Bunnii Lust Pt. 3 (Road Head..Squirting)

I had been with Bunnii for two weeks at this point and not to say a pun but we had been fucking like rabbits. With each time I was learning more and more about how to please her more than anyone else could ever dream of pleasing her. We had done so many new things that I had only dreamed of trying. She had told me something she has done before and I had to make her do it again. Before hearing her tell me about squirting I had never even heard of it. The night before I had looked it up and I knew right then and there I had to make her do this before I could feel comfortable knowing I could make her do anything. She told me earlier how it was possible with a vibrator but I wanted to do it by myself without any help. We were going out to dinner and a movie on Friday night and I decided that that was gonna be the night I would do it. Little did I know she had something I hadn’t ever tried before planned for that night as well? After the movie I was getting antsy not only from the thought of what I was about to do but also throughout the movie she kept teasing me by rubbing my cock through my jeans and nibbling on my ears. We got into the car and by that time the bulge in my pants was noticeable to anyone that we passed. I didn’t care who noticed though because I had one thing and one thing alone on my mind.
About five minutes after we had left the theatre and had made it onto the highway headed back to my place. She reached across my lap and continued to rub my crotch like she had done during the movie. Then all of a sudden she unzipped my pants and before I knew it she had my entire cock in her mouth. I had never gotten road head before and it felt so good that I almost wrecked a few times. I hoped a cop didn’t see me swerving occasionally but at that moment I didn’t really care. The only thing I had on my mind was how good her lips wrapped around cock felt. Between that feeling and the occasional time where she pulled it out of her mouth and licked along the bottom of my shaft I was right on the verge of cumming. I wanted to give her my entire load deep down her throat and finally I did. When I came she went all the way down taking not only every inch of my cock but the load I had just shot down her throat. She swallowed every drop of it and sat back up and smiled knowing she had just given me a wonderful experience.
I had almost forgotten what I had planned for her later that night. But right before we got home I collected my thoughts and remembered what I had wanted to do to her. We hurried to the bedroom stripping our clothes along the way. By the time we had made it to the room she only had her lacey thong left on. That came off as I laid her down and then began teasing her as much as she had teased me throughout the evening. I kissed her firmly showing her I meant business. I pulled every trick I had learned over the past two weeks as to how to get her worked up. I bit her lips, then kissed her neck and nibbled on her ears. I then licked n sucked on each off her nipple before kissing down to her already wet pussy. I then began teasing her clit by licking along her lips and sticking my tongue deep into her hole. I quickly shifted my focus to her clit and began licking and every so often sucking on it. I started fingering her with one finger. Her pussy was so tight at first it barely fit but before too long I had started using two fingers and was rubbing her g-spot. I continued licking on her clit while rubbing on her g-spot and after about ten minutes I could feel her start to squirm and grip my fingers with her already tight pussy. I knew she was close to squirting and just the thought of that made me lick and finger her even more furiously. She moaned loudly as her pussy closed completely pushing my fingers out of her and started squirting. At first just a little but as I continued to finger her more and more came out and before too long she was spraying squirt all over my hand and the bed. I kept fingering her till there wasn’t anything left in her.
She laid there shaking and twitching oblivious to the world. I knew at that point she was mine and I never was gonna lose her to anyone. I knew no one could please her more than I could and she not only loved me but couldn’t ever imagine being with anyone else. The question was how could this ever get any better but I knew I was still learning more and better ways to get her to cum.
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