driving home late (fiction)

It was a Friday night. Calm, not one cloud in the sky and it was quiet. Just me and my Mustang GT. Thought about gettin gas before hitting the parkway to Atlantic City. Besides, got a wad of cash and a mind full of fantasy. Little did i know that my deepest fantasies were to come to life in the matter of moments.

Damn, this gas attendant is taking forever...

While at the nearest gas station closest to the parkway, i noticed my guage was on empty and staring into the fog surrounded light pole, the engine sorta lulled me into relaxation. Then, in the corner of my eye, i spot a police squad car pulling in.

Pulls up right behind me.

Thinking to myself, the gas attendant already took out the pump from my tank, its legal that my car is on. Shes just sitting there. Spooked out, i slowly pull out of the Wawa gas station. Was going to get a drink for the ride, maybe a coffee to give me a jolt. So, im driving down the road. Not a car in sight. Pass by the green light and continue to head toward the parkway when i see flashing lights behind me. So, i pull to the side to let her go pass me. Now, im watching her, and she pulls right behind me and parks. Strange i thought. Why would i be getting pulled over, my inspection is still good, lights are working, wasnt speeding... so, now she got me thinking. 2 minutes later, nothing... another two minutes later... nothing. I get my insurance and license out just to be ready for when she comes to my window. Finally, she gets out of the car.

Hello, sir. May i please see your license and regristration?

Sure, here you go, miss.

What you doin on a night like this all alone, mr. Katastrophy? She asked me in a sweet polite tone. "If it isnt me, then i dont know what other woman is best fit to fire off a gun like that"

Looking around for a gun in my car, clueless of what she is talking about. "Miss, i am sorry, therr is no gun"

"SHUT UP, SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU FUCKING BITCH"! The officer yells in my face. "STEP OUT OF THE VEHICLE WITH YOUR HANDS BEHIND YOUR HEAD!" She deliberately orders me, as if im an armed suspect. So, she handcuffs my hands behind my back. Doesnt read me my rights.

Then, she starts frisking me.

Walks me to the backseat of my mustang GT, opens the door and throws me in head first. Climbs ontop of me as im cuffed. Starts licking my face, biting my lip and shoving her hand down my pants. Automatically i get hard as a rock. So, she climbs on me, uniform still on, and undoes my pants and takes out my cock and balls.

"Mmmm.. nice and shaved for your mistress are you, great", she says in a soft voice, squeezing by balls with her hand. "Uhh owwh.."

"SHUT THE FUCK UP!" She yells, as i moan and squirm. Then, she climbs on me more, makes her way to my face, and straddles me. Still in uniform. Naturally, i start licking and sucking on her pants at the crotch.

I hear my door open again. Then it closes. I think someone else came in too. I cant see a damn thing but a nice uniformed wet crotch smothering my face. Then, again, i feel my balls get squeezed. Harder, and harder... i bite my lip and close my eyes real tight because of the pleasurely pain from my balls being squeezed.

"OOHHHH!" I scream out in a painful pleasure moan. Then, i feel sucking on the side of my pulsating cock. Then the squeezing of the balls at the same time. As im moaning, the officer ontop of me keeps putting more pressure on my face to straddle me from moaning. Suddenly, i pass out from lack of oxygen.


I regain consciousness, feeling naked, and tied to a cold metal chair. With straps at my arms and ankles as im blindfolded.


I feel a strong grip on my cock, like someone literally squeezing my cock to make it burst. "Ahh Ahhhhhh!!!" I scream from the pain as loud as i can.

Then, i feel a mouth surrounding my cock. Finally, pleasure without pain. I also feel someones tongue in my mouth. Hmmm, this feels good. I think to myself. Then suddenly, the weirdest feeling... i get laid flat as if i went from sitting in a cold solid iron chair to a cold solid iron bed in one swift movement. Again, i feel someone climbing on me. Except this time, skin instead of polyester.

Continue this story at a later time. Will have a sequel.
75% (3/1)
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2 years ago
Eh theyre all similar
2 years ago
sounds like another story i read on here
2 years ago
Yeah... got late, was gettin exhausted. Ill make a sequel soon bro. I just gotta make the time. Thanks for the 3/5 tho.
2 years ago
Eh, cuts off as the action is getting good, I will give it a 3/5