Her First Time!

Ok, so here's the first time I had anal sex...

There was this guy I got to know on vacation and we maintained contact after we got back home. We didn't live to far apart so eventually we agreed on having a date. Nothing had happened between us on said vacation, but we kind of had the hots for each other so ... yeah, we agreed on THAT kind of date. Although he expressed his doubts on whether driving over to where I live (about a 2 hour drive) was really worth it, since I was so young and inexperienced. At least that's what he said. Back then, I was 18 and he was 31. So I went ahead and told him I'm not inexperienced and he'll have the best time ever. We agreed on meeting a couple of streets away from where I live with my parents, for discretion. There he'd pick me up and we'd drive to somewhere fun. I'd be paying for the ride ... well, you know how. Kind of a roleplaying thing I guess.

So we met where we said we would, he picked me up and we drove (as planned) into nearby woods. There he'd go "so missy, how are you gonna pay for the ride if you got no money and I responded "maybe we can work something out". So far all planned. So we got out of the car and I sucked him off. Then he took a rest and I was like "let's go to a bar, alright?" like we had planned, but he didn't start driving again, saying he needed a minute. So we talked a bit and after a short while (5-6 minutes) he was like "alright, time for the rest you owe me for the ride" and "pull your dress up and bend over, slut". I was surprised by how firm he suddenly was, and - although I like the more dominant type of men - I spontaneously responded with something along the lines of "let's do that later, I mean, a blowjob should get me to the next club or bar". Upon which he told me his car, his price, grabbed me, turned me around and pushed me forwards over the hood of his car. He then pulled up my skirt (it was July, a very hot day actually), slapped me across my bottom and went "and stay there". So I did, since ... well, I had already done a blowjob and by now I really wanted it to be honest. He moved around getting something from the glove box I couldn't see. I only realized what it was when he pulled my hands back behind my back and handcuffed them together (with actual handcuffs, forgot to mention he was a cop – part of why I thought he was hot). He then started to do me in that honestly not very comfortable position. Since I didn't have my hands free my boobs were rubbing against the hood and I had to try hard to keep my face up. Anyway, after a rather short while he pulled out of me and started pushing against my ... rear entrance. I was like "hey, stop" and he reminded me that I had told him it'd be worth the two hour drive and so on. So I had a choice. Either tell him I had never done that before and that I, in fact, was inexperienced. That'd made me look like the naive little girl I didn't want to be. Or just apologize and let him do it. I chose the second option. So I had my first anal sex, and he wasn't slow or gentle at all. He pushed it all the way in right away and went really hard on it. I think he took advantage of the fact that I didn't want to expose my earlier lying by complaining now. Or maybe he just had more fun doing it the hardest way. It was a very intense experience. It hurt a lot, but it wasn't all bad to be honest. Can't really explain why. And even though I couldn't sit down properly for like 2 days after ... I'm still glad I had my "first time". It's still a somewhat valuable experience.

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3 months ago
For a long time she struggled between her desire to satisfy and the pain resulting from being a primadonna!
3 months ago
That was a great way to pay for lying. ;-)
You would lie again if you knew the payment was this good.