first time masterbating

happay birthdday my mom said and all my friends i turn 18 it was a good birthday the next day my parents had to leave because of work they said they be back in 2 weeks i went to school then my lesbian friend who keep trying to turn me lesbian give me a gift she told me to text her when i open it she also said to open it in my house i wave to a guy but he didnt wave back because he was into big boob and big ass girl but i had a b cup and a slim body with a small butt when i got home i open the box it was body oils and some dildos i was like no way since no one was home and i didnt have plan i start useing facebook then my lesbian friend jesseca said have you try them i was like no then she give me link to a webcam site so we can chat we chat about the dildo she try to convince but i said no and i said have to go after that there was nothing to do so i look up random thing on google and then i start to look up girls then boobs then naked girls then i said no i cant masterbate it wrong no i said but my pussy said yes i got the dildos i but them in my bathroom to hid them for my mom it was really hot in the house i went to the air conditionar it was broken i try to fix it but it just burted oil at me i took of my clothing and i try to find some but all my clothing was dirty so i diecide to be naked around the house and i had to take a shower so i went to the shower i clean my self my boobs my ass my pussy i rub my pussy with the sponge then i stop because i never want to masterbate i got my whole body clean i dry my self with a towel and went to my room turn on the tv and started to watch tv there was a movie it show girl in bikins small bikins i start to get a little horny i want to touch my self but i said no i start to use facebook then jesseca start send me picture of her nude body then she started webcaming with me i didnt turn on my but she was naked and i said that it i want to touch my self i said have to to jessica she siad why i said am going to masterbate and she said record plz then i left i got my cammera i start by getting alot od that body oil spreading all over my body i got some lub deep a dildo in it then i rub my pussy with it it felt great i put it a little deep then deeper then in in out fast really fast then i stop i ot a small dildo shove it in my ass slowly then it was all the way in it feltgreat i got a vibrator i shove it in to be continue
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Yes tell me more