Lesbian B'day Party

Charlie opened the door and reached for the light. Nothing happened grumbling she wondered where her roommate was at this time of night. Reaching for the lamp she turned it on. The light came on and Charlie screamed as Jodi and their friends jumped out screaming surprise. Charlie looked around laughing as they sang happy birthday.
Pulling her toward the kitchen the room decorated with streamers and balloons. Jodi proudly showed her the cake covered in little cock candles all waiting to be lit. Tanya pulled her jacket off as Cindy handed her a silky teddy she noticed that everyone was wearing some form of pajamas. Jodi asked what was a slumber party without pajamas.
Walking into the kitchen Charlie modeled her sexy outfit as they laughed. Jodi handed her some punch taking a drink she gasped as the liquor burned down her throat. Looking around she knew that they had d***k most of it before she was home. Laughing she turned it up draining it so she could catch up.
Lighting the candles they waited for her to make a wish blowing them out as everyone laughed sucking the icing off of the little cocks. Finishing the cake Charlie started opening the presents pushed at her, the packages wrapped in paper with huge hard cocks. Tanya picked up the video camera and began taping the group as she opened the presents.
Charlie ripped one open laughing as she pulled a gold vibrator and a dozen batteries out. Turning the base it buzzed to life in her hands pulling Cindy toward her she thanked her as she rubbed it between Cindy’s firm breasts giggling. Taking Marina’s gift she pulling out a large purple double headed dildo and laughed as Marina leaned over and sucked one end into her mouth.
The table was piled with various toys from handcuffs, whips, dildos, vibrators and a large collection of batteries. Jodi stepped behind Charlie and smiling into the camera slid the gold vibrator between Charlie’s breasts reaching down brushing her fingers over her hardening nipples. Cindy slid her hand along her thigh as she looked at Tanya. Charlie felt her pussy tingle as she felt the cold slick vibrator sliding between her titties and Cindy’s silky hands caressing her leg. Marina pulled the chair around as she dropped to her knees placing the double-headed dildo against Charlie’s tight pussy smiling at the camera.
Charlie looked up as Kay stepped behind Jodi and ran her hands up her stomach pinching Jodi’s nipples. Charlie moaned as she felt Cindy’s finger pushing the silk aside as Marina rubbed the dildo directly across her throbbing clit. Jodi turned toward Kay their tongues meeting as Kay pinched her rock hard nipples.
Tanya chuckled as she watched Cindy and Marina pull Charlie from the chair ripping her silk teddy off of her. Motioning them toward the island counter. Laying back Charlie ran her hands over Marina’s nipples as she lowering her lips to Charlie’s. Cindy spread Charlie’s legs over the edges of the counter slipping her fingers up spreading her dripping pussy open for the camera. Tanya zoomed in as Cindy flicked her nail over Charlie’s clit making her moan against Marina’s mouth. Tanya panned the camera around smiling as she saw Jodi her leg on the seat of the chair her hands buried in Kay’s hair as Kay sucked her clit.
Cindy slid her tongue over Charlie’s clit before dipping down into her tiny tight pussy. Charlie pulled Marina on the counter as she felt her clit being bitten and tugged deep into Cindy’s mouth. Straddling Charlie’s face Marina lowered her throbbing pussy onto her lapping tongue. Tanya moved back and forth zooming in on Charlie’s face buried in the slick shaved pussy and Cindy’s tongue fucking Charlie’s humping snatch. Turning she taped Jodi as she ground her pussy against Kay’s tongue filling her mouth with dripping cum.
Pulling Kay to her feet Jodi pushed her toward the counter. Kay sucked Charlie’s hard nipple into her mouth as Jodi knelt between her legs pushing a large pink vibrator into her open gash. Charlie groaned as she felt the teeth surround her nipple sucking Marina’s clit into her mouth she tasted her cum sliding down coating her tongue as Marina screamed. Tanya ran her finger over Cindy’s ass as she drove her finger into her hot pussy while still taping.
Marina pulled Charlie up moving her to her knees. Charlie smiled at Tanya watching her finger stroking her clit as she pulled Cindy onto the counter. Stretching Cindy out under her she lower her face to her throbbing clit groaning loudly as she felt Cindy thrusting her finger into her pussy. Tanya handed Charlie the gold vibrator as Charlie threw her head back screaming as she felt Kay and Marina holding her ass cheeks and pussy wide as Cindy finger fucked her hard. Charlie bit down on Cindy’s clit as she rammed the vibrator into her pussy hearing her groan as she started pumping it into her faster.
Jodi stood her face covered with Kay’s creamy cum and smiled at Tanya as she walked over pinching her nipples kneeling and pulling Tanya’s soaked snatch to her cum thirsty mouth. The camera zoomed in as Marina slid her tongue over Charlie’s tiny asshole. Charlie felt the tongue in her ass and pushing back felt the slender massaging wand slid into her tight ass. Cindy thrust her hips against Charlie’s mouth as the vibrator drove into her gushing pussy as she came. Tanya gasped loosing focus on the camera for a moment as she gripped Jodi’s hair pulling her hard against her clit as she felt her cum flooding down into to Jodi’s wildly sucking mouth.
Tanya smiled as she looked down at Jodi before setting the camera on the tripod directly at the end of the counter motioning it was time the birthday girl came. Charlie felt the massager slide from her ass only to feel something else being pushed in. Cindy sat up smiling at her. Marina stayed as Charlie saw them smiling pushing her back. Marina’s legs came over her shoulders holding her arms as Jodi and Kay pulled her legs wide holding them tightly. Tanya slipped a blind fold over her eyes as she began to feel lips surrounding her nipples and finger tugging at her pussy and clit.
Tanya looked at the camera making sure it was right as Cindy slid her fingers along Charlie’s swelled pussy lips spreading them wide as she rubbed the head of the large double-headed dildo between them. Charlie tried to thrust her hips down against it but she was held tight. Teasing her with the head of the dildo she slid just the head in and fucked it in and out of her as Charlie whined and struggled. Smiling Cindy nodded at Marina as she thrust the dildo deep into her dripping snatch. Marina turned the control to the remote vibrating egg deep in Charlie’s asshole. Charlie screamed as she felt the large dildo ramming into her and the egg vibrated her tight ass. Tanya leaned down sucking Charlie’s clit before pressing the tiny powerful pocket rocket directly against her clit. Charlie felt her body begin shaking as though it was going to explode as the teeth tugged at her nipples her ass clenching down on the throbbing egg in it her pussy being pumped hard and fast and the electrical vibrations shooting through her clit. Arching her back she pulled against them driving her pussy onto the dildo the pocket rocket hard against her clit as her pussy flooded slick creamy cum from her stretched pussy crying loudly as she came.
As the trembling slowed and her throbbing pussy gushed as the dildo slipped out of her pussy she heard them singing happy birthday as they gently rubbed her totally satisfied body.
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This would make a good lesbian video.