My Wife Melinda Takes Two Plus Eats Pussy - Part 8

I stood, hard, and in awe as I watched my wife eat her first pussy. She lapped up all of the cum that ran down from Sara's gaping anus and to her pussy. I was so aroused as Sara and Melinda reached orgasm and bucked against each other's mouths and probing tongues.

Dante and Jerome looked at me stroking my cock and laughed. "This poor bitch motherfucker is the only one of us who hasn't cum yet. Let's give him his turn," chuckled Dante. Dante as usual directed the action, "Since your bitch got a lot of strange tonight, I guess you should. Fuck Sara's pussy while your wife keeps licking it." Dante lowered his face down near Sara's ass and spoke to my wife whose cum-soaked face was visible between Sara's thighs. "Your man is gonna fuck this sweet pussy you been eating now. I want you to lick his cock and balls as he does the bitch and you watch him fuck her pussy. You understand?" asked Dante. Melinda mumbled, "Yef," as her mouth was full of Sara's cunt.

As I stepped up between Sara's thighs my balls dragged across Melinda's forehead. I found Sara's pussy incredibly wet and welcoming. I guess it should be as she has been a regular fuck toy for Dante and Jerome for months. Add to the stretching effect all the cum and saliva from tonight and I guess I was lucky my cock could feel both sides of her birth canal. I slid into Sara and felt no resistence as I buried my full 8 inches. At that point, My wife, below, began to suck on my fresh shaved balls. I began moving in and out of Sara's pussy. As I acquired a rhythm so did Melinda's tongue and Sara's hips. I looked up past my glistening cock, Sara's pussy lips, her wide-open anus, up her back and to the back of her head. I could see she was still licking Melinda's pussy with passion. Melinda's mouth was working my cock, balls and Sara's clit spurred on by Sara's tongue. I looked over and saw Jerome, Dante and Kevin seated nearby, erect, and stroking as they watched our show. It was funny. I was always the one who wanted to be the cuckold and watch his wife get fucked but I found it very hot playing the other side and watching Kevin jack off as he watched me pound his wife. I did feel a thrill, too, knwoing that as soon as we were done there were three separate large, hard cocks ready to invade my wife's holes. Life was so good.

Due to all my excitement and jacking- not to mention the incredible treatment Sara and Melinda were giving my cock- in about 5 minutes I knew I was ready to cum. As I began bucking my hips wildly to slam my cock into Sara Melinda was getting ball-slapped by my engorged testicles. I pushed one last time, as deep as I could, and felt myself pump blast of cum after blast of cum deep into Sara. Melinda licked the slick base of my cock and then took one of my balls then the other into her mouth. "Give her a meal," Jerome said. I slowly pulled my cock out of Sara's cunt and after a few seconds my load worked its way out and ran into Melinda's mouth. As she was cleaning Sara up Melinda also reached her orgasm from Sara's tongue. I watched as Melinda came and she used her lips to form a seal around Sara's cunt opening and sucked out every drop of cum present in there.

"Thanks for show," Dante said to me, "Now we are all hard and ready to get some more of your wife's white pussy." I stepped back as Jerome and dante helped Sara off Melinda. I looked down at my wife laying on her back looking a total mess. Her skin was blotchy from many orgasm. Her cheeks were red either from the earlier slap or from Sara's thighs. Her face was covered in cum both male and female much of it had run into her blonde hair. Melinda's mons venus was red from friction and looked wet and sticky. In other words, she looked like the amazing slutwife I always dreamed of making her.

Jerome helped Melinda up off the couch and led her into Kevin and Sara's bedroom. We all followed at Dante's prompting. I watched as Jerome laid down on the bed and said to Melinda, "Now. here's where we really start seeing how good a bitch you are gonna be for us." Jerome told Melinda to come over and straddle his hips hips. As commanded by her new master, Melinda straddled Jerome and together they slowly worked his almost foot long dark ebony monster into her cunt. She lowered down on it as far as she could with a wince when he hit her cervix. He pulled Melinda forward to suck on her tits. He looked at me and asked if it was ok that his baby was gonna nursing of my wife's tits in just a few short months. I said it was although the thought of her actually having his black baby scared me. What would our friends, f****y and neighbors think? After asking this he bits down hard on Melinda's left nipple. She screamed in pain and he grabbed her face with one hand and said, "Shut up, bitch! I'm just getting you ready for the real fun." "Yes, sir," my wife said as Jerome pulled his mouth away from her teat and revealed a small trickle of bl**d from where he had bitten her.

----To Be Continued---

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