" "Am I breaking your concentration?". She tried to be funny and annoying but to be honest it turned me on more than anything else having her body right next to mine as she leaned over exposing her cleavage to me intentionally or unintentionally.

One thing about Sarah that also drove me crazy was that she had no problem saying whatever was on her mind and things like sex and stuff she had no problem discussing. We would be out in public and she would elbow me "That girl has nice boobs" she would say not caring if the girl heard her or not. We would be watching a movie "God I would love to fuck that guy" she would say dead serious not even thinking twice about who was in the room with her hearing her say it. Anyways one day Rachel had to work a double shift so it was me and Sarah sitting at the house playing games, watching movies and just joking around with each other. I was sitting on the couch getting ready to watch a movie when Sarah had gotten out of the shower and got dressed before coming out to watch the movie with me. She came into the living room wearing a pink midriff tank top and some jeans that were worn and torn at her thighs exposing most of her thigh. I joked with her "You know if those pants tear anymore people will be able to see your cooch". Sarah looked down at her pants and then back up at me and without missing a beat "I bet you wouldn't mind seeing my cooch"

I sat smirking not saying a word because I really did wanna see it as Sarah reached down and pulled on the hole of the jeans tearing it little more sarcastically. More of he thigh was exposed as I stared at it before looking up at her smirking at me. "Good now?" she asked being a smart ass and without really thinking about what I was about to say I said "Keep going". She turned her head to the side with a smirk on her face "You do wanna see my puss don't ya?" I didn't wanna just blurt out "Yes" like a dog begging for a treat so I just shrugged with a grin as she put her hands on her hips "What you gonna do for me?" she asked as again I shrugged. She walked over to the front door which was next to the couch and locked it before walking over to the couch and she sat down with her back to the arm rest slightly laid down facing me with her feet on my leg. She reached down and unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them down slightly before lifting her lower body up "Help me out at least" she said with a smirk as I grabbed onto her pants and pulled them off tossing them to the floor and then looked back at her laying on the couch in her pink panties.

She grinned with her arms at her sides "Your turn" she said as I reached down and pulled my shorts to my ankles to before kicking them off. I sat in boxers as she chuckled "Your not even trying to play hard to get" she said. I guess not I shrugged then there was silence until she asked "Now what?" again I know I sound like an idiot but I knew at that point what we both wanted but I wasn't going to just jump on her because I liked the little game of seeing who would break first which it ended being me in the end. "I don't know" I said as Sarah scoffed "Well you got my pants off, you have your pants off" she said and then again there was silence until she gave me this look of lust which was all I needed. I turned facing her and knelt on the couch before leaning over getting face to face with her. She smirked at me and then we began kissing our tongues sliding into each others mouths as my cock hardened instantly. I kissed her neck while helping her pull off her top and bra and then I kissed down her chin and neck until I got to her chest. I began kissing them all over until I took her tiny nipples into my mouth and began sucking them and gently biting them.

Sarah moaned softly as I sucked on her breasts and then began sliding down the couch as I kissed down her stomach making her body shiver until I laid on my stomach between her legs. I kissed the inside of her thighs working my way up making her moan and chuckle saying it tickled. I put my mouth on her panties directly over her pussy and began sucking making Sarah moan loudly while moving her hips side to side slightly. I slid my hands under the elastic of her panties and slowly pulled them off and tossed them to the floor. I looked at her tiny, smooth pussy and wasted no time wrapping my arms around her legs and put my mouth on her making her whimper. I slid my tongue between her lips tasting her warm, wet pussy as she moaned while her body shook slightly. She thrust her hips upwards gently as I sucked her pussy lips and then spread them to suck on her tiny clit. "Fuck" she whimpered as I ate her out until she put her hand on my chest and pushed me up. I sat like her with my back to the armrest as she laid on her stomach and reached into my boxers and pulled out my hard cock.

She licked the length of my shaft a couple times before she slid it into her mouth. I groaned loudly as she gripped my shaft tightly stroking it as she sucked me. She looked so good sucking my cock I had to make her stop a couple times so I didn't cum. She laughed "Yeah I'm good" she said before she started sucking me again. She ran my shaft sideways between her lips and then sucked me again fast and hard until my cock dripped with her saliva. "Turn" she said as she got up and stood in front of me as I turned facing forward just sitting normal on the couch. She put one leg at my side and straddled me reaching down and grabbed onto my my cock and guided it to her pussy. She put her arms on my shoulder and slightly lowered herself until I felt my cock slide into her tight pussy. Her face was clinched until I felt it slide in and she opened her mouth wide and whimpered loudly. I put my hands on her hips pulling her close to me and I sucked her nipples as she rode my cock moaning loudly. Sarah put her head on my shoulder and began riding me faster "I'm gonna cum" she whimpered into my ear.

I wrapped my arms around her back and began rocking her back and fourth fast on my cock as she kissed me as her moans got louder and louder until she screamed and her body shook violently in my arms as her pussy exploded onto my cock. "Oh fuck" she moaned over and over as I turned laying her on the couch before sliding my cock back into her. I bent her legs to her chest and fucked her deep making her moan and squeal as I drove my cock into her deep as she looked at me until I felt my cock was ready to burst. "Fuck I'm cumming" I groaned as she put her arms around me "I'm on birth control" she moaned as I kept fucking her long and hard as we both moaned until I thrust deep into her petite body once more and felt my large load begin pouring into her. She moaned smiling up at me as my legs and arms shook as I filled her pussy with my load. I fell on top of her as we both panted and moaned as she whispered "That was so hot" in my ear. I got up and put on my boxers and shorts and then helped her up as she grabbed her cloths and began heading to the shower.

She stopped as I sat back down on the couch "Oh you helped make me dirty and now your gonna relax" she said laughing as I quickly got up and followed her to the bathroom and took a shower with her. That was not the last time Sarah and I had sex and since now her mom and I are not together we see each other a lot but are not dating more of a friends with benefits thing. Hope you all enjoyed. I have plenty of stories about my sexual experiences with Sarah and look forward to writing out plenty more for you guys and gals.

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4 months ago
outstanding story dude :)
6 months ago
I have a sexy 28 year old stepdaughter I'd love fuck, but she can be a real bitch. I'd fuck her good and hard if she'd give me a chance. I sneak peeks of her and sniff her dirty panties when she does Wear any.
6 months ago
Very hot .Looking forward to reading more about you and her together .
6 months ago
Great story, I had too favorite.
6 months ago
MMmmmmm I like her! xoxo :D
6 months ago
Very sexy
6 months ago
love it! hope you will tell us more ;)
6 months ago
Excellent story!!
6 months ago
Love it, thanks for sharing!