Back Of The Bus Gay Gangbang

My name is Ryan and I am sixxteen years old. To me school was one of the bigger wastes of time that there was in life but like most parents my mom and dad stressed to me how important it was and always made my put my homework or school activities before everything else. One thing about school that I actually enjoyed was the field trips that our school took which were pretty cool. One year we went to amusement part another we went to a Bears game and a bunch of other pretty cool places. I loved going on them and my parents insisted I go so it all worked out for me in the end I guess. I am a pretty quiet person in school usually only hanging out with my two main friends Luke and Mark but they couldn't always go on all the field trips which sucked because then it was me with my whole class of people I really didn't talk to. Well it was that time of year again where our class took a trip and this year we were going to the Mall of America which I always wanted to see. My parents gave me a hundred bucks to spend for the trip and I packed my stuff. The only thing that I wasn't looking forward too was that Luke and Mark wouldn't be able to come on this trip but I figured Id get threw it just like the other ones and that I would probably be so busy shopping I wouldn't miss them at all.

For some reason my school thought it would be cool to leave around two in the morning since it would be a six hour trip one way. My mom dropped me off in front of the school where most of my class were standing with there bags half asl**p as we waited to get onto the nice coach bus that we usually took on these trips. The two teachers were doing a head count as my classmates put there bags into the side of the bus and then got onto it. I got onto the bus looking for a place to sit which was another reason I liked it when Mark and Luke were able to go on these trips cause finding a place to sit without them was not an easy thing. I heard someone call my name which was a weird thing all by itself. I looked around and saw an arm waving at the very back of the bus and I made my way back there to see it was John and Sean two guys from my class I didn't really talk to most of the time because they were always getting in trouble. John was a thin guy who was into the "Punk rock" scene always wearing black and spiked wristbands and Sean was a chubbier guy who followed John around like a puppy doing what he asked. The two were always getting into trouble usually as a team.

John asked if I wanted to sit by them and hang out and since my options were very limited I agreed. Sean was by the window and I sat in the middle between them as they began joking about other classmates and teachers of ours. John said it would suck since he wouldn't be able to smoke for the whole trip and of course Sean agreed which was of course the whole "We smoke so were cool" thing even though they weren't old enough. Everyone got on the bus and we headed off and shortly after I understood the whole leaving at two in the morning thing because most of the class and even the two teachers sitting in front of the bus fell asl**p and those who weren't had there headphones in. "We clear you thing?" John asked as Sean looked around and then looked to John and nodded with a grin. John reached into his little bag he had under his seat and pulled out a flask. "You want some?" John asked as he opened the top and took a drink before handing it to Sean. There was no no one sitting in the seat next to ours because it had bags piled on it so I of course wanted to say no but knew I would be begged until I did so I grabbed it and took a quick drink. I tried not to throw up as it tasted like acid burning all the way down as John grinned "Atta boy" he said as we rotated the flask between us. It didn't take long before I felt the effects of the booze.

I wasn't wasted but could feel it and even started talking like John and Sean making fun of teachers or classmates I hated. Pretty soon it seemed like I was the accepted into their little group as we joked quietly until John grinned "Wanna see what else I brought?" I nodded as he reached into the bag and pulled out a magazine that turned out to be a Hustler porno magazine. John opened it up looking at some of the pictures before handing it to Sean and then to me. I had seen a porn mag before sneaking them from my dads stash but since I was a bit buzzed it seemed even better. We talked about the girls in the pictures until John said "Damn this is getting me hard" "Same here" Sean said as nodded while looking at the pictures. "I could go for a blow job right now" Sean said as John quickly agreed. That would be awesome I said continuing to look at the magazine when out of the corner of my eyes I saw Sean reach into his shorts and pull out his dick. It was only about six inches but kinds thick as I looked at him "What ya doing?" I asked smirking kinda confused. "I am wanting a blowjob" he said grinning as I looked over to John who was grinning. "You should take one for the team" John said as my grin went away and I chuckled nervously.

"What?" I asked quietly. "Suck Sean's dick" he said as I shook my head grinning. "Come on, I gave you some of my booze". I shrugged not knowing what to do or say "If they found out we drank on this bus they will suspend all three of us" John said. I looked over at Sean who was grinning as his dick laid on his shorts. "I will get caught" I said which was the only reason I had at the moment as John whispered "Everyone's asl**p" he said. I was out of ideas as John handed me the flask and I took another drink as he smirked at me. I handed it to him turning to Sean and took a breath before leaning over with my eyes half closed as Sean grabbed his dick holding it up until I felt it touch my lips. I slowly opened my mouth as Sean put his hand on the back of my head and gently pushed down. His dick passed between my lips and over my tongue. Sean moaned quietly as I heard John whispered "Is he sucking it?". "Yeah" Sean moaned softly as I slowly lifted my head up and down on his dick feeling it getting even harder in my mouth. "Suck my cock" Sean whispered as I tried focusing on the noise of the bus on the freeway as his dick throbbed in my mouth. "Does it feel good?" John asked as Sean moaned "Yes". "Ryan" sit up John said as I slowly sat up trying not to draw attention.

I wiped some saliva from my lip with my hand and looked over where John had his dick out of his shorts stroking it while smirking at me. John had a long dick as I took another breath and leaned over taking it into my mouth. "Yeah suck my cock" John moaned putting his hand on my head and began pushing it down onto his cock. I felt someone grab my hand and pull it back until I felt Sean's dick. I began stroking it as I sucked John listening to him whisper "Suck my big cock" over and over again. "My turn" Sean whispered as I leaned back over and started sucking him again. John and Sean took turns having me suck there dicks until they were both very hard and shining from my saliva. I was sucking Sean when I felt John pull my shorts down exposing my ass. I went to sit back up when Sean put his hand on my head and started pushing it onto his cock "Fuck him" Sean whispered as I heard John spit into his hand and then felt the tip of his dick on my asshole. There was pressure and then my body jumped as I felt John's dick enter my ass. I whimpered loudly but it was mostly muffled by Sean's cock slamming into my mouth. "You like that cock in your ass?" Sean asked as I gripped onto the seat as I felt John inching his cock into me.

My body shook as I looked back seeing John on his side looking down as he fucked my ass. "Don's stop sucking my cock" Sean whispered as he pushed my head back down. I whimpered quietly feeling my asshole stretching with every thrust until I heard John whispered "Fuck I'm gonna cum". John began panting quietly until suddenly I felt the inside of my ass get warm as he came in me. I moaned in relief feeling his cock sliding out of me as Sean said "Turn around". I flipped with my head now in John's lap watching him shake his cock as I felt Sean slide his dick into me. I moaned as John gently slapped his dick on my cheek and then shoved it in my mouth. "You don't wanna wake anyone" he said grinning as he pushed my head hard onto his dick as Sean gripped my hips tightly and fucked me hard. "Take that cock" John said as he fucked my face feeling Sean thick cock slamming my ass using John's cum for lube. Sean began panting and then suddenly I felt my ass get warm again as he shot his large load into me. He pulled out and I pulled up my shorts and sat up feeling there cum beginning to leak out onto my boxers. "That was awesome" Sean said as John smirked "You are OK in our book" John said as we sat talking for about two hours as my ass throbbed until Sean pulled out his cock again and then John did the same "OK we are ready again" Sean said.

This is a story I made up. It was always a fantasy of mine so hope you all enjoy.

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3 months ago
well even though its made up I enjoyed it I got my dildo out and fucked myself while I finished your story
6 months ago
mmmm great story..
6 months ago
got me honry..mmmm
6 months ago
It may of been a fantasy for you but that actually happened to me and I was okay with it. I was in the Navy and going home on leave and I met two men in the bus depot. They were in their 40's or 50's and I was 18. We ended up in the back seat of the bus with me sitting between them. I ended up naked sucking one cock and getting fucked by the other until they wanted to switch. They made it last a long time and for me it was very enjoyable.