The House Guest

It was a typical summer evening, sun still blazing in the sky, birds still chirping well after 6pm. You know the sort. Well it was on one of these days that my young virgin mind was forever changed. Her name was Alex, and she was the daughter of my mothers friend. We had known each other most of our lives and had become close as f****y over the years. She was a short girl with dark hair. She had radiant green eyes and a plump set of cushion lips. Her breasts were typical for an 18 year old of her stature, perky and the shape of ski-slopes (although it would be a while before I got to see them).
On the particular glowing evening in question, Alex was to stay at our house while hers was being renovated and her parents went on a Mediterranean Cruse (or Caribbean, I can't remember and it doesn't matter). So Alex arrived at our door, with a few bags and a big bright smile.
"I think this is gonna be a good weekend" She said through her broad grin. I took her bags and carried them up to the room where she was to stay, down the hall from my parents and across from mine.
"Right well you know where everything is, so you can settle yourself" I said as I left the room and into mine. I shut both doors behind me, and returned to procrastinating on the internet, as I had most likely been doing.
After an hour of internet time (approx 3-5 hours real time), I was beginning to doze off, and thought to myself time for bed, but of course I didn't move and fell to sl**p in my desk chair.
I woke to a soft noise, but I couldn't identify or locate its source. A kind of quiet, sharp, stifled noise. As I looked around for the cause of my awakening I noticed my door was wide open.
"Did I not close that earlier?" I wondered to myself "I'll close it now so."
I walked to the door and as my hand reached to close it I saw Alex's door was also wide open. This however, was not the first thing to catch my eye. What I first saw was Alex, in just a t-shirt, lying on top of the bed. Her legs spread wide and her hand softly massaging the area between.
I stood in silence, watching how her body moved as she pleasured her beautiful shaven pussy. She took her hand away and began to lick her fingers, one at a time, top to bottom. Sucking them as I'd always imagined my cock would be. Her hand returned to her gorgeous pussy and went at it with the movements of a professional. She slid a finger in, then out, then in again. All the while her other hand rubbing her clitoris at increasing speed and intensity. Her back arched and her control over her breathing was lost. She gasped, then covered her mouth with one hand as she arched again. I was watching her masturbate and it was the hottest thing I'd ever experienced. My cock, rock solid with the bl**d, felt as though it was going to burst through my shorts. I had to let it out.
I pulled down my shorts slightly and grabbed my cock, pulling it out where it was no longer restrained. I began to rub it at the tip, as I'd grown quite accustomed to while internet procrastinating. I slid my hand down the shaft and up again, slowly, enjoying what was happening. I stood in the door of my room with my cock firmly in hand watching this gorgeous girl as she orgasmed. But it wasn't enough. I had to go for it. I cast off my pants entirely and I walked across the hall into her room and closed the door behind me. Without even looking up she spoke.
"I was wondering how long you would take to come over." She said coyly and with the same smirk she had walked in the door wearing. She was still rubbing herself, only now she was looking at me, licking her lips. I thought I was going to burst right there! I had to stop jerking off or I would have. She saw me stop and used the opportunity to take hold of it herself. Her hands were wet with her own juices and felt warm wrapped around my cock.
"You have no idea how long I've wanted to do this" She said with a hint of a giggle, but before I could reply she had wrapped her beautiful soft-as-a-pillow lips around the tip of my cock. I almost exploded on the spot, but managed to contain it. Then she slid it all the way into the back of her throat and I couldn't hold it a second more. I shot what felt like the biggest load I've ever shot right into her mouth, and she lapped up every last drop of it. It was as though she had sucked me empty using my cock as a straw.
She had made me feel better than I had done in quite a long time, I needed to return the favour. I got on the bed with her and she began to kiss me. I kissed her in kind and worked my way down her beautiful body. Her t-shirt was removed at some point but I honestly can't remember when. I dropped from her neck down to her supple breasts. Each was like a dollop of the greatest ice-cream with a perfect nipple/cherry sitting on top. I licked them both as though I could taste the vanilla they reminded me of. Her cherry tops hardened as my mouth closed around them. Working down her tight toned stomach I reached the holy crevasse between her legs, that enticing, hypnotising hole. The one which I had watched her please as a pro, and here I was, an amateur with the determination to do even better.
I began by rubbing her clitoris, which at this point was swollen and drenched. She reacted almost instantly. As soon as my fingers began to play with it, her body shuddered and her head rolled back as she deeply inhaled. I slid the tip of one finger in, (testing the waters, if you will ;)), and then immediately out again. I liked this, I could feel her push towards my hand as though she wanted me to go further. I slid the finger in again, further, then out once more. From the way she was moaning I knew I was doing it right.
"Time for my mouth" I thought and slid a second finger in along with the first. I licked her protruding clit at first, while continually sliding fingers in and out of her. She shuddered again. My mouth closed around it, sucking and licking. Fingers in and out of her, gaining speed. She was loving it! Her hands grabbed my hair at either side and when I looked up to see, she just slammed my face back down.
She came at least 3 or 4 times before I felt I was done, she was panting deeply and smiling at me as I rose.
"You've never done that before? Lies! That was incredible Colm, I should keep you in a drawer in my room!" She laughed as she pulled me in to kiss her again. "I see you're ready again" She said, grabbing onto my once again rock hard cock. "Lets fuck!"
She moved in closer to me on the bed, wrapping her legs around my waist. I did not even hesitate, I grabbed her and pulled her right to the edge of the bed, with me standing just in front, her legs either side of me. Her pussy was so wet by this point I could see it shine in the otherwise darkened room. It looked so beautiful, and I couldn't wait to feel it around my cock.
I pressed the head of my dick against the lips of her pussy and it started to slide in. She was tight, but I easily and very comfortably fit inside. Her body shook as I slid further and deeper inside of her, by the time I was even half way she was pouring out onto me.
I penetrated deep inside of her, I felt as though her pussy was eating my cock, and I loved it! As I began to pick up some speed in my movements I used one of my hands to start rubbing her clit once more. She was loving it! I was fucking her as hard as I could by the time she came but boy did she! She roared "OH MY GOD!!" and she grabbed the back of my neck to pull me in for a kiss, but I wasn't done. I kept fucking her, she rolled her head back and her whole body was quivering as she climaxed over and over. She quickly flipped up onto her knees again and rammed my cock down the back of her throat again. She sucked all of her own juice off of it, moving it in and out out her throat, through those velvet lips and around that magical tongue. It didn't take long before she sucked another massive load out of it. She looked into my eyes and smiled as she swallowed it all.
"Ok, I think its sl**p time now Colm." She said, then rolled over and tucked herself in. "We'll talk tomorrow."
I went to my room and fell to sl**p instantly, drained. When I woke my parents and Alex were at the kitchen table.
"What was the shouting about last night? I was going to come check but you were quiet after so I left you alone." My Dad quizzed her.
"Oh I saw a spider in the room, but Colm came over and took care of it for me." She lied, smiling towards me as I walked in.
"What a gentleman you are son!" exclaimed my mother from the oven.
After breakfast, Alex went upstairs to brush her teeth and my parents left to go to the shopping centre. Now was the time to talk about last night with her, I thought.
I went into the bathroom to look for her but she wasn't there. I turned to see her standing in the hallway, completely naked. Her body even more lustrous in the morning light.
"You were right you know, this IS going to be a good weekend!" I said as I walked towards her readying for what I knew was coming once again.
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2 years ago
Damn. We wish!!
2 years ago
Great stuff. Very hot and well written.