My Wife Melinda Takes Two Plus Eats Pussy - Part 3

So after that incredible evening things pretty much went back to normal. Our sex life was great but every time we made love all I could do was imagine Kevin's cock pounding in and out of each of Melinda's three holes especially, I will admit, her asshole. You seen she had only had anal sex twice in her life. Once was when she was 15 with her first serious boyfriend and he had not prepped her well, using only a mildly lubed condom. That had been a bad experience for her. When we started dating she told me about this and by 6 months I had convinced her we would last. I told her that I didn't want this thing hanging over my head that she had let him ass fuck her but never me. One night after lots of begging and lots of lube she let me even the score. I stretched her near virgin ass for about 20 minutes as she bit the pillow. Eventually as she cried, "Ow, ow, ow," I plunged in one last time as deep as possible feeling like I owned her insides. I felt her anus tighten around the base of my cock and felt her intestines try to push me out. I grasped her hips and stayed deep pumping a large load way up her ass. She told me it took her three days to shit anything but cum again. With that memory in mind, as she never let me again, I dreamed of Kevin's cock ruining her asshole again.
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3 years ago
Short but sweet
3 years ago
Please keep going