What I Did With Brittany

If you haven't read my other story you should totally check it out right now, go ahead, I'll wait...
Awesome, NOW I can tell my story.
All through school I had no problems with girls. I could have a girlfriend when I needed one, and lots of my best friends were girls. I almost always had a pretty girl to talk to and be with.
There were two girls in particular. Brittany and Aubrey were good friends and were around each other all the time. Now they were both pretty good friends of mine and would always say hi and give me a hug and a peck on the cheek ect. And I don't want to say that they are sluts, because they were both virgins, but they were very... Open, about their bodies, guys would smack their asses as they walked by, and you could walk up and start feelin up their tits and they would just laugh and stick there chests out to give you a better grip.
Which is cool, they're fuckin hot! I am gonna be totally honest I took full advantage of that. If Brittany was bent over her desk I would slap her ass and ask her whats goin on.
One day it got a little further than I expected. I headed over to her house after school had ended because she needed help with a homework, or thats what she told me. Her f****y knew me, I knew them. I said hi to her parents and her b*****rs are all older than us so they ignored me and her. This was a regular occurance anymore she was a good friend. We went up to her room, like normal, but this time she latched the door and locked it. I was being stupid and cracked a joke "Oh, kinky." she laughed and just stood there for an extra moment.
She was a hot as I mentioned befor. She had about shoulder length hair that she died black with red streaks, kind of an emo style look. She had a diamond stud peircing in her nose (not like a septum peircing). She didn't have the biggest tits but she had an AMAZING ass. A good all around look. I'm not sure what it is with me but I always find a girls eyes to be the most interesting and often times the most beutiful part of a woman. Brittany's were blue, a very light pale blue that could catch anyones attention.
"Travis, I want something from you, but I dont know how or if I should ask."
Now me being my hormonal teenage self, the first thing I thought was 'Of course I'll fuck you!' I probably could have said that out loud, but I didn't. "You know you can ask me anything Britt." She didn't say anything, instead she came over and sat on my lap her legs bent at my sides. "I'm not sure I follow." She took off her shirt and gave me a kiss. "How bout now?" I just nodded unable to take my eyes off her tits.
She reached back to undo her bra. It looked like she was struggling. "Lend me a hand?" she asked as she let her hands fall around my neck. To help her I had to lean into her chest, I was in heaven. Her bra fell and her tits rest comfortably in front of my face. "Lizzy told me you were really good at this." That made me feel really good. Not only are girls trying to fuck me, but they're trying to fuck me because I'm good at it!
I composed my self and said "Is that so?" Then I rolled over so I was laying over her. I kissed her some more and started to feel up her tits, and kiss her nipples some more. Then I layed down between her legs and stripped her pants and panties off. It was pretty obvious she had tried to clean up for me, but hair was just starting to grow back. "Sorry it isn't exactly totally clean shaven. I was gonna ask you a could days ago but I got nervous."
"I like a little hair." I replied. I could tell she was a little relieved that I didn't mind the extra hair.
I went to slide my finger inside her but when I got to about the quick of my finger nail she winced and pulled back. "Hey, I've never done this, be gentle with me." So I proceded, a little slower this time. She closed her eyes and rubbed her boobs, letting out a little moan, carefull not to get anyone's attention downstairs. I started by licking her pussy from bottom to top, to the bottom again, and she shivered a little.
I flicked her clit with the tip of my tongue and moved my finger out of her. Then I tried something I haden't tried befor. I slid my tongue into her pussy like I would a finger or my dick. She was loving it. How could I tell? Well first of all my finger and tongue were dripping wet, and when I slid my tongue inside her she put a pillow to her face and screamed. Then I pulled her clit into my mouth and sucked gently while flicking it with my tongue some more.
Then she reached down and shoved my head into her legs even harder giving me a signal not to stop. So I sucked harder and flicked faster and slid my finger into her tight pussy and started pumping it. A little spurt of her love juices covered my chin and finger as her pussy tightened around my finger. She leaned her head back down and let go of my hair, which she had grabbed ahold of when she started her orgasm. Or orgasm's, I wasn't sure. She was breathing heavily and staring at the ceiling. I got up and sucked on her nipples and massaged her chest, not for her, but because I love tits. She shivered a little at the stimulation.
She put her clothes back on as I washed off my face and hands. I grabbed my bag and headed for the door. "Oh and Travis." I heard from the bed she was laying on. "Yeah?"
"We should do this again." She winked at me with her beutiful blue eyes. "Definantly." I said. I walked down the stairs in no hurry to leave. Her mother was at the end of the stairs. "I heard a scream, what were you guys doing up there?"
"Oh that, Brittany stubbed her toe."
'Ha, she might of when she kicked the bed post.' I thought to myself. I did that again with Brittany on a regular basis and on one rare occasion, my birthday actually, with Lizzy AND Brittany. Man I'm a lucky guy sometimes.
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