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Pt. 2 (Bunnii Lust) Beginning

I slowly followed Bunnii back to her bedroom not knowing for sure what she wanted from me. The idea of having her again alone this time was worth the risk to find out. I could feel my cock starting to grow again before I had even made it back to her room. By the time I had made it into her room she had taken off the towel and was already laying on the bed playing with that same pretty tight pussy that I had been in earlier that night. She was already wet and I knew at that point she had been thinking about earlier and wanted me as much as I wanted her. I wanted to fuck her again this time giving her my hot load deep inside her tight pussy. But that would have to wait cuz I wanted to taste her to see if she tasted as good as she felt.
Without even saying a word I knelt down and started licking her pussy. It was already wet but I knew I could make it wetter. I slowly started teasing her clit softly licking her on her pearl, barely even touching at times. I could feel her hands waiting behind my head getting ready to shove my face into her crotch and to stop teasing her with my tongue. But before she grabbed the back of my head I buried my face in her pussy and I started licking her clit faster. I could faintly hear her saying something and before I knew it she started bucking her hips and squeezing my head with her thighs. I could tell she was about to orgasm and while I didn’t want to stop feasting between her legs I wanted to give her everything I could. I wanted her to remember this night as much as I did. After she had stopped writhing in pleasure I started kissing my way up her body. I started kissing her thighs then made my way up her belly to those breasts I had noticed previously. They were pierced and hard from her being so aroused. I started licking and sucking on them going back and forth between the right n left. Not knowing whether I was gonna have another opportunity to have her or not. I was gonna take my time and relish this entire experience. After a while of playing with her tits with my mouth I continued upward kissing her neck dragging my lips between kisses then I softly nibbled on her neck, not enough to hurt but enough to show her I was in charge. I had finally made my way from one set of perfect lips to the other set. I kissed her passionately for little while every so often getting ahold of her bottom lip between my teeth.
I could tell now was my time so I positioned myself between her legs ready to insert my cock into her hungry pussy. My cock was rock hard but she was so wet that I slid right into her tight twat without too much effort. I could feel her pussy walls gripping my cock tighter and tighter with every inch I went into her pussy. After a while of slowly working my cock in and out of her hole the gripping had lessened slightly. She moaned and softly said “harder Please”. I indulge her wishes and start thrusting harder and faster, seemingly going deeper with each stroke. Her moans got louder and louder so I kissed her as to quiet her since I didn’t wanna wake Jen. I pulled out and asked her what else she wanted me to do to her. She rolled over sticking her booty in the air. She wanted me to fuck her doggy style but the sight of her wonderful ass was inviting I had to worship it. It was like no booty I had ever seen before in my life that could compare and I couldn’t keep my hands and mouth to myself.
I kissed and softly rubbed each cheek for what had seemed an eternity before she stopped me. I had lost track of what I was doing and had gotten lost while worshiping her ass. I could tell she enjoyed it but wanted my cock in her again and was tired of waiting. Her pussy still wet as ever, I slid my cock in again more f***eful than before. She buried her face into her pillow trying to hold back a scream. I started fucking her harder again when I noticed she was pushing back into me just as f***eful as I was shoving my cock deep into her pussy. I couldn’t hold it in anymore. I started to slow my pace as to try to make this last longer. She wasn’t having any of that, She start pushing back harder and faster not wanting to wait any longer for my load. I tried to hold it in as long as I could but I finally burst. I came deep inside of her grabbing hold of her shoulders to push my cock as deep as I could into her warm pussy. The feeling of my hot load being released into her must have been intense because she came as well squeezing out every drop of cum out of me til there was nothing left. I felt like so relieved and exhausted that I could have died right then and felt like I didn’t need to experience anything else in life to die happy. We started to fall asl**p right there in her bed. As I lay behind her holding her tightly not wanting this night to ever end and wondering if this would be the last time being with her or I would be lucky enough to have her again. No point in worrying about it right then as I kissed her one last time before we both fell asl**p.

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2 years ago
Wow,,sure would luv to hit that hot body....