My Wife Melinda Takes Two Plus Eats Pussy... Final

Ever since the first time I watched my older s****r fuck her high school boyfriend by hiding in her closet I have loved the idea of watching my women get fucked by others. I guess that makes me a voyeur. Unfortunately, I never got closer than when a college girlfriend let me watch a tape she had of her fucking her last boyfriend. I has just remained a fantasy up until very recently.

Melinda and I have been together for almost 10 years and our sex life has always been great. She is a voluptuous blonde. Some would call her a BBW but she isn't fat, she just has the right stuff in the right places. She has wonderful round 44dd breasts, a round, full ass, a little belly(especially after becoming a mother of two), and grabable hips. Her pussy is meaty nad wet with a prominent clitoris. I love to bury my face deep into it and she loves it, too.

Melinda knows all about my fantasies of seeing her with others and has always been willing to fantasize with me about it during sex and foreplay. Sometimes she will lay back and masturbate for me to watch while telling me a fantasy of her own about another man or woman. I will jack my cock while she does this and cum all over her when we both finish. She has never been willing to make this fantasy come true, however, beyond the couple of times she has flashed her tits at guys when I asked her to at parties nad the once she d***kenly made out with a female co-worker of ours at a Christmas party. After each of these events we both went home hot and had amazing sex.

When I have tried to suggest a real threesome she has refused asking me, "How would you ever love me the same after seeing another man inside me and how would you feel about me as a mother?" She also asked, "What if the guy we picked was way bigger than you or made me cum harder? Wouldn't you be jealous?" I told her it would just make it hotter but that's as far as it went.

Things began to change one night. We had her best friend, Sara and her boyfriend, Kevin over for dinner and drinks. After dinner was done and the k**s were asl**p the girls cleaned up and Kevin and I shared a few more drinks on the back deck. We also shared sex fantasies and experiences. After awhile I admitted to Kevin that I really wanted to see Melinda fuck and suck another man. He said, "Really? She is pretty hot." This comment made my cock twitch just a little. Kevin is muscular Latino man and him expressing interest in Melinda turned me on. I told him the whole story of her fantisizing about it but not wanting to do it for real. After a few minutes he asked if I was sure that this was something I really wanted and I told him I was sure. He told me that he thought he might just be able to help me out. He asked me to give him some time to figure it out and be open to anything Melinda might say.

Already turned on, I went to bed with Melinda a few hours later. She was very d***k and this is her most receptive time. She lay on her side next to me and I quickly pushed her flat on her belly leaving her panty-clad ass exposed. I pulled her panties down and shoved my face between her ass cheekcs just far enough that my tongue could reach her freshly-shaved pussy and my nose was buried against her asshole. Slowly she picked up her hips to get me better access. I licked her pussy and asshole for about 10 minutes until she came. She bucked back against my face and I shoved a finger deep into her anus as she came.

After cumming hard, Melinda fell flat on her belly and I on my back both exhausted. She then got up on her knees and said, "My turn," plunging her mouth over my very hard cock. She used her free hand to squeeze my nuts together f***efully, a deathgrip on my sack. She knows I love this move. I instantly imagined how much Kevin would probably love it, too. I said, "Too bad you waste all this skill just on me," with a smile and a chuckle. She responded, "You know I sucked a few cocks before I met you," follwed by a quick return to sucking, all the while looking into my eyes. "But you were just a k** then. I am sure you are much better at it now. Imagine how good you'd be on someone else now," I said with a wink. She went back to sucking and squeezing. I knew it was time to set the stage. "You know, Kevin, said you are pretty hot. I bet her would love one of your blowjobs." She pulled her head up off me and said, "He gets plenty of those from Sara. She is pretty good too, I hear." "Not like you, baby, I am sure." She smiled amd I said, "Just for me, pretend you are sucking Kevin's cock now." She closed her eyes and began sucking faster and harder, squeezing my nuts hard. After I minute I got close to cumming and said told her to ride me now and she did. I came into her pussy with 30 seconds and she came for the second time that night.

----To Be Continued___
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