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New version of xHamster is here!

Hey guys and girls!

The new version of xHamster is officially launched! Which means a BIG changes! Are you ready for them? We hope so!

Here is a complete list of all new features in updated xHamster:

1. New design. That's probably the most impressive part. And it's definately better one time to see than hundred times to hear.

2. Ads in movie player on pause can be removed with just one click. So from now you're able to enjoy the paused moment.

3. Slideshow on picture galleries was completely renewed.

4. Personal Messaging system was highly improved.

5. Every personal message can be removed from your mailbox now.

6. Advanced search feature is now available near search bar for videos.

Here you can choose based on your own sexual preferences what kind of content is interested for you and Save this settings for all future searches.

7. With a new dropdown menu you can get into every part of xHamter from any location.

8. Comments of verified users are having a special layout now.

9. Random video feature is finally made! This is a special gift to those who asked for it.

10. Promoted videos can be refreshed now.

11. When some PRO model is on cam doing a live show you will see a special notice near cam icon on their profile.

12. Several old bugs were fixed. But if you'll find a new ones please feel free to report.

Please don't hesitate to share your impressions in comments!

UPDATE 3/11/2013

Friends, we fixed My Online Friends feature and several other small bugs. If you will notice more please report!

One very important thing - we changed an avatar's (main photo's) format, the default size now is 150 x 150 px. So we highly recommend you to update your old avatars to get the best look!

UPDATE 4/3/2013

Friends, seems like some of you are having difficulties with navigation on a new version. So here are some hints for you.

1. To add a video into your Favorites please click on a heart icon under the movie player.

2. Your Favorites are available now via top drop down menu.

3. Recommended Videos can be found under Video tab on the main menu.

4. Now you can sort your search results by Relevance, Date Added, View Count and Rating as before. This option is available via Advanced search tool. We forgot to add it before, sorry about that.

Posted by xHamster 1 year ago
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1 month ago
لا يعمل
4 months ago
5 months ago
Miss it is racism. They put the Slavic Nations last!!
5 months ago
So if they are so big and making money off the porn we upload the tech staff think they can do what ever they want by putting someone's uploads in the gay man's section even when the person checked straight and the video has nothing to do with homosexuality? I have a small fan following and they are complaining to me about a lot of my videos being put in the gay man's section. Well here is a quote by a band called Motorhead in one of their songs called Just cause you got the power that don't mean you got the right!!! You know the mega company At&t Uverse who merged with Yahoo is global but they tried to screw me over and after I contacted some friends and wrote some articles the main president over this huge global company actually called my home to make sure I was satisfied and taken care of and you can check into it if you think I am joking or lying. So if you want to play games with me then your making a huge mistake. Also what is this about you guys putting down the church of Scientology? I am a Christian myself but I belief in freedom of Religion and they should be left alone!!!!
5 months ago
if you check the straight category why would the fucking tech staff who are obviously a hate group against homosexuals. They think they are fucking with me because I am straight but it is really an insult to the gay community and what does xhamster tech staff have against the church of scientology? They have the right to freedom of religion just like everyone else.
6 months ago
Awesome love it!
7 months ago
Great posr
8 months ago
Hi Xham. Why have you changed new members by country from cronological order to random? Now it is impossible to keep track of newcommers without searching through hundreds of users. Unnessary because someone have made a mistake during an update!
9 months ago
Truly the guys demand are legal. xHamster is very very popular and very big porn website of all world. Other porn website not so big and popular but they have more language version(like http://bongacams.com/ website have 33 language version) because they know every country people is not understand English. English is not every people native language. People only understand better there native language. I don't say give here world all language version but I say give here population country version. Those country more people are living, looks like China(1,364,680,000),India(1,244,600,000),Thailand(64,456,700),Korea(50,423,955),Bangladesh(152,518,015)in these country people are so hot and sexy and they are sex video are so expensive and popular,they want sex but there education level is not so good ,they are better understand there native language. xHamster already have 10 language version , it's very helpful these country peoples but please thing the other country people also they are want to understand xHamster and want to join here and want to share there feelings but they are helpless because they are not native English speaker. Some time non-educated people want xxx ,want to saw xxx photo,want to saw xxx video,want to read xxx stries but they don't understand English they only understand there native language. This time they can't join world beautiful and awesome xHamster site ,they go other little porn site. So please thing the problem and create here some more version like chinese version,hindi,thai version,korean version,bengali version,swedish version. It's better for those country people. Hope guys support this..............
9 months ago
yes right
9 months ago
Korean please,no English,no English.
9 months ago
한국어 사이트.
9 months ago
Create please xhamster korean version.
9 months ago
9 months ago
I am Korean. Xhamster is a beautiful site but we korean want xhamster Korean language site.
9 months ago
한국의 버전 부디.
9 months ago
I am from South Korea. Korean Version, please.
9 months ago
the broadcasting now is only for the model it's too bad
9 months ago
9 months ago
9 months ago
10 months ago
I am from China. xhamster is a wonderful site. But I do not understand English site. I saw xhamster have more language version. Why here is no Chinese version. China is a very very biggest country of all the world. We Chinese people want xhamster Chinese version. Please please give us xhamster Chinese version. We chinese want the categories,hot sex story,blog,video title everything in Chinese version. It's possible?
10 months ago
You have removed the best fourm for members to chat and interact!Just porn,no bullshit?Really?
10 months ago
Hi, but the broadcasting now is only for the model? Why?
10 months ago
you have really messed this up. Off to a new site.
10 months ago
It is simply all about getting more money in and not about the users at all. I am certain you will lose more people than you gain.
10 months ago
You guys really fucked up hamster, no wonder everyone has fucked off elsewhere
10 months ago
Not sure why you made the changes to the site recently but I have noticed that many people using it are no longer here. I don't blame them and I will be looking for a new site as well. They did a fine job of screwing it all up!!!!
10 months ago
you really screwed up guys
bring back the viewer list
11 months ago
Whats up here? Cant run even my own vids!!! Any help pls bayerboy!!!