My Wife Melinda Takes Two Plus Eats Pussy - Part 5

As I sucked Sara's nipple I rubbed my cum into her tits but during all this I watched as my sexy, sweet wife Melinda's mouth worked the head of Kevin's cock. Soon he had taken a know of her hair and was using it to move her head up and down on his huge cock. With Kevin's help Melinda could now get the head plus another inch in her mouth before gagging and sputtering a little. Melinda got her right hand up onto Kevin's large balls and rubbed them vigorously. I noticed she was then using the trick she had only used on me before: she was running the tip of her index finger back and forth between Kevin's asshole and the back of his sac. I was both jealous and hot at the same time. I had taught her that trick. As she did this, I could see Kevin's balls contract and release inside his sack. I knew that feeling, too.

At this point, Kevin was standing in front of Melinda and Melinda knelt with one knee on the couch and the other leg straight to the floor. She still had her top pushed over her big breasts and her skirt on. Sara pulled away from me and lifted Melinda's shirt over her head causing Melinda to, clearly reluctantly, take Kevin's cock from her mouth momentarily. As soon as the shirt was over her head Melinda went back to sucking Kevin's dark cock. Sara then worked Melinda's skirt down over her hips and to the floor where Melinda stepped out of it never missing a cocksucking-beat. Sara then laid on her back on the couch and wiggled directly under my wife's lace panty covered pussy. I sat back, a forgotten member of this party as Sara began to suck on the crotch of Melinda's panties. She did this slowly, taking her time with my wife's first lesbian experience. After 2 or 3 minutes of this treatment, Melinda was moving her hips gently against Sara's mouth. Sara reached up and pulled Melinda's panties aside. Melinda gasped audibly as the first female tongue to ever touch her pussy slid into it. From my angle I could see Sara's tongue Move from the top near Melinda's clit all the way back to Melinda's perinium. Melinda shuddered. Soon Melinda took her free fingers of her left hand and began rubbing her saliva and pussy juice covered clit. Sara reached her hand up and used two fingers to join Melinda. Melinda really began to grind her hips downward on Sara's face and breathe heavier as she approached orgasm. As she got more excited her head also began bobbing faster and faster on Kevin's cock. Kevin stepped back and pulled his cock from Melinda's mouth saying, "Slow down, Baby. I wanna save my first load for a few minutes," and smiling wickedly at my wife. With that, Melinda focused entirely on Sara's tongue. Kevin stepped back beside me and said, "Your wife has some mouth." I responded, "That is some cock you offered her." Kevin standing beside me with his enormous erection, covered with my wife's saliva said, "You like that, huh? I might just let you suck it later." I didn't know what to say about that. I had never sucked a cock before but after this evenings events I looked at Kevin's and thought, "Who knows."

Just as I was pondering Kevin's offer, Melinda began to grind and buck on Sara's face cumming with a high whine and a shudder. After catching her breath, Melinda got off Sara's face which was covered with saliva and plenty of pussy juice. Melinda's face was flushed. I hadn't seen her cum with so much energy in a long time. Sara looked at Melinda longingly and said, "Your turn," as she began to peel off her own pants and panties. I could see the crotch of Sara's small panties were soaked between the blowjob she gave me and the pussy eating she gave Melinda. She deserved hers now but just as she started to settle on to her back on the couch in front of Melinda the doorbell rang. Melinda jumped up seeming to know who was at the door and said, "But first, I have to get that." She sprinted toward the door naked, her pretty mid-sized tits bouncing the whole way.

Melinda disappeared around the corner to the door and just seconds later came back into the room leading 2 of the largest, most muscular, darkest black men I had ever seen into the room by the hand. She looked tiny between them but radiantly happy.

----To be continued----
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3 years ago
Excellent story. Wish I was there!!!
3 years ago
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