My Wife Melinda Takes Two Plus Eats Pussy - Part 9

"Lean forward and kiss me, bitch," Jerome growled to Melinda. She complied as I stood close and watched their tongues come together. My cock began to twitch yet again seeing his tongue in her mouth and he hips instictively begin move up and down on his cock. Dante was standing behind Melinda slowly stroking his cock as he watched Jerome's cock move in and out of her pink. He motioned me over and together we watched as the both pumped toward one another. He pussy was spread wide and her little brown and pink anus was compressed by the size of the cock in her pussy. You could clearly see the old semen on the shaft of Jerome's beautiful, wet, black cock. My wife's pussy was really learning how to work a gigantic negro cock. "Boy, get down there and eat her asshole good for me," Dante said to me. Like a good cuckold, I leaned down and began licking Melinda's asshole and working my tongue into it just a little. Jerome's cock was just a fraction of an inch from my tongue. It looked so great in her pussy and I was so horny I couldn't fail to then work down a little and lick the edges of Melinda's stretched pussy and the cum-covered cock stretching it. Both Jerome and Melinda moaned with approval as I did this. They began making longer and longer strokes so I could clean more of Jerome's cock between thrusts. Eventually, Melinda pulled up to the point where Jerome's entire cock popped loose. I don't know what came over me but I grasped the slippery monster with two hands and engulfed the head in my mouth and began pumping up and down on it. It tasted so good covered with Melinda's juices and the various deposits of cum from the night. I reached one hand down to his golf ball sized nuts as I sucked up and down. "Damn, motherfucker, this fuck is for your wife. I promise if you beg good later I will let you suck me then but I got fuck this bitch now," Jerome said with a laugh. At his command I used my hand to direct that cock right back into my wife's pussy. It spread easily now as if born for huge black cocks.

Then Dante pushed me back from Melinda's ass and pussy. He stepped forward with his massive cock. I saw the pre-cum oozing from the tip and watched as he pressed it against and then into Melinda's nearly virgin anus. She screamed and tried to sit up but dante f***ed the enormous head of his cock past her anal ring as he held her down by the shoulders. Melinda screamed, "No! I don't even let my husband do that." She tried to wriggle away but the two black men held her in place. "Kevin put your cock in her mouth to shut her up," said Dante still struggling to f***e his entire shaft up Melinda's ass. "No, let me," I insisted taken away by the moment. I stepped toward Melinda's face and as she screamed in pain and pleasure I f***efully shoved my cock into her mouth. "Fuck her face. Don't be gentle or I will rip her up even worse," Dante said. I grasped the back of Melinda's head in a way I had always been to shy to do before and began to fuck her mouth fast and deep. She began to gag as my cock entered her throat. Tears streamed down her cheeks. Dante finally with one tremendous hip thrust broke through all anal resistance and plunged his full 12 inches up my sweet wife's asshole. Melinda's eyes rolled back and her whole body relaxed. Dante grabbed her hair from behind and pulled her head back for me to easier fuck her mouth. The gagging stopped. Finally, Melinda was broken and just allowed all 3 of us to fuck her with all our might. After what seemed like hours I pulled my cock out and came giant spurts all over Melinda's face. He face was like that of a zombie.

I walked behind Melinda and watched as Dante and Jerome's cocks went in and out of Melinda. She was as loose now as a lifelong whore. Jerome suddenly clenched up and came into Melinda's pussy. Seconds later, Dante plunged as deep as possible and came buckets into Melinda's ass. It spurted out around his cock past her broken anal ring. Both men pulled out of my wife and she laid on her back. She looked up at me, "Clean me up, baby." I proceeded to clean every cum soaked part of her body. I licked my own cum off her face then worked my way to her battered pussy and ass. Surprisingly she began moaning and came within minutes even pushing my face into the wet area between her pussy and anus. As I came up, I saw, again to my surprise, Sara riding her pussy on Melinda's mouth.

------To be continued-------

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2 years ago
GREAT story!
2 years ago
That's what you get for pushing your wife to do something stupid.. The story is good.. just hate the sharing part.. No offense to all of you.. :)We all enjoy different sexual preference.. :)
2 years ago
2 years ago
Very Hott! cant wait for the next one.
2 years ago
AWESOME this is great
2 years ago
Great storie keep them coming!!!!!