the girl next door

i woke up i was hugry my stoamch hurt but i didnt have any money so i went to my friend ashley she was the girl next door i went in here house i saw here she was wearing black tights and had a cameltoe her shirt was small and white i ask her for food but she didnt have any so we went to the store we bought some chicken and stuff we went back to her house we ate and i got full so i fell a sl**p but when i woke up it was dark everything was turn of then i heard moaning i was sacred because i though it was a ghost i saw that the light of ashley room was on i peak and i saw her she was masterbating with a big dildo her tits where so big and bouncy and her vagina was so wet tight and clean i started to get wet and started to rub my pussy it felt good i start to finger myself i stop i want to the door close the certent and the door i walk in to her room closely the room slowly and she got scared to be continue
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1 year ago
Just to let you know, there's this awesome thing called "punctuation". It is made so that it breaks up words into sentences, and phrases, and generally makes the whole thing easier to read. These "punctuation marks" consist of the period (.), the comma (,), the question mark (?), and the exclamation point (!), as well as others.

I really hope that English is not your first language, because if it is, you are either 12 and should not be on here, or you need to go back to whatever school you graduated from and slap the shit out of the entire Language Arts department.

In short, your story was barely readable, as were your other "blog posts", and not all that interesting. Next time, please take some time to generate a comprehensive thought and attempt to write it down in a way that does not make the reader try to play "Where's Waldo?" with your ideas.
2 years ago
and then...???
2 years ago