first time masterbator part two

oooooooooooooo yes i cum it felt great i never cum before i finsh it was great i got the whole video i send it to jessica she like it the next day i masterbated again the next and for two weeks i keep doing it one day i didnt know my parent where comeing i masterbated by puting a dildo in my anus and fisting my vagina my whole fist and arm where in there then when i cum my parent walk in i was so embrasses they took all my dildos and oils and took my computer i was so piss and they had to go again the next week and they left me with a babysitter i was like am not a little k** they said to bad and they left and then she came she was like very hot with big boobs big butt and she was young like 23 she was also tan and i was white i really like her i was turing lesbian i watch tv with then i start to talk abount sex she said that she was lesbian i said i was lesbian too she said you want to experment or something then i kiss her she push me then she kiss me she start to ruub my pussy i rub her pussy she had a strapon in her purise she said let role play she said let prentend you are going to get **** and that you like it so i put on tights and a see throught shirt she then grab me kiss my neck then she push me on the floor she slap my butt she spank me my ass start to turn red i tryed to get away but she pull mr back i really love that spanking she pull out her strapon then she pull down my tights and spread my ass cheack and put the dildo tip in my anus then she shove it all the was in i love it i scream she went in and out the she got some of her oils and put on me untill i was shiney she slap my boobs untill they where red then she milk my nipples untill they started drippping milk then she finsh me of with some vaginal i counden handdle any more i cummmed crazy all over the place
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