A PerFeCt hOle....

It was a very dull and boring work day. The most annoying thing was your desire was growing to fill you entirely. Recently I was willing to be treated like a bitch. I was in for something I couldn’t explain. I was in want of real cock, no matter what size. I was dreaming of being banged in the mouth, tasting hot sperm on my lips running inside my throat. I put on my favorite white blouse with large décolleté, tight-fitting skirt, black stockings and high-heeled shoes. I was blonde, tall with big sexy boobs, slim fanny and long legs. But I never had panties down there, from my college years, yet a student chick I was not fond of this kind of female’s cloth.
I dropped in some porn-shop on my way home, not far from my house. When I entered the shop a wave of excitement shuddered my back, there were 6 men, walking around the shop windows and scaffolding, looking over magazines and articles on the shelves. They all turned to me and stared at me as if I was some celebrity. I imagined myself standing on my knees and sucking them off.
I was sure that these guys had never seen chicks like me before in this shop. “I wonder if they all wanted to have sex with me!” this thought flitted across my mind and excited me a lot.I went into the “toys” section and spent some time on watching dildo anal and vaginal masturbators, lubricants and fur manacles. Finally I got on and came up to the seller guy: he noticed my trembling hands when I was paying off. I saw some grin on his face, he seemed to guess what I was gonna use the dildo for. I got into my car and made my mind to have some fun with that toy. I forgot to buy some lubricant, so I decided to use a face cream instead. I opened my legs wide in order to put it inside my anus, it entered hard, inch by inch as there was a tight hole down there. Then, having placed it inside I went out of my car and led my way to the shop back. Every step of mine gave me pleasure; it was so good walking with it. I approached the seller guy again and asked some badges to have free access in any video cab. He smiled sphinxily and gave me 3 badges. I thanked him and went to the video section. There some guys walking around, I entered one cab and closed the door. Every cab had some special hole in the wall, on the right side of the chair. Suddenly there appeared a light beam in this hole, I believed someone entered the adjacent cab to relax. I dropped my badge into the coin machine and the porn movie was on. There some chick was blowing a guy. I looked at the hole on my right and saw that my neighbor was gazing intently on me.
He removed his eye as if ashamed, but I knew something he would never believe. It was truly necessary for me to become a real slut and suck somebody off tonight. I removed the chair aside and kneeled in front of this hole. The floor was dirty and covered with spittle. The man out there looked at me again, then he unzipped his fly and took his cock out and put it into the hole right towards me. I heard some noise in the next cab from my left and guessed that there was someone willing to peep at me. I gripped this dick and slowly put it in the mouth, passing my tongue along its length. Its erection didn’t immediately crown my efforts, though soon he was hard-on. It was heard that the man was groaning loudly and breathing hard. He pressed to the wall closer to make me suck his cock deeper. He came quickly, a few minutes passed after the beginning. He zipped up and went away. But it wasn’t enough to me, so I turned around staying on my knees and checked the second hole. There was another guy, sitting on the chair and jacking off. I knew he saw me blowing that guy and it made my excitement increase; he approached the wall and placed his dick into the hole with a jerk. I got down at once, taking as deep as might be possible for my whorish mouth. I wanted him to fuck my mouth off! I was pressed to the wall so that my nose set against the wall, my lips were passing over the penis, it seemed that he was ready to come. I became like one of those dirty whorish sluts, eager to suck anyone off and whose mouth was no more that some can for sperm - the only place to come. That guy increased his speed and started fucking me faster and faster. His cock seemed to become bigger in my mouth, his balls were thrashing against my chin every time he impaled me onto his dick. That was the most thing I was dying for: to have his cum inside. I wanted to be treated as some street chick in a sleazy skirt. Finally his penis strained and clots of sperm filled my mouth. It poured down my chin and dropped on my blouse. Soon after someone knocked at the door of my cab, without rising I reached a door bolt and let him come in. there appeared a tall Black. He looked at me top-down and grinned. Then he undid his jeans and revealed me a big 10 inch long black cock, so big and thick that I started first. It was not easy to impale my lips onto this phallus, though soon I succeeded and began moving my head rhythmically. However he grasped my head with a jerk and f***ed me move as fast as I can. For several times, I had nausea and hardly kept from puking. Though he didn’t care for that, he kept whispering me: “Come on, you slut, do it! Take it all, bitch!” with his right hand he rode up my blouse and took up fondling my tits. He put his cock out from time to time and slapped me on the face with it. “Tell me that you want this, you bitch, you tart!” and I moaned something like “Yeahh” “Suck it, keep sucking me, bitch!” He knew what I was really waiting for and that was true. He gripped my head and went on fucking my mouth hard, deeper and more violently. His cock’s head rested against my throat, tears poured out of my eyes, but we didn’t want to stop. I was looking at him and felt some content of that I was gradually turning into a cheap street slut! I knew that people outside were hearing my sucking, I truly didn’t mind that because I wanted them to hear my squelching and smacking of lips, I wanted them to know what I was doing in the cab. I saw them peeping me in the adjacent cabs, and this fact excited me more. My lust grew up as this Black was screwing me hard and fast. Soon he set his elbow against the wall and I realized that he was gonna come. My heart melted with delight when he came in my mouth with a loud obscene swearing. The stream of sperm rushed into my oral cavity filling it all. Some of it poured out on my cheeks. He put it out and wiped onto my face, then ordered me to lick it all, I obeyed. Without a word he went off, leaving me alone on my knees. He left the door open for everyone could see what a lusty and cheap bitch I was.
In the long run I recovered myself and made my way towards the entrance. My hair was awry, I noticed some dirty marks of sperm on my stockings and skirt, and the blouse was not buttoned. I knew that all shop clients were staring at me, and they were aware of what just recently happened in the cab. My heart was thumping with excitement, and with the awareness of that everybody knew that I was a slut, who was fond of blowing.
I knew that I was true and I really was a tart, and my mouth was destined for sucking and it was the only thing I wanted most.
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5 years ago
you have no shame you made me cum so hard and that I came again and again now I have to dtake a brake and go to the bathroom and clean myself of so i can get back to work Thanks
Love your story