My Wife Melinda Takes Two Plus Eats Pussy - Part 4

After several weeks it looked like nothing was going to come of Kevin's offer to try to make this happen. I was discouraged but that was what I was used to after all these years of trying to get my to fuck other men. One night, however, everything changed. Melinda and I were laying in bed after making love. She was quiet but very awake, staring at the ceiling. I asked what was up. She said, "Sara called me today and asked me something." "Oh, yeah, what was that?", I asked. She was quiet for a minute and then said, "Promise me you won't get mad." I said, "Of course, what could Sara say that would make me mad?" Melinda took a deep breath and went on to say, "She called me today and told me about this crazy thing she wanted to do for Kevin for his birthday." "Ok, what was that?", I asked, interested. She went on to tell me that Kevin always talked to her about wanting to have a threesome with two women. Sara had admitted to Melinda that during their loving making they had often talked about a fanatasy involving the two of them and Melinda. Apparently, Kevin had always had a "thing" for Melinda. Sara had now told Melinda that she would really like to give Kevin that three-way for his 30th birthday. Melinda had told Sara before about my wife-sharing fantasies so she wondered if, with my ok, she would do it.

Even though we had just made love, my cock sprang to life. I played it as cool as I could and said, "Wow." Melinda responded, "Never mind, I couldn't anyway. It was just a crazy idea anyway." "No, wait, I think it is a great idea. I have always told you I really wanted to see you make love with another man. Hell, with a girl, too is just a plus...You are going to fuck Sara, too, right?" I asked, showing my excitment. She replied sheepishly, "I guess. I have never done this before. I am not even sure how it all works." I told her, "I guess you figure that out as you go. My only condition is that I get to be in the room and watch. In fact, let me videotape it. We could give them a copy to remember and if this is my one chance to see you with another man, I want to be able to relive it."

We talked about this event for over an hour. Melinda kept asking to make sure I was really ok with this. We both eventually got excited and fucked like passionate teenagers. Neither of us talked, lost in our private fantasies. I am sure they were both centered around Kevin's cock inside Melinda. After we made love, texted Sara to tell her that I had said yes and that I would be there videotaping. Sara was very excited.

The next afternoon Kevin called me. "I told you I could hook you up." He sure had and I thanked him. We set up a date for the following Saturday night at their place. They had no k**s so it was easiest there. We got Melinda's mother lined up to come over and babysit over night. She thought we were going to a wedding out of town. It was all set now.

The week went by way too slowly and I'd swear I had a hard-on all week. Friday night Melinda and I made love and talked about what was going to be happening in 24 hours. I asked her if Kevin was going to make her cum like a wild a****l. She told me that,"No, I'll probably be too nervous and only you have made me cum before so he probably won't be able to." I replied, "I am gonna cheer him on and tell him all your secrets to help get you there." Melinda chuckled and said, "Shut up and fuck me before I become a whore tomorrow." "But you'll always be my whore," I said with a smile as I picked up my pace and pumped a week's worth of cum into her. I immediately pulled out and slide down. I made it in time to catch the cum as it ran out. I got a full mouth full and imagined doing the same thing the next day but just after Kevin's cock pulled out. I swallowed every drop with anticipation. She came again with my mouth on her cunt.

The next evening came and my mother-in-law arrived to watch our two k**s. Melinda and I dressed casually and told her our reception clothes were in our bag. We got in the car, both of us too excited to talk much. Halfway to Sara and Kevin's place Melinda picked out a fast food restaurant for us to stop at for her to change into something a little sexier. She went in and came out 10 minutes later looking hotter and sluttier than I have ever seen her. She wore a short black skirt with bare sexy legs. Her calves have always gotten me and the shoes she wore really showed them off. On top she showed me she was wearing just a tight black tube top with a black shirt buttoned over it. The top showed of the cleavage between her magnicent 44DD tits. Their creamy flesh poked over the top. The buttoned shirt only covered a small portion on her upper body. He tits were really on display. As she got into the open passenger door, she looked around to make sure no one was looking and pulled up the front of the skirt to show that she had no panties on and had the finest shave job I had seen in a long time. Melinda's sweet. chubby pussy didn't have a hair on it and it was clear she was already aroused. The slit of her pussy glistened a little and her clit was clearly peeking our between the top of her pussy lips. I started rubbing my cock through my pants as I smiled in approval. You are really into this now, aren't you? "You wanted me to be, right?" Melinda asked. "Oh, yeah, Baby. I sure do." I replied.

It was only about 10 more minutes to our destination and Melinda rubbed my throbbing cock through my pants all the way. I even had to slow her down a couple times before she made me cream in my jeans. I playfully reached over and rubbed her truly wet pussy with a fingertip when I could. I told her, "Kevin is going to get the hottest fuck of his life tonight." Melinda gave me a wicked smile, "He sure is." I smiled intensely knowing she meant it. After all these years of asking, I was finally going to see just what I always dreamed of.

We pulled up to Sara and Kevin's house at about 8:00. The front porch was on, inviting us to the hottest night of our lives. After I turned off the engine, Melinda turned to me and put a hand on my thigh, stopping me from getting out of the car. "I am going to ask one last time. Are you sure that you want this? We can still turn right around and I will suck your dick all the way home if you change your mind." she said. I told her we had come way too far now and that this was my fantasy for years. I told her she could also change her mind but if she went through with it, I wanted her to go all out. I told her not to feel any guilt or be uptight, to just go for it. I wanted her to have an incredible sexual experience. If this was our one-and-only time it should be something to remember and I hoped if it was amazing it might be the first of many other cocks inside her.

Melinda kissed me deeply, her tongue deep in my mouth as she also squeezed my cock in her hand. "Let's go, baby," were her last words before we got to the front door. She knocked, almost giddy with anticipation. Melinda opened the door with Kevin right behind. Obviously, they were excited, too. Melinda wore a pair of short khaki shorts and white camisole. She clearly was not wearing a bra and I could see not only her erct nipples but the dark of her areolas. She is an attractive girl but I have never paid her a ton of attention. She is fairly slim but with nice, perky C-cup tits. I noticed her tonight though. Her braless tits and the sexy look on her face tonight would get any man's attention. Kevin was clearly trying to impress Melinda from the get-go. He had on a tank top whcih showed off his muscular arms and just a pair of lounge pants. I could see the bulge of us cock and balls under them. The lump was impressive. Either Sara already had him half-hard already or Melinda was going to be in for a far larger cock than she had ever experienced before. They immediate though of her pussy spread around such a huge looking cock made mine stir strongly.

Sara and Kevin had already made a pitcher of very strong iced drinks and we all sat on the couch to enjoy them. The booze clearly hit us all quickly as we sat squeezed together on the couch. I sat on one end, then Sara, then Melinda and, finally, Kevin. As we drank, we all started to get silly. Sara made the first sexual move of the night. She placed one hand high on each of my and my wife's thigh and squeezed. My cock sprang to life and was obvious through my loose shorts. Sara next leaned over toward Melinda and with her fingertips turned her Melinda's face toward her own. Almost naturally the women found each other's mouths and began to kiss gently. I leaned forward to watch their tongues dart in and out of each other's mouth. As my cock reached total stiffness, Sara reached behind her and started to rub it through my pants. I could feel the pre-cum on the inside of my underwear almost instantly. I hadn't expected to be included in any way tonight so was shocked. Soon, as she and Melinda continued to kiss, Sara's fingers found my zipper and then pulled my cock out of the fly and began stroking it gently. She pulled her mouth away from Melinda's long enough to breathlessly whisper to her, "I know we didn't talk about that but is it ok if I give John a little fun, too?" Melinda leaned forward to see my cock in Melinda's hand, gooey with excitement, looked me in the eye and returned the favor I had given her earlier. "Give him all the fun you want," and looking at me again, "Let go, honey, and have the best night of your life." Melinda smiled at me and went back to kissing Sara.

As we enjoyed 3/4 of the couch, Kevin watched the girls with total lust. He next leaned over and began kissing Melinda's neck while his hand quickly found its way into her tube top. Soon Melinda's left tit was exposed and Kevin kissed his way down to her nipple. I couldn't believe I was getting my cock stroked while watching my wife make out with a woman and a guy sucking her tit. Never had I been more aroused. Then I found a way to be more aroused.

Kevin soon took his mouth from Melinda's nipple and stood up. His cock was clearly fully erect beneather his baggy pant and, frankly, huge, much thicker and probably 2 inches longer than mine. He undid the tie on his pants and let them drop. Since only I was facing that way, my jaw dropped. His cock was really enormous and dark. He was completely shaved and VERY hung. He pulled his feet from the pants and stepped toward the side of Melinda's face. She broke the kiss and turned her face toward him when she felt his cock touch her cheek. As her head turned, the pre-cum covered tip of his cock brushed her lips. It being so close she had to refocus her eyes to relaize just how big the cock she was being faced with was. Her eyes showed shock. Sure we had seen cocks like this in porn but never in real life, furthermore, she had never touched a cock that was anything but purely white. I think the dark tone of his skin ignited a****ls passions in her. She opened her mouth and tongue the head of this strange cock into her mouth. That was all she could fit in her mouth. Wow, I though, she can get my whole cock to the base into her mouth but only the head of his fit. Hot!!!

Melinda turned all of her attention to Kevin and began bobbing her head up and down on his cock. At this Sara turned around and began to suck my much smaller cock. I felt a little embarrassed but also very aroused feeling like my cock was small compared to his. I was so aroused that once Sara had made about 10 up-and-down motions with her mouth on my cock, I came, spurting what felt like buckets of cum into her mouth. She couldn't hold it all and much ran down her face and onto her white camisole. I quickly pulled that up and over her head revealing a great set of perky tits. My cum ran down between them but she also looked at me, opened her mouth and showed me a full mouthful of my semen. She closed her mouth, smiled and made an obvious swallowing motion. I bent forward and began sucking her nipple while rubbing my cum into both her tits.

---To Be Continued----

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