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[Story] Discovering My Son Is Hung, Catching Him With His

My name is Trish and I am forty years old. I live with my son Brady who is six teen and my daughter Lucy who is seven teen. A couple years back my husband left without much reason why and its been just me and my k**s ever since. I try to be involved in their lives even more now since its just me but I still work a decent amount of hours to pay for everything we have. I have tried dating again and even though its never been an issue for me to get guys I just decided I wasn't ready yet. I have always had good looks, blonde hair, green eyes and a very nice body so guys naturally just flocked to m... Continue»
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[Story] Picking The Wrong Frat, Cute GF Ganganged Rough

My name is Jacob and I was six teen years old when I first met my girlfriend Lisa in high school. From the moment we met we were in love and I to this day know that I hit the jackpot with Lisa because her looks and personality were amazing. Lisa has beautiful blonde hair, blue eyes and an angel like face with a very shy personality which just comes off cute as hell. Lisa and I were each others first as far as sex goes so it was just another thing that we thought made us perfect for each other. All threw high school we dated until when it came time to pick a college we both decided to go to the... Continue»
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[Story] Spening The Week At My Cousin's Farm With Thu

I have had MANY requests for a story like this and even though it may not be for some I have had enough requests to give it a shot. Enjoy

My name is Amy and I just recently turned eighteen years old. I live with my mom and dad not so you'd really notice mostly because they are constantly working leaving me at home by myself. I was excited to turn eighteen but once I did I realized that it was just like all of the years before it. I don't really have much of a social live but that is kinda by choice I guess since I am kind of a shyer person. I am around five foot six, blonde hair, blue eye... Continue»
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[Story] Watching GF Get Fucked By BBC In Walmart Parking L

This is a true story I thought I would share with you all about something that happened a couple weeks ago while Sarah and I were out shopping. I hope you all enjoy.

Usually Sarah and I are so busy working we barely have time to see each other. One week we were both working our asses off looking forward to Saturday the first day we both had off at the same time for awhile. When Saturday arrived we were both exhausted but didn't wanna spend our first day off together just sl**ping so we decided to go out but not before we we... Continue»
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[Story] Dad's Friend Fucking Me As He Works Outside

My name is Lucy and I am six teen years old. I guess I am the typical six teen year old girl who has a lot of energy and I will even admit I am kinda weird. I enjoy being unique in my own way with my dad since our relationship has grown closer since my mom left a couple years ago. My dad is usually a busy guy working a lot doing roofing and fencing for his own little company with his buddy Jake. Jake and my dad have always been best friends so it was natural for them to work together and Jake was always at our house to the point where he became more of an uncle type for me. After working awhil... Continue»
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[Story] I Played The Part Of Me And My Mom As Daddy Fucked

My name is Cassie and I'm six teen years old. I live with my dad and have since my mom Amber left a couple years ago when she claims she fell in love with a guy she worked with. It was hard at first but it passed because now my dad and I are each others world as he likes to say. I know its hard for him sometimes because I look a lot like my mom with my light blonde hair, green eyes and even my face looks a lot like hers. My dad says it doesn't bother him anymore but I can see sometimes he still missed my mom and sometimes he even called me Amber by mistake. My dad tries to keep himself busy by... Continue»
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[Story] Annoying My b*o And His Friends And Got Gangbanged

My name is Chrissy and I am six teen years old. I live with parents and b*****r Jacob who is a year older then me. Jacob and I have the typical sibling relationship I guess always annoying one another even though I seem to annoy him more. My parents are constantly working so they decided to make Jacob my babysitter which was nice having the house all to our self's even though Jacob acted like he was an adult which I constantly made fun of him for doing. Usually we just sat in our own rooms while our parents were gone every once and awhile we would watch T.V together but most of the time we did... Continue»
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[Story] Brought GF To f****y Reunion, Uncle Fucked Her Ove

My name is Ryan, I am nineteen years old and my life is like any other I guess but this story revolves around the yearly f****y reunion my f****y held as my uncle Barry's cabin. It was something I looked forward to every year because for one my uncle has a very nice, big cabin that sits right on a beautiful lake and two this year was different from any other because I was bringing my girlfriend Tracy with me whom I was very looking forward to show off to my f****y. Every year my f****y would grill me "Why haven't you found a girl Ryan?", "When are you gonna find a nice girl?". I dreaded the in... Continue»
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[Story] Taught Son To Be A Man, So He Fucked His Mom

My son Seth who is seven teen years old has always been quiet, shy and way to afraid of confrontation. Seth has always wanted to do things with his mom that most girls like to do like shopping etc. One day I made it my mission to try and make him more into a man because he was my son and my only k**. I started trying to get him to go outside to play ball or to even go hunt or fish but he usually just told me he didn't feel like going. When it was just him and I at home we would be watching T.V where I would intentionally flip past the porn channels just to get his mind on looking at girls like... Continue»
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[Story] Getting Fucked While GF Listens On Phone (True)

This is the true story of a Craigslist encounter I had almost a month ago and I thought I would share it with all of you because it was definitely interesting. Hope you enjoy because I surely did.

It was a Friday night and I was sitting in my apartment alone and very horny. My girlfriend Sarah was our of state taking a mini vacation with a couple of her girl friends so I figured I would masturbate but I was the kind of horny which some of you know where you just want the real thing so I decided to go where I only go when I... Continue»
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[Story] Being The Party Favor For Dad and His Friends

My name is Mason and I am six teen years old. I lived with my mom and dad until about a year and half ago when my parents decided to mutually separate leaving me with my dad. He was heartbroken at first of course but shortly after began going out with his friends and even sometimes bringing random girls home to have sex with. Dad and I still had a good relationship even though he mostly did his own thing going out and stuff. One night I was at home while he was out and like I usually did when he was gone I made my way to his room and into the dresser where he kept all of his porn mags and movi... Continue»
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[Story] First Gay Experence Getting Fucked By Older Bear N

My name is Ryan, I am seven teen years old and I live with my mom and dad in a quiet, rural town where most everyone knows each other. My mom and dad are hard workers so when there not at home they have had our next door neighbor John watch me and as much as I hated the idea at first I soon found out John was a cool guy. John is a single guy who is in his fifties but is in decent shape since he considers himself an outdoors man. John is tallish and stocky with a black goatee that is starting to grey. Anyways hanging out with John was always fun because he didn't treat me like some random boy w... Continue»
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[Story] Pity Fucking My BBW s****r Like A Slut

My name is Jacob and I am six teen years old. I live with my parents and my s****r Katie who just turned eighteen. My household is like any other I guess, my parents work a lot to pay off all of our nice things so its just usually Katie and I doing our own thing but its usually me more so than Katie. I am tallish and in decent shape with blond hair, blue eyes and I will admit I have a nice size dick not that I like to brag. Now I am the kind of guy who likes going out and hanging with my friends and picking up girls which isn't that difficult for me but sometimes even when I am having a good t... Continue»
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[Story] Fucking My BF With A Strapon (Written By Sarah)

Hello all. This is Sarah again and because most of you seemed to really enjoy my first story I am going to try writing another one. It's my day off so I hijacked my boyfriend David's account and am going to again try my best. Hope you all enjoy :)

Now as I am sure most of you have read David's stories so you kinda know how our sex life is. We have done a lot of things and its gotten to the point where we are trying to think of other things to try. One day David and I were sitting at his place bored out of our minds so we d... Continue»
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[Story] s****rs Taking Big Black Cock Together

My name is Amanda and I live with my parents and older s****r Heather who just recently turned eighteen years old. Heather is only a year older than I but I always looked up to her even though sometimes she can be a real pain in the ass at least to my parents. Heather is very pretty and she knows it so she is usually out hanging with friends wearing cloths that drive my parents crazy. Heather has blonde hair with pink streaks, green eyes and is kind of petite but she has large boobs and a nice butt. I have always been jealous of Heather's looks even though I am by no means ugly, I have short r... Continue»
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[Story] Fucking The Utility Guy (Written By Sarah)

So everyone before we get started this is Sarah. When I got to my boyfriend David's yesterday he was all excited and told me he had an idea. He told me he wanted me to try writing a story about anything I wanted. He is usually the one doing this but I told him I would give it a shot so he left for work and here I am sitting in front of his computer. Like I said I have never done this but I have read many of his stories and will give it my best shot. Hope you all enjoy :)

I thought long and hard about what to write and I thoug... Continue»
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[Story] Fucking My Dads New Bitch Girlfriend

My name is Daniel and I am seven teen years old. I live with my dad and have ever since my mom took off when I was younger which led to my father and I getting our own place. My dad and I since my mom left have had kind of a distant relationship each of us living our own lives. I sat in my room which I enjoyed because I have always been a shy, quiet type person while my dad went out every night trying to find his next wife even though he never seemed to have much luck. I would lay in bed hearing him fucking strange girls from the bar night after night until a couple months later when out of no... Continue»
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[Story] Mean Cousin Treating Me Like A Slut Durning Xmas

I love when Christmas time comes around every year because I always get tons of gifts mostly because I am the only c***d of my parents so they and my extended f****y usually lavish me with presents. One part of the holiday I could care less for is that my cousins from out of state come up every year to stay with us for Christmas. Now I love my aunt, uncle and my cousin June but my other cousin Richard is always a dick to me. Richard is a year older than me seven teen years old while I am just six teen and in his mind it gives him permission to be an asshole. I am already a quiet type of person... Continue»
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[Story] My GF Watching Me Get Fucked By A Friend (True)

This is a true story of mine based on something that happened a week or so ago I thought I would share with you all. Enjoy guys and gals.

It was Friday night and I was sitting at my apartment bored out of my mind. My girlfriend Sarah (Pic above) was at work for a couple more hours so I just sat on my couch listening to some music when my friend Tim (Pic above) from work text me asking what I was up to. I told him nothing and quickly invited him over. Tim agreed and... Continue»
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[Story] Fucking My Son's BBW Girlfriend The Right Way

A couple years ago my wife left me giving me all sorts of reasons but later I found out the truth was that she had found another guy. She gave me custody of my our son Seth and me and him moved into an apartment where we tried to put the pieces of our life back together. Seth just turned seven teen and he has a very shy, quiet personality. For years I have tried to get him to be more social and told him maybe he needed to find a girlfriend to help him get out of his shy ways but nothing ever seemed to get threw to him. Seth's day usually consists of going to school, coming home and sitting in ... Continue»
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