My Wife Melinda Takes Two Plus Eats Pussy - Part 6

As Sara led the took huge black men into the living room, Kevin smiled at me and said, "Wait until you see these guys. Sara and I have had them over about twenty times and they have never failed to give Sara an incredible fucking. They should help you fulfill very fantasy you have ever had about seeing Melinda getting fucked. You thought my cock is big? Just wait."

Melinda stared in disbelief and tried to cover her big tits and cute little, shaven pussy with her hands. Clearly, she had not know about this. She said, "Sara, hold on. You didn't tell me about this." She looked at me, clearly concerned about my reaction. "Honey, I didn't know about them. Really," she blurted out. I took the scene in and said, "Baby, we already went this far and, who knows, we may never have the guts to try this again so I say, if you are up for it, go for it." Sara looked at her with a smile and a wink as Melinda seemed to be uncertain and said, "He's right, Mel. Trust me, Kevin introduced them to me 6 months ago and I was nervous, too, but after the first time with them, I have had no more doubts... they are incredible." As Sara said this see turned to the man on the right and smiled at him. She dropped to her knees and began unfastening his jeans. "Oh, this is Jerome, by the way and he is Dante," she said as she pulled his soft cock free of his fly. Although Jerome was soft his cock was still as big as Kevin's was hard. Sara got in it her mouth and it rose quickly. Fully hard, it looked like the the last foot of a black baseball bat.

Sara took her mouth of Jerome's cock long enough to tell my beautiful wife, "Come on, I saved Dante for you." Melinda looked at me and for the first time she looked nervous. She looked at me and said, "Baby, I am sorry. I can't do this. I don't even know him." Dante suddenly stepped toward her and said, "Look bitch, I was promised your white pussy and you are gonna give it to me." Melinda stood frozen at this as he walked right up to her. He towered over Melinda and looked her up and down. "Bitch, those are some nice-ass tits," Dante said as he pulled away the arm she had thrown accross her tits. Melinda was terrified and I was frozen by the sight. Dante grabbed Melinda's right breast and squeezed it hard and asked,"I bet you never even had a nigga up that sweet pussy of yours, huh?" He looked over had me with my now-hard cock and said, "If that is what you are used to this is gonna fuck your shit up." Dante looked back at Melinda and grabbed her hair from behind and yanked her head back with a snap. Her mouth instinctively open and Dante locked his mouth on it and drove drove his tongue in. Melinda tried to break free but Dante slapped her hard across the face and knocked her into a sitting position in front of him on the couch. "I told you, you uptight white cunt, I was promised your pussy. Now get this straight, Jerome and I are gonna spend the night fucking the shit out of you whether you agree or not. You see, Kevin here owes us a lot of money. He's been letting us fuck his bitch for 6 months to help pay it off. She was nervous at first but did it for her man. Now she is a black cock slut. Now, she is a little too easy and her cunt ain't so tight anymore. We told him he owed us some new white pussy. That's where you come in," Dante began to undo his pants as he continued, "Now you can go the easy way and we can all have some fun or we can go the the rough way but either way you are gonna get a lot of black cock tonight. I would hate to fuck up that pretty face of yours," he said as he placed the tip of his foot-long, beer can -girth, ebony cock directly in front of my wife's mouth. Melinda looked at me and said, "Baby, it's ok. I did want to try this for you," looking at my hard cock she continued, "I can see it excites you, too. Let's do this." This released me of any guilt as I smiled and said, "You are so awesome, baby. Show them what this white, suburban mommy can do to a cock. I love you." Dante chuckled and pressed his cock against Melinda's lips and said, "He loves you and you are gonna love you 2 feet of nigga cock now." Melinda's mouth opened as far as it could stretch and her delicate pink tongue flicked under the head of his huge cock head. Dante quickly grabbed the back of Melinda's head and shoved it forward at the same time he thrust his hips forward. Instantly, almost half of his cock was in Melinda's mouth. She gagged and drool ran out around the tight seal her lips made around the massive cock. "There is your first lesson about black men. Real niggas don't want no slow, romance shit. They want their cock being served right now. Now when I want you to open up your mouth or your pussy for me, you open it fast and get my dick in there," Dante said. "You got it, white bitch?" He asked. Melinda nodded with the big dick in her mouth.

So here was the scene now. Sara had pulled Jerome over to a chair where he sat down and she continued bobbing her head on his cock. Melinda was on the couch with Dante's cock in her mouth trying to move the huge thing in and out but with tears running down her cheeks from occasionally gagging when he shoved his hips forward. He smiled at me as I jerked my hand up and down on my cock enjoying the show. "Come over here, white boy," he said to me and gestured me next to him. "Pull my cock out for a second, bitch," he said to Melinda and she complied. Dante directed me to put my cock right next to his in front of Melinda's face. "Look at that little thing,"he commented when comparing our cock sizes. I had always been happy with my cock size before but he was right. His cock was probably 4 inches longer than mine and twice the thickness. He looked at Melinda and said, "I don't think that little thing is gonna do much for you after tonight. You might just have to stay my bitch. Tell your man that you need a big black cock from now on." She paused and he snarled, "Do it!" She looked up at me and said, "Baby, I love you but after he stretches my pussy, I think I am going to need black dick to get off." "Tell him he's got a cock like a little baby," Dante directed my wife. "Honey, your cock IS only a little bigger than our son's when he was born." At his direction, Melinda spent 5 minutes insult me while she stroked his cock. "Honey, your cock is just too tiny. I need lots of black cocks forever. Once he gets this thing into my pussy, it's gonna be over for you. It's gonna split me in half, I think."

Dante told Melinda to stand up. She obeyed. Her pussy had soaked a huge area on the couch while she had sucked his cock. She was VERY hot. Dante sat on the couch and said, "Now, White boy, you are gonna put my cock into your wife for me." He directed Melinda over his lap. His cock stood straight and hard, glistening with my wife's saliva and his pre-cum. Dante told me to grab his fat cock and help work it into Melinda's pussy as she lowered her hips down onto it. His cock felt like a tree trunk in my hand as I held it to the opening of my wife's womb. She lowered her hips down and I tried working the huge dick into her pussy which had never had anything this big go into it before. She struggled. He pushed her off and said, "Suck it and leave plenty of spit on it," to me. I recoiled. It was one thing watching her suck and fuck his big, black cock but I had never sucked a cock or even wanted to before. "Do it, motherfucker!" he hissed. I paused for a second and in that second he grabbed Melinda's left tit and twisted it hard. She screamed in pain as Dante snarled, " I am trying to make this nice for the bitch but if you don't want to help I can make it really rough. You want your k**s to recognize her when she comes home don't you? Or maybe she doesn't need to make it home. Maybe I will turn this ho out and have her fucking every skank nigga in the hood for the crack I am gonna get her smokin'" At this threat, I plunged my mouth over the head of Dante's cock. Almost instantly, Dante's cock erupted in thick wads of cum as he held my head down over it. He laughed hard as I was f***ed to swallow his load. He pumpped my head up and down with his big hand until his balls were drained and his cock went soft. He laughed the whole time, "You suck cock as good as your wife. Maybe I should turn you out."

As Dante let me off his cock, my eyes met with Melinda's. I could tell this was no longer fun for her but we both knew we had to finish out this night to make it home safely. "Jerome, finish up with that skank and come fuck this bitch for me. I need a minute to get hard again for her. Lucky you. You get to pop her nigga cherry cuz her husband wanted all my cum first," Dante teased. Dante walked across the room and switched places in the chair with Jerome. Sara was well-trained and immediately began sucking his soft cock. Dante called over to Kevin, "Yo, my man, fuck your bitch in her ass while she sucks my cock. She always sucks better while she is getting some." Clearly, Kevin was ready and excited for his chance to get some. He lifted Sara's hips from from her kneeeling position, rubbed his extensive pre-cum on her cute, pink asshole and worked his cock gently in. It was such a contrast to the brutal way both Dante and Jerome had used their cocks on the girls. Sara tnesed up for a minute but then started bobbing her head wildly on Dante's cock and thrusting her hips to meet Kevin's cock.

As Melinda and I silently watched this, Jerome came over to our couch and shoeved Melinda down on her back. He pushed he knees and her pink revealed itself. Despite the brutality she was still clearly also turned-on. He quickly slammed his face into her pussy and worked his tongue up in deep. Melinda groaned after a moment and closed her eyes, cumming hard. Her hips bucked and shoved her pussy against Jerome's mouth. He sat up as her orgasm calmed. He grabbed the base of his cock, leaned forward and f***ed in hard into my wife's pussy. With his first thrust he jammed a good 10 inches in but couldn't seem to get it in any further. Melinda screamed out as if her pussy was being split in half. I watched as Jerome pulled his monster all the way out and shoved it in again until it hit Melinda's cervix, where our babies had come out of her womb, and could go no further. She winced with each thrust for the first 5 mniutes but then she seemed open up inside and was lubing his cock well.

----To be continued____
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good story
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Damn! Your story is getting hotter with each installment.
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AWESOME I loved it