Do i get a kiss then?

"Do I get a kiss then?" said Leah, her face centimetres from mine, and a mischevious grin on her face.

We were sitting in the park with a few of Leah's mates. I met her and her best mate John at college a few weeks ago. I didn't know the other 3 boys, but they all seemed nice enough. It was almost 2am, and we were all freezing. We had been out since about 7, and by midnight we were getting bored, so John suggested a game of truth or dare. When it got to my turn, I decided to go for a dare. I had secretly been wishing someone would dare me to kiss Leah, and it seemed like my wish came true.

"Do I get a kiss then?" she said. I leant in and gave her a light kiss on the lips, and pulled quickly away. I am really shy. "That doesn't count, it wasn't a proper kiss!" protested Leah.

"You kiss me then!" I replied. She quickly leant in, one hand on my jawline near my ear, and gave me a long gentle kiss.

As she pulled away, I stayed still for a moment, just looking at her. She had the softest lips! Leah is very small. About 5'4", very skinny almost boyish figure but with about 30B boobs. Short, light brown hair flicked accross her face, and spider-bite piercings on the left hand side of her bottom lip.

At that point one of the other boys decided it was time to go. We all got up, Leah took me by the hand, and we said goodbye to the boys as they went off to sl**p at John's house, and we headed back to Leah's.

As we got inside, we had to creep up the stairs, as her parent's and twin s****r were all fast asl**p. We went into Leah's room and shut the door. I went over and sat down on the edge of her bed, feeling slightly awkward, partly because I had never been to her house before, and partly because I had never really been with a girl before. Kissing her earlier was the first time I had ever even kissed a girl.

I am taller than Leah, at 5'7". I am curvy with 38D boobs and womanly hips. I have medium length choppy hair and bright green eyes.
She came over to the bed and sat next to me, just watching me. After a few moments, she reached up and tucked a strand of my hair behind my ear. I shivered slightly at the touch of her cold fingertips on my cheek. She smiled and kissed me. It was amazing, a long, deep, passionate kiss, that sent electric shocks running all through my body. She started to pull away, but I wove my fingers into her hair and held her to me.

When we pulled away from the kiss, she looked at me with this massive smile on her face. She got up, walked to the door, and turned off the light. I sat on the bed in complete darkness, waiting for her to sit back down next to me, but she didn't. Suddenly I heard the distinctive sound of her unzipping her jeans, and the light crumpling noise of fabric hitting the wooden floor. I caught my breath as I felt her hands lifting off my thin cotton dress, leaving us both sitting on her bed in nothing but underwear. I strained my eyes, desperate to see her body. They slowly adjusted to the darkness, and I just stared at her delicate frame. She shivered as I reached out and touched the taught skin of her stomache.

"Is this ok?" she whispered, and without waiting for a reply, she straddled me, and pressed herself onto me, making me lie down on the bed. I felt her fingertips slowly brushing from my knee all the way up my inner thigh, accross my pants, up the sensitive skin of my stomache, and then circle my boobs. She made a slight 'mmm'ing noise, and she simultaneously unhooked my bra and dove in to kiss my rock hard nipples. I moaned loudly, and she giggled as she put a hand over my mouth, telling me to be quiet. I could feel the dampness and warmth growing in between my legs. I felt my pussy throbbing, desperate for her touch.

She must have sensed my desire, as she got up off me, romeved her bra and pants, then lay back down beside me, teasing me with her fingertips. I began slightly raising and lowering my hips, feeling the slight rub of my pants against my clit. She knew what I wanted, and dipped her fingers into my pants and into my slit. I shuddered as she pused one, then two fingers into my throbbing pussy. She started finger fucking me, faster and faster, I moaned into her neck, and searched for her mouth. She turned her head and we passionately kissed while her thumb found my clit. It felt like her hand was almost vibrating, it was better than anything I had felt before.

I desperately wanted to make her feel the way she was making em feel, so I snaked my hand down her stomache, until I felt the warm wet mound between her legs. Like me, she was completely shaven, and I smiled to myself as I realised she must have shaved this morning, in anticipation for tonight. My fingers slowly entered her slit, and I rubbed her clit, going faster and faster, until I felt like I could not hold it in anymore, just as I heard her catch her breath, and we both exploded with orgams, hips bucking into each other and our toungues locked together.

As our bodies finally weakened and collapsed, we looked at each other, and she smiled the sweetest smile at me, before kissing me one last time before well fell asl**p naked in each other's arms.

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